/b/ - How are things? I haven't posted since last or two years ago so what is there to catch up on?

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How are things? I haven't posted since last or two years ago so what is there to catch up on?


u still on?


i (anon) humble 22chan scribe can everything, raw and realistic, either here, or on livechan if your on right now


*can explain everything


Please tell me what I have missed last year did the gators win against the otters


god no. we lost. if anything, there still active and there's accusations of them being gaystation fags (not on our gaystation, but having their own gaystation like sneaky jews to spam ottergang shid, no proof yet tho)


a new gang appeared around october 2019
carp gang
they did have a d.i.s.c.o.r.d (the wordfilter changes it gaysration)
and it turns out it was a 15 year old kid, shidting up 22chan
a glorious war indeed. we won
also theres a nice gang called spidergang. they didn do nuffin


damn do I need to call Tyrone to smoke dem mudda fukkas


people will come and go, some trying to turn 22chan into their personal hugbox.
ever heard of lolico?
he tried to force features on 22chan, and everyone made him realise that was a bad idea. so he made his own site.
no one exactly realised that he had a site untill he tried to "help" us by making frames for 22chan, that was hosted on his own personal website that he uses for getting programmung related jobs. and thanks to his website, and now we know his name to be "riley james bell"
(he also has a imageboard called heyuri that has connections to 64chan, and the alt-chan federation)
TLDR namefaggot who tried to use 22chan as a site for him to get jobs

a youtuber named your favorite camgirl tried to shill here and got b&,

a youtube larp thingy called flesh faherenhight got us to be shilled on plebbit, they got b& thank god (and twoot)
a guy called drunk dragon keeps sperging on here, he keeps raising hell and he keeps getting b&

go on encyclopedia dramatica and search avidraco, and also go read the new years thread we have
that sums up the story of Novascotiarobot aka avidraco aka delta
a fucking legendary lolcow
he thinks we're cultists and terrorists
twoot keeps doing awesome epic updates to 22chan if you havent noticed,
i'd lurk and read every thread if i where you, and also go check out the archives
that, and it seems like all the userbase is gone, so we're in a apoctaliptic stage right now, and i think the mods are advertizing? if not probably just randos making ads so the userbase can grow again.
i think that covers everything.


the trash board exists to help keep bad threads or low quality shid off 22chan, and also livechan got updated


the situation is so much worse than we ever could have imagined. They have more than a gay station.
[spoiler]not endorsing a raid or advertising just raising awareness so no delet pls[/spoiler]


wow, this is sad. hopfully they'll leave us humble terrorist oragami folderers alone


also twoot fixed ascii so now people can use ascii as emoji's like the japs at 2chan do, or post cool art


>seems like all the userbase is gone
So far today we've got about 30 new posts, I have to disagree on that one, we've been more active than ever these months.


part of that is me replying like a motherfucker


Today, yes, but 30 posts is what we get on average daily.


wait, i'm not sure if you saw but we now have a media club located here

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