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It has been a while
Since we had this sort of thread
See: Five-Seven-Five


I'll start us off now.
Let's make a conversation-
How are you doing?


im pretty good, thanks
how about you my good friend
how has your life been?


thank you, i am well,
life is going very swell.
Quite unusual... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Doin' pretty good
exams has all been completed
Got pretty good scores on most, one is lower than what I've hoped since I didn't finish it, but nothing was affected since the other work I've done already out weight the exam thing, and another is still unknown about the scores on it.


You're pretty lucky
I've still got exams to do
They don't stop coming


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I love tigers lots
Tigers are cool animals
Post tigers now please!


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I love guns alot
I like revolvers the most
here is a picture


has anyone heard
of the os called haiku
i'll try it sometime


I enjoy sex stuff
I enjoy it quite a lot
come do sex with me


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It is no secret
everyone knows it is true
OP is a fag


That is very rude
because I have not left here
and I am not gay


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Random poem story time.

Lilies of the lake
reaching out to take a drink
in the olive pond

Catails sing on wind,
music for the lilies' dance.
Brown windchimes over clay

Archaic tale sung
of sunrise over mountains
that ripple and wave.

A neighborhood breaths
together in sleep or wake;
sleeping just to man.


A sunset I saw,
the evening before this.
Red, from western fires.

Even after dark,
The purple clouds were tainted.
Colorado burns.

When I was a boy,
there were fires to the north.
The moon was blood, then.

When one land suffers,
When it, blazing, is reborn,
another marvels.

My home's time will come.
I hope distant lands will note
a fair afterglow.


Worker bees can leave
Even Drones can fly away
The queen is their slave

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