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Hi! i'm a newfag, and i lurked for a long while, but i still dont know about this community and i thought making a thread could help clean things up a bit.


Well, for starters, whats up with this place and 4chan? Are we trying to become something like 4chan? Is 4chan really that bad?


Welcome newfriend! Being just another current a regular pornsite kinda beats the point of ever making an altchan, People here enjoy old things which are generally confined to early 2000s, which does include early a regular pornsite memes, lingo and some jokes. The current state of a regular pornsite is despicable to say the least, It's difficult to objectively define whether most of it is full of normalfags now, but there's certainly far too many of them over there. Now it's full of corporate shills, plebbitors and watermelon addicts who cant take a joke, not to mention that it's far too fast, posts there become worthless and you have to post a shid ton to make any sort of difference.
This place generally encapsulates a early 2000s internet where normalfags don't really appear much (if at all) and the community is pretty tightly knit together, it's slow and comfy so your posts are noticed and they matter. Sometimes 22 feels a bit too serious, so it'd be better for people to have fun and relax where it's due while also keeping that seriousness where it's needed. That's at least my take on this place.


Ah, I see. 4ch is now wordfiltered to "regular pornsite", wish I knew that beforehand.


gaystation KILL 22CHAN


are you asking for like rules, guidlines or whatever?
sorta this but i dont blame just the normies for the downfall of imageboards, lots of 4chinners are now just going with the plebbit mentality. they go with memes that die after a month
elaborate you watermelon addict


I don't think we're trying to "become the next a regular pornsite". really, what's happening is that a regular pornsite, and other places you know, lack in things that we need, and this site fills that gap in. we're not perfect, or a replacment, but more or less something good that fit's our needs.
Like ok, MODS.
lets say a regular pornsite
mods/jannies are shadowy, and they carry their own agenda. where here you can get to know them, and it's more or less a "point and shoot situation"
if something's obvious, say, someone posted gay porn they'll get rid of it, but if its something they dont exactly know about, you need to explain yourself or argue it out with the community first and then the problem get's solved.
That type of stuff, really.


WHY 1 D0N'7 L13K 73H 2+2CH1NZ:
>J4P4N353 0V3RL0RD 15 T3H G4YZ0RZ
>FULL 0F N0N-1337 64RB463




yes, but also community etticute, and other related subjects (the type of stuff you can't get by just lurking, community insight.
Continuing onwards, so how do we prevent the cancer that's killing a regular pornsite from coming here?
also, how do we deal with threats? like, lets say i have a fren who uses his disc as a "home base" to shid up 22ch, or lets say someone's shilling 22ch on youtube, that type of stuff, what do i do? where should i go with this information?


first off, fuck off watermelon addict with that shid, elaborate or die
second off, i do see an issue with gaystation that i havent heard anyone talk about yet;
Compromizing anonimity.
Let's say that Lcg said that he lives in texas, and his car broke down in the gaystation,
ok sure fine
now lets say that he says that on 22chan, but as an anon. now you can figure out that it's him. i mean you have a bunch of profile watermelon addicts on an "anonymous" imageboard, it really does seem like a problem, even though i haven't seen that here, its still something to be careful of nonetheless.
(think about how awful that is though, a good thread, and you think its fellow anons talking but it turns out its literally one anon, and a bunch of gaystation users)
i guess keep profiles and 22chan as seperate as possible?
i.e not mentioning stuff that you mentioned on gaystation like in a way so people cant figure out its you. (not twoot tho, he gets a free pass lul)


And another thing is newfags windowshopping
i think that was talked about on an old thread but i guess its gone. like using 22chan as a place to shidpost, and not staying here because its too slow and going back to 7chan or whatever.
i like to think of 22chan as some small town in texas, not alot of visitors and needing more people to work
i guess people dont think of 22chan as a legit imageboard so they either try to post shid, leave then come back, or they try to turn jt into something for themselves
either way if you want to see 22chan last a long while you gotta be a member of this community or its going to die off, you need to see value in this place and do your best to contribute, shid threads go in trash, stuff that needs to be reported gets reported, posting more and faster and watermelon addicts and bad people need to be driven out
i mean yeah lets try to keep this place to last for 10 more years or something
also i saw a 22chan being advertized on /b/ the other day (actually it was the 8th or 9th)
plz no
normalfags browse that place you literal large hadron collider stap
y u do dis


I'm also a newfag. I just came here to check a few months ago and sometimes return but don't stay for long. Is this true? This place doesn't seem as weebtranny polluted compared to e.g. spacechan.
I did check out the gaystation and that looked bad but the actual board doesn't.


dubs checked
So you're hitting F5 on this slow ass board all the time? I really like this place and the attitude of most posters here. But I wouldn't mind a slightly faster pace. A little slower than kohlchan maybe. Because right now all you can do is come here once a day, check, post and then leave again.


Instead of seeing things like "I live in Texas," you just start to cue in to how the people talk. The phrases they use, the opinions they have, just their voice in general.
>a good thread, and you think its fellow anons talking but it turns out its literally one anon, and a bunch of gaystation users
I've seen it happen. If you stay anon you probably won't notice and it won't matter, but if you get pulled in to gaystation it does very much ruin the illusion sometimes.


he mean's 2 + 2 = 4
he's talking about a regular pornsite


More like 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + (4/2) = 22


so there's datamining, and too many porn? i'm sure he was discribing a regular pornsite.


And i was just talking nonsense without reading the thread


truily rused me there


slower then kolchan is good.

i'm not saying advertizing is bad, but it needs to be good, and in the right places. b is like, the worst place imaginable for advertizement, why not k, or somewhere where we won't get fucked over

nig-nogs keep placing ads in shidty places like internet forums and you wonder why we keep getting raided, or some fag post either gay porn or cat pictures, or we keep getting normalfags, well thats why. mods already made ads on altchans that arent shid (i think) so if thats actually the case then next stop is a regular pornsite. and within two weeks, if i see nothing, then i'll go make ads myself thats arent just "pwease cum 2 twotchen nao, were better then u !!1!" like all the shid ads that was made before, and now on a regular pornsite. (and its going to be in ok boards, not just /pol/ or /b/) its stupid not to now because more and more people are indoors, and this year, we lack in userbase for whatever reason.

and i also get it, mods can take care of it, but also not really if you think about it. they cant fight shid they cant see, so (as mentioned on this thread) if someone has a shidty disc group and mods dont know about it, they cant do anything. and if people are normalfags, they have to accidentily out themselves somehow in order to get b&. if we make ads in a non-shillish way, in good wholsome places when nesscary, that will reduce shid-fests and then i think everybody's gonna be fine.


I wouldn't make necesarrily make ads. Whenever I see someone on fourchan really fed up with the site, I give a slight nod like "hey, there's boards besides a regular pornsite!" and then when they're geniunely curious I might tell them about 22.
But not on /pol/ or /v/.


Any possibility we have another board category in the future? Also maybe some monthly/yearly annual event?


>board category
i wonder what that would be?
>monthly/yearly event
so far it's been april fools, i guess everybody can plan something else, like halloween.


I kinda want something like /x/, /ck/ or /DIY/


would be very interested in all three, premium taste anon.


that would be cool. that would also work out because there's two /x/ related thread, and minor interest in those topics.
that would work well in /i/, dont know about making a whole board out of it
dunno lol i remember the guy who was making eggs and thought it would be a brillant idea to throw in chocolate. then there was the other anon who made a pan sandwith thingy


i also want to add that if we where to make a new board, lets take a week to talk about issues with that board, and iron out strong rules.


No new boards


based dubs and yes
people are already complaining about "22chan dead" so adding more boards wont help, if anything making threads about those subjrcts are better for now, i forgot to mention that


this is outragous i DEMAND a cat board nao


isnt /b/ already a cat board?


i will protest
we need a board to worship cat
may the anons riot and destroy the upper class of trannies
(this is a joke)


Aight, I'm gonna bumping every thread from 2019 then


Meant for >>7327




no, every board is cat board, this is secret rule


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this post was in that /pol/ thread yesterday where most of the replies were deleted, but its a pretty good one so i'm gonna put this here


I found this place through bvffalo, and from what I seen it seems chill. Just hope no normalfags or /pol/tards come here thinking spamming BBC or gay shid is "le epic kek". Happened with 4cuck and 8koon, here's hoping it won't happen here.


This. gaystation does help a lot in keeping 22chan alive (imo) because it keeps a bunch of people interested in 22, but the price is what you described. Suddenly becomes a much less anonymous image board. But, nobody's forced to join it, so I guess it only affects the people who want to be affected. Perhaps this is even a reasonable compromise in this age


The problem then is what kinds of people it keeps interested.


22chan seems to being doing fine. Usually there's a lack of reasoning on why exactly is the gaystation server bad, care to elaborate more on your post?


>Usually there's a lack of reasoning on why exactly is the gaystation server bad, care to elaborate more on your post?
NHB (not him but) I can present you a few points from a few posts I didn't make as I understand them
1. It's a red flag for a lot of people who could potentially be a great addition to the site
Would you join an imageboard if it had a link to an official instagram profile in the top of every page? Some people see gaystation very negatively, and for good reasons. You could argue about the gaystation here not being that bad, but an instagram account could be alright too: imagine an artist profile containing only photos of his drawings. That's a nice instagram account. But still you wouldn't put it in the headers of an imageboard
2. Potential fragmentation of the community
22chan has its culture, and inevitably the gaystation has/is going to develop culture of its own which it doesn't share with the site. In-jokes and such. So far gaystation fags have been doing a decent job at keeping gaystation stuff in gaystation, but it is a risk in a way. Just because it's fine now it doesn't mean it will be in the future. And we've already had episodes (nova, lolico) where some gaystation leaked
3. gaystation taking away traffic from the website
Now typically people respond to this by saying that low quality posting goes on the gaystation, and high quality on the site, so there is no conflict. Personally while I agree to some extent I don't think that imageboards are about making every post exceptional, and while I like the idea of people putting effort into posting a lot, I also think that it wouldn't harm 22 to also have just easy casual conversation, or anyway posts without tons of effort put into them. I haven't been in the gaystation in a while but is it really all such bad stuff, that one couldn't post it here? For fuck's sake, we're an imageboard, not an exhibition or a museum
(interpreted from >>7227 + my ideas)
4. gaystation kills anonymity, and to make matters worse, both in itself and on the imageboard
We take pride in anonymity: we don't need our egos to be fed by having a nametag attached to everything we say or do; also we don't need to check if we trust the person who is saying something because we are confident in our judgement of the ideas presented by posts, regardless of who's behind them. An idiot once in his lifetime could make an exceptionally clever post on an imageboard which could very well be taken seriously. In real life, everyone knows he's the idiot, and he'd get ignored regardless of what he says
Another extremely important thing is that anonymity lets you express yourself even if you'd be afraid to do that in front of people who know who you are. You will never feel as free with anyone as you feel here. Anonymity protects you from anxiety about social judgement. That's ultimately the reason a lot of people are here. Not because of ideals.
Firstly, gaystation is not anonymous. Secondly, once you stay on gaystation for a while, you begin to recognize the people when they post on the imageboard, based on their style of writing, ideas, nationalities, interests, grammar mistakes. And suddenly the imageboard is a lot less anonymous. The community here's small, and gaystation people often are those who care about the site a lot and post often.
Now, anonymity has it's limits. The biggest being that you will never make a fren, or form any type of relationship with a person here. And the idea of respect can be very useful at times in the real world. So I don't hate namefagging as a concept, I could even see value in the possibility of people who feel sick talking to someone potentially transitioning smoothly to more person-to-person communication. But this is an anonymous imageboard dammit. Anonymity should be protected
(interpreted from >>7118 + my ideas)

Am I suggesting that we should get rid of gaystation? No. Actually none of this is really a definitive argument. Also, gaystation helps keeping a piece of community together and caring about the site, and when you look at it, you see mostly effort and good stuff coming from the people there. That alone could matter more than any of the points above
I'm a fan of anonymity, but I'm also a fan of robomaniac's threads (and that's a fucking tripfag). Should we ban robo for compromising the anonymous nature of this website? Should we call him out for being an attention seeker? Perhaps. But I don't think I'm ready to exchange all of this for potentially.. not much. We know that we are most likely leaving behind a lot, and we don't know if the effects of deleting gaystation in the long run will reward that decision. 22chan could just die a slow death without it. Maybe one day gaystation won't be necessary, or it won't be as important. We'll see


gaystation disadvantages:
1. Red flag for some potentially good people finding 22chan
2. Potentially split the community in two
3. Potentially take away traffic which belongs to 22
4. Damages anonymity both off and on the site (if you join it)
gaystation advantaes:
1. Keeps a dedicated piece of community interested in 22chan

In the end, I'm not sure weather it does more good or bad now and in the long run (notice the "potentially" in the first 3 points against gaystation)
But it's not innocuous I mean. Good and bad sides, like in everything


what the fuck is gaystation


it's discord, newfren. the wordfilter changes it to gaystation.


I agree.


It's been about 3 months since you made that thread anon, so I suppose you well have gotten into what this place is about, but time to bump it back a bit for other newfrens: Many modern altchans can be regarded, in (((anime terms))) as “shounen”, places where the most common type of post is a shitpost, where the logic of "randumb=funny" is present at all times and the boards are intended for maybe not younger audiences per se, but for people who are still in that mindset. This place, however, is more or less the next step in the evolution of imageboard culture, anons who have come here from other boards have all seen enough of the endless low quality shitposting, so the people have matured over time and with that the imageboard has aswell, although there still is /sewers/ for shitposting and, of course, all of the rest of the boards for regular conversations and generally fun/enjoyable stuff, so this place is more of a "seinen" imageboard, meant for people who want to have a good time without delving into posting overused plebbit memes or leeching off other cultures. We had a thing going here about "old 4chan culture" for a while, but that exactly was the low quality shitposting and it has naturally narrowed into other memories of the early 2000s, while still going forward with the more matured mindset. The /mmc/ thread is one of the best examples of this.
[spoiler]however the philosophical rants sometimes make it look like this place is inhabited by academics who have nothing better to do at that moment[/spoiler]
Some slight clarification-
From wiki: "Shonen manga is aimed at a young teen male target-demographic. The age group varies with individual readers and different magazines, but it is primarily intended for boys between the ages of 12 and 18."
"Seinen manga are marketed toward young adult men. In Japanese, the word seinen literally means "youth", but the term "seinen manga" is also used to describe the target audience of comics like Weekly Manga Times and Weekly Manga Goraku which are aimed at men from their late teens to their 30s."


Seconding this. We're all fucking tired.


i guess i'm curious how you guys feel about saging and the way it works with 22chan, threads get archived after they get bumped off the board (due to new threads being made) or it hits the 5 page bump limit, so in the classical sense, saging threads don't work. you can't sage a thread you don't like, and it'll dissapear out of sight, as mentioned, it'll get archived.
for me, it works as a whisper, if i'm ranting about something, i'll sage my posts so i can finish without getting interrupted. how does it work for you guys?


muh mature imageboard culture




this is how i imagine regular 22chan users
old people trying to be hip but they are a decade or two late for any trends


What do you mean byt his?


File: unnamed.jpg (9.69 KB, 284x177, 284:177, 1597335305491.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

References of the early 2000s (since I guess that's what you are talking about) have thrived here naturally, since most of the users here are 90s kids who grew up with that stuff.
The video you posted shows Mung trying to be cool in order to fit into somewhere, but we are not trying to show off to anyone, it's just how we all are here at 22chan, it's our home where we choose to live our own lifestyle without needing to be up to date with any normalfag memes or other mainstream culture.
Feel free to contribute to the current culture in your own way of course, while remaining true to the site's rules, or join in the way how we are doing it currently.


Question to the other fags; do we have an IRC?


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