/b/ - Do you frens have any cool ideas for a slogan for 22chan?[spoiler]yes pic related is me[/spoiler]

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Do you frens have any cool ideas for a slogan for 22chan?
[spoiler]yes pic related is me[/spoiler]


"Et ne vous conformez pas à ce monde: mais soyez transformés par le remaniement de votre esprit, afin que vous puissiez prouver quelle est la volonté de Dieu bonne, acceptable et parfaite."


"Check 'em"


Way too long and not in english


"And be not conformed to this world"


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I'll pet you until I die!


Better fren


We could have several slogans under board names ("/b/ - Random") and they are randomized like banners.




nice idea fren


a truly comfy place in a desprate time




"just like my bed"


Like the "only a fool would take anything posted here as fact" thing, only tailored to each board...


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"All comfy and no porn makes Anon a happy boy"



What about comfy, artistic porn?


>comfy porn
you mean ecchi


"A comfy place in desperate times"




"Don't negotiate with us"


Fuck off tripfag


that was mean ;-;


5.5 times better

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