/b/ - Do anons think a renaissance of imageboards is on the horizon??? The recent activity in inactive/newborn boards is increasing since 8ch's deathAlso, thoughts on nigcord, is it a board killer or is it beneficial?

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Do anons think a renaissance of imageboards is on the horizon??? The recent activity in inactive/newborn boards is increasing since 8ch's death

Also, thoughts on nigcord, is it a board killer or is it beneficial?

You rolled the number 374316453 (no dubs or higher)


Before we do, let's stop with the pepe thing, we 22chan have disagreements with those things because of it being now famous with normies.


That I can't see as false, pepe has been abused and overused for quite the time and should genuinely be put to rest I'm hoping a new "pepe" will emerge someday


also, >nigcord
kinda talked about this alot, if not too much
tldr gaystation bad. but for us the fags here who do use it ironed it out so there's little to no faggotry leaking and its not too bad here. for anons theres livechan. hell even the disc fags said its gay so there you have it. lurk moar newfag


Let's not hope for that, I know that once normies got hold of it, it's going to be their own memes again like pepe, it's discouraged here because we don't want anything normie-related to be here, no matter if it's to renew some once a regular pornsite thing to be not normie-like stuff again, it's best nothing like pepe happen again here.


if anything we'll have our own thing. i mean we already have niniba, we make our own obscure net character frens


After that, well uh, as one anon, I heavily disagreed now that a renaissance of image-boards is on the horizon, parts of imageboards from my eyes somehow reflects from the internet itself, the past imageboards were of the internet's culture, and now, it's been popularized with normies, so it's not something I would believe can really happen other than some imageboards still holding on to the old culture. Other than that, I mean, people change sometime, so I wouldn't be surprised if people started to move on from imageboards, and sadly, become normies.
For nigcord, >>7481 is what I would say as well.


that, and imageboards are wrecking and canibalizing other imageboards. anyone remember the web ring, and alt-chan feds? yeah. and 8ch tried advertizing and forcing users to come here, and is connected to several pedo imageboards so you get the idea. trust no one but us. there's acouple nice frendly textboards tho


Only differences is that, pepe was a meme, our net characters were fanarts mostly, I don't remember seeing any memes of them, and if there were memes, then it's not even popular like pepe, and well, it's rare now to even see drawings of them.


Even newfag has lost its meaning
The only solution is new tradition based off old tradition and to keep it behind closed doors over time, i could d see 22 remaining a comfy bread though I'd hate to see it become another mewch and an hero


true, at least that. i feel like that's a good thing


>tradition based off old tradition and to keep it behind closed doors
that's literally what we're doing
>newfag lost its meaning
nope, newfag to 22chan
senpai to a regular pornsite, young fag to 22chan, its based aftwr how long you've been here, experence related to imageboards, and other factors


As much new tradition based off old ones and keeping it behind closed doors over time, I still believe it wouldn't last long, unless more people become like us anons. Momento mori. By living life to the fullest, you are also ready to let go at any moment.


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Op here, aside from 22, any thoughts on disc? I've asked others and some see it as bringing anons together while others view it as a disease by killing anonymity and applying restriction


Hmm, this is new(?) here, explain about this disc thing.


>thoughts on disc unrelated to 22chan
it is a curse used by normies to harm sites like this (aka secret chat group to raid and fuck with sites like this) anyone remember carpgang? yeah. like that.
and this is my idea, but i think you can use it to fix and utilize places like a regular pornsite, and help turn normalfags into anons, or just people like us.
>fixing a regular pornsite
a regular pornsite boards make their own gaystation (b, i, and such) and teach people to be better, make better threads and such. oh, but someone disagrees and makes their own disc group. raid time and its the survival of the fittest.
next thing you know the boards have quality context and shid like blacked is off random and the next thing you know a regular pornsite's liberated. it is alpha and omega, good and bad, black and white. better we have one that looks after us.


Other anons along other boards (no promotion) have been shunning the use of disc as it would somehow by some logic, decrease activity and livelyhood of a board, others collided saying its use would promote user communication with staff allowing faster discussions of problems and upbringings of solutions
Not only 22, but other boards who have/use it for board purposes


please elaborate


Before we discuss the gaystation server further can this question be answered? Are the post on gaystation quality and worth posting on 22chan? The gaystation is more raw in comparison to the site itself. How can 22chan be the same if we posted without thought?


hes refering to gaystation


as long as the disc fags value anonimity, not taking selfies, revealing too much personal information, (and leaking said information on the site itself) use it for networking, or linking to twotter accounts i think both we and other sites will be fine.


>Do anons think a renaissance of imageboards is on the horizon???
coming from a fucking frogshidter lol


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>Do anons think a renaissance of imageboards is on the horizon???

yeah no


and about the gaystation i think its good, and more about why i said that its not is because its just over here on 22chan were theres no cancer while other imageboards are just full of it for example a regular pornsite, a regular pornsite today is a shell of its former self and thats the same for many other imageboards so no cause there is still normalfags.


this desu




Not with that attitude
Could someone please translate this to actual English? I'm really not following. All I'm getting is "tripfag argues gaystation is good since 22chan is cancer-free (lol) and other imageboards have a lot of cancer." What does that have to do with gaystation? Is he trying to say that gaystation plays some role in keeping us (by tripfag standards) cancer-free?


if you feel like our gaystation is cancerous, you should make a shidty throwaway account and check it out yourself, and report back with what you find.
>also implying all tripfags are bad


>Is he trying to say that gaystation plays some role in keeping us cancer-free


can someone please elaborate on the imageboard renaissance thing? what do you guys mean by this?


But... how? I'm don't understanding HOW;. does this happen.
Nice try, fed. I'm not touching Discord. It's shameful.
>implying I'm implying all tripfags are bad
I'm not sure where you got that one. I admit I'm kinda shidting on somebois in particular, he's dumb and makes me reeee my pants


whom are you quoting


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itt: a bunch of 22newfags jerk around "gaystation bad" without providing any points about the 22chan server.
instead of saying the same damn thing of "shidscord tranny plebbit server No.235236934 is bad" actually point out the issues you see with OUR server.
Now to refute some of that shid
>it takes away content from the site
the gaystation is very raw and unrefined content. It's not the type of stuff that belongs on the site, sure there are sometimes high quality conversations, but somehow implementing them to be in 22chan has never been thought about. Twoot said the place is for mods and jannies but that's not quite the case. It's more of a casual place where you want to hang out. Post cats, rant about bhopping on half life or something.
And that's it. So far that's been the only real point ever brought forward.
>gaystation plays some role in keeping us (by tripfag standards) cancer-free?
the moderation is often more intense in the gaystation than on the site, while most of the time it's quite equal. normalfaggotry isn't endorsed or even liked there either.
>22chan is cancer-free (lol)
if you see shidty posts and want to help the site: the report button is right there and it's not difficult to use it if you really care.
the only gaystationfag to reveal himself was punchypunch and he was b& for that and acting like a normalfag in general. that happened sometime last summer/autumn if i remember correctly.
>Nice try, fed. I'm not touching gaystation. It's shameful.
yes, it's a good idea for you to talk shid without any proof. very smart lad.
Basically, get proof to illustrate your points, otherwise you guys are just walking straight into a brick wall.


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So this is what the beginning of a civil war looks like


Once was going peacefully with the few first replies.


(looks like someone beat me too the punch, pretty much sums things up but i have some things to add)
>But... how? I'm don't understanding HOW;. does this happen.
N1K0N was b& after he was discovered to be a plebbit loving namefag tripfag normalwatermelon addict on the disc (which he was on at the time), got b& on both our disc and 22chan itself, stuff like this happens almost everyday vs a normalfag just lurking in the background with no way to expose them.
>I'm kinda shidting on somebois in particular, he's dumb and makes me reeee my pants.
Well unless its justified your anger will do nothing. by acting like a bitch serves you no good. you could have actually yelled at him when he suggested the irc in replacement for gaystation, when we already had two threads of the same idea already talked about. that was pretty autistic, but having a hateboner won't do you any good in the long run. its not like tripfags are a protected species. if someone breaks the rules, they could get b& tripfag or otherwise. if someone acts like a bitch, yell at them. if your civil good for you, if someone breaks the rules, show proof and report them. its not like anybodys aloud to talk about gaystation, our server or another, its just bringing new conversations to the table and if nessary having reasonable solutions to whatever issues.
i'm linking all the threads related to gaystation so everybody knows or read whats already been said, or is curious :
pretty much all the disc related threads i remember desu


not really, it's just a minor dispute. back in the day it was alot worse.


this desu


how are alt-imageboards doing anyway?
that, and any new news about a regular pornsite?


As I saw, nothing is going on in a regular pornsite that much anymore, I wouldn't care what a regular pornsite is doing anymore, I don't want it to be something where we are so much into that website, it's a habit or addiction, all I can say is that it's changed for the worse, and that it's best to not do what they are doing as always like keeping real normies away from 22chan.


what are you talking about "back in the day," I was there too when there was a brief period of "hmm is the gaystation bad?"
This is way more D R A M A T I C
tbf there seems to be a lot of newfag accusations going around lately, there must be someone who recently decided they were an senpai around here...


> Twoot said the place is for mods and jannies
Its mostly used for moderation. We mods also discuss ways of growing 22chan and planning events/changes to the site. Without the gaystation 22chan would have no mods and it'd be a shidty a regular pornsite ripoff.


how is this more dramatic?
>a lot of newfag accusations going around lately
22chan seems to be old enough to have some large conversations and discussions along with established answers, so not knowing them essentially makes the person a newfag.
gaystation being useful to the site is not a new thing.


What makes this more dramatic is the newfags, they are talking about all of this, and some are getting hate-boners for some people here with namefagging


Basically, watermelon addicts dont want to lurk moar and think that the discocks is made by some tranny and that all namefags are attention whores like back in the day.


I have yet to meet an attention whore bigger than Roberta the hellaciously hypocritical harlot, harbinger of whorish heresy


I will be an attention whore when PSO2 NA launches for pc and i will share every fucking cosmetic change i do to my character.


Is there any specific explanations for why gaystation is bad beyond talking points? Perhaps the gaystation users would be more willing to scaling back the usage of disc if they knew more about why specifically our gaystation is harming the site. Also it would be useful to know what you want 22chan to be as a site.


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I've been legitimately thinking of setting up a /pol/ oriented imageboard on TOR but I'm terrified its going to be spammed with cat pictures and shut down, even If I make it clear there's a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for cat pictures.

And even if it isn't spammed I'm worried that I'll end up on an FBI hitlist for one reason or another.

What would be the safest way to go about this? The main reason I came up with this ideas is because I've noticed that internet big brother seems to be playing "whack a mole" with message boards that host /pol/ oriented content, with the exception of 4/pol/ which presumably serves as a containment board and a honeypot.


can you define what you mean by
>what you want 22chan to be as a site.


What part is unclear to you?


Can you guys answer about the gaystation thing first? And what I think one of you means by that question is "how is shidscord intervening with your idea of a perfect 22chan?".

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