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Do you guys know any movies worth watching (specifically comedies) that deviate from all of the regular garbage/degeneracy on T.V?


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i guess tropic thunder would be one


Der Ewige Jude, or anything from the nazi repertoire.


I must add that those movies generally might not fit the "worth watching" criteria. Try old racist disney cartoons instead, those are fun.


IF you can find them of cource. they might have some still on jewtube


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Is decent content really that slim? Even something entirely controversial to popular culture would be nice.


a lot of early 2000s stuff is controversial due to the million genders that "exist" nowadays.


There are one stuff I remember from 2010 that is controversial since it's about a kid living in Germany when the Nazis comes about. It's humor, but the creator created this to really, just use humor to pretty much say that the things the Nazi did in WW2 was really stupid, or just something that really shouldn't be done, at less from my own eyes. The media still see it as something to promote Nazism.


Early family guy episodes were good


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I just visited family in Germany, first time going. It really is as bad as they say when it comes to cultural degradation and smut (even compared to most everywhere in the US), if not worse. I'm sure that there's nothing German worth watching post 1950.

I'd like to add to the OP that anigay is off the table, please exclude it from thread recommendations.


Yea, I can see why. It's mostly dark humor, or humors that jokes on obscene stuff, though yea, it's mainly that than other stuff to balance it in my opinion. Yea, anigay is well since you asked to remove it, I have opinions about the new gender stuff, but it's your choice.


As always, do what you want, for me, it's hard to find anything that is good offensive for you, for me, it's the same as well, just that, I don't really stick to movies, since I mostly believe it's still rooted to some companies linked to T.V. I would look for some fan creation, and yea, so much can mean it's harder to find good offensive things, but for me, I stick away from movies.


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What's wrong w/ northern Germans?


Is that a non-sequitur?



newfag, we don't bump threads here by typing bump. you make a post talking about whatever.
second off, in case you didnt know or lurked or read the faqs a thread wont just dissapear, it lasts for at least 5 pages or 500 posts. no timer or anything


also don't use plebbit spacings please.


maybe you could try and answer his entirely legit question instead of criticizing his style. This isn't grammar 101, take that stick out of your ass and chill out.


they don't need to type bump, which is what 4channers do, not needed here, you dont need to bump threads because it wont dissapear when its inactive? if anything just typing bump is just bloat. you "bump" or "age" threads by talking naturally.
>answer his question
maybe, maybe not? dont know if it's a non-sequitur in the first place since i'm not >>7544
nor am i >>7560


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Back onto OPs topic i would recommend schindlers list its talked about for a reason.


Are you a Turk?




Holocaust propaganda, yes please.


Isn't that movie not comedy?
Other than that, I listened to the soundtrack before, mostly the theme music, and pretty much almost made me cried.


there was a comedy related movie, it was made by the same people who made the "scary movies" series but it was a parody about superheros


It would be good if it didn't have so many watermelon-addicts in it


Slightly autistic, right?


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Death Wish from 2018 is pretty good. I recommend watching it without looking at the reviews. It's about [spoiler]a guy going vigilante on criminals in the inner city.[/spoiler] The whole 'offensive' thing is mainly large critics exaggerating racism. I've seen it from start to finish, and it's mainly just another action movie. There are some graphic death scenes, if you're into that. Also, pic related.

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