/b/ - I've decided to create my thread for all of you who are still /x/philers to this day. (peace to all my brothers and sisters;-)I'm not sure why am i thinking about the corona virus at this moment...anyway i think it is directed virus from the government l

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I've decided to create my thread for all of you who are still /x/philers to this day. (peace to all my brothers and sisters;-)
I'm not sure why am i thinking about the corona virus at this moment...anyway i think it is directed virus from the government labs which is created for the purpose to turn our heads in other direction from everything what is really going on. ''THIS might be happening to control all of those previous protests from the Hong Kong protesters but something other is going on and i can't reach what would that be. This doesn't have to be correct and it also couldvbe due to Chinnese economical growth in the world, <there are already two theories for us, unfortunately.
As all of you can see this is something big and if we as a united collective mind try to figure out what is really going on, everyone is gonna be proclaimed as a tinfoil lunatic, however i don't give a fuck about that either...so yeah, let's discuss about this "conspirational" stuff.

copy/pasta from my thread


reply from random anon

I have an idea about it. Is about mass control. And also an advertisement as much as a threat to any who do not want to obey. It's also probably a message to US and UN.

It is also an occult spell. Forcing everyone's attention to China for some reason I don't know. Just overlook it.

The name of it is peculiar. Corona, as in latin crown. Crown of what. Crown of whom. Why crown. Crown it seems means horns in occult places and it seems to be a fashion in South Korean occult lobbies?


what i want to post to him/her, but i don't have a luck at 4cuck

Interesting opinion, anon.
Hmm, now when you have mentioned Crown, there is something about the Crown...All of us are aware how is United Kingdom out of the European Union and somehow, it is fairly possible for those Corona virus to have something in common with that occasion. We need to connect this weird puzzle if we want to know more.
This is what we have so far;
- Hong Kong protest in peaceful marches at the early beginning of 2019
- escalation of situation due to undermining the region's autonomy and people's civil liberties, therefor labeling them (protesters) as a terrorists
- United Kingdom declares and successfully get out from the European Union
- Megan Markle knows something and she's trying to run away from the Royal Family (she might have same destiny as princess Diana if she give some info to the public)
- after all of that, Corona virus is hitting China (they might have cure for this if the virus become widespread)
- everyone is focused on China and virus
Yeah lads i think this has something to do with all of the aforementioned events and it is all because i'm listening and know what is my logical thinking telling me.

The more opinions everyone shares, the more is gonna get exited with the real "bogeyman".


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It's actually crown in spanish, and also a good brand of beer.
MMhhh...delicious, delicious corona beer (us)


Anons, my apologies for samefaggin, but this thread is originating from me despite it's an obvious copypaste shit. I would really like to talk about this happening with anyone one who is interested in this theme.
I have been found something interesting and that's the main reason why am i suspicions of Corona virus as well...


There have been viruses that classified as corona virus for a lot longer than you think. The common cold is a corona virus.

It's more likely a population control method by the gooks.


See my previous comment. Corona virus is more than just this strain. That's a vaccine. If they were going to make a disease, they wouldn't file a patent, just as you wouldn't file a patent for your ultra-pure meth production method.


Wait a minute, for every cure the first thing what they need to do is to develop disease for the purpose to test their own limits and capabilities when they are discovering new cures/vaccines of that laboratory developed disease.
What is amazing to me is that everyone is spreading false informations about death ratio in China and every other media journalist are focused on the Corona virus to spread fear on to the rest of citizens who're not contracted by Corona.
Also what is important to mention about corona is a new strain of an old disease. 4 types of the common flu are Corona viruses and up to 35000 peoples die per year of the common flu.
The common flu has a mortality rate of about 6.7%, SARS had a mortality rate of up to about 9.2%, Coronavirus has a mortality rate of 2%. Most people who are death from are elders or those who have bad immune system.
I don't know why, but i can see this in the different way because all of us have witnessed about HK protesters and after Corona spreading those protesting are suddenly very quiet and i'm not able to find anything about aforementioned protesters in any news despite how many young peoples died in those protest.
Also take a look at the simple words playing
protest = pro-test

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