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Share things that everyone should know but not many do.
>Always wash your leafy greens thoroughly; thye are the most common cause of food borne illness
>if you lose a finger or even your hand if you put it on ice maybe they can put it back on
>When you're driving down the road and two fences line up and shimmer it's an illusion called a moire
>you can get cool fart facts at http://www.heptune.com/farts.html
>With two polarized lenses liek the ones in polarized sunglasses you can see the stress patterns in clear plastic, this is really cool with saran wrap because you can pull it around and stuff.
>If you only have one polarized lens don't worry because the light from most screens is already polarized, so just put one polarized lens over your eye and rotate it until the screen looks black and the put your clear plastic between the screen and your eye
>If you knock out a tooth keep it in a glass of milk until you can get it put back in
>if you get stabbed by something don't pull it out, you could worsen the bleeding/upset your internal organs
>Mild exercise throughout your life greatly reduces the likeliness that you will get osteoporosis in old age.


>If you talk in a funny accent long enough it will become your normal accent
>if you talk in a subtle canadian or australian accent in conversation with an american they'll start copying it without realizing, this also works with different kinds of american accents to americans i.e. a southern accent to a westerner
>mexicans don't sleep as much as you might think, it's common for them to take a siesta in the middle of the day but they usually get up very early and go to bed very late. Sometimes they eat dinner at 10:00 pm. It's like how if you have a cat you think it sleeps all the time, but really it just sleeps through the day and does things at night. From the cats point of view, you sleep all the time. That's why if you have a mexican over for dinner you might be distressed when you find they'll expect to stay over far past your bedtime.
>People often defend eating fast food by saying it's cheap, but this is not true. Getting a what most consider to be a decent meal at McDonald's is 5 dollars. If you do grocery shopping and eat healthy, you can get by comfortably on 2-3 dollars per person. If you're feeding a family of 6 or so you can even end up under a dollar if you cook "bulk meals" like meatloaf and grits and make good use of leftovers. Fast food is very unhealthy and expensive, make it a priority to make the time to prepare your own food and you'll be richer and happier for it.


the moar you know


can I know whom are you quoting though?


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>Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe, used to draw gay porn of underage characters


Yeah, someone cares? everyone draws porn of underaged characters now a days. fuck, even before, everyone and its mother drew porn of underaged characters, people now """""care""""" because its a easy way to dismiss people in sites like Tumblr or Twitter.

No one in a underground anonymoose taiwanese origami folding imageboard like this one should care.


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>RoboManiac is a Steven Universe apologist
This is "things everyone should know but not many do," not "hey guys you should all care about this." Nice work showing your power level.


or the amount of brain cells he has


>Share things that everyone should know
anon posting that rebecca sugar fact, by the definition of the thread, implies that its something important, however robo argues that it's the standard twotter shidshow reply that's being used to demean people and that it's a useless fact, due to the abundance of practical examples of such a thing happening.
A fact that "everyone should know but not care about at the same time" doesn't really make sense, anon.
SU is complete trash though.


I'm just saying, if everyone knew Rebecca Sugar used to draw gay porn of underage characters we would have achieved a Utopian society by 2014


>When someone says "thank you," responding with a simple "your welcome" isn't always the right choice. It often comes across as subconsciously self-centered or insincere. If you use a phrase that downplays your actions and shifts attention back to the person giving the thanks, you'll be able to avoid looking self-righteous and become 500% more likable. Good humble phrases include "No problem," and "don't mention it" are both good. "I'm sure you'd do the same for me" can be phenomenal if used right, but it's a little iffy.
>Or, use a phrase that confirms you helped out just because you're a bro. "it's what I do," "Anytime," "My pleasure." It's especially important with these to make eye contact.
Yeah but it's funny, stop defending cat pictures when it can be used to defame a progressive perv like Sugar.

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