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ITT April fools appreciation


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fuck yeah ~desu


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desu desu desu


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Desu Goddess is proud today


At least I’m safe from the 4chan virus


i'm supprised no one is angry


reddit plague


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Desu rain,

Some stay dry and other feel the pain,

Desu rain


I actually kinda am. I can't tell which board is which, so to find a specific thread, I have to scroll all the way down the /all/ page.
fortunately, this site is a ghost town, so it really doesn't matter too much.


being a sort of oldfag, i just memorised the placment of each board link lol


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if you weren't such a damn pleb, you would hover over the link with your mouse and see the actual board


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now, back to desu


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but you can't desu its a ghost town today desu no >fun allowed desu


desu oh desu nooo desu i'm desu changinggggg desu it desu must desu be desu contained desu stop desu the desu spread desu spare desu me desu


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Post moar
post faster
post in all the threads that interest you, and if you want to say something but dont know if it should be in a thread, go to livechan, but if your sure if you have a good idea for a thread, make one
use the catalog, read all the threads
read the archives
lurk moar learn the culture and the characters
if your new, talk to the mods and twoot amd learn about them
remember to be comfy and somewhat relax
dont be lazy remember QUALITY AND OC
tldr : DESU
desu goes in all fields

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