/b/ - Happy new year you cunts. its been great.what are your guys new years resolution if any?

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Happy new year you cunts. its been great.
what are your guys new years resolution if any?


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more cats


Happy new year.
My resolution is to finally buy a pair of pants to wear at home


stay alive


I just realized that i'm 19 and i never pet a cat before, so doing that would be nice.
do they have soft fur
i must know
twoot plz respond


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you have never pet a cat before????


In all my years of being alive i have only seen them, but never pet one before
i will find one to pet
do they like being pet on their backs
Or just on the head


Cats are either assholes, asleep, or tired.
that's what my cats are like at least.


You where that guy from the "my cats are assholes" thread right? >>5586
If thats the case they throw themselves at you because they love you anon
Please hug them back


Any good moments from 22chan you guys had this year?

You rolled the number 891467939 (no dubs or higher)


to stop coming back


knew you were still around here
happy new year


Welcome back.
Even if it is temporary
everybody needs to take a break sometimes.
Happy new years everybody


Happy Rosh Hashanah everybody
Happy jew year


happy jew year.

i wish people actually used the livechat.
discord is gayyyyyy


I do like livechan
A lot of great conversations are had there even if it gets ignored.


How old is 22chan now


So its 2020 and what i think that can help 22chan greatly is less infighting and more culture
And what i mean by being cultured is by talking about stuff we like more often and
Doing stuff together like
listening to music
playing games
And other stuff
Mainly that is what made 4chan great (back in the day) and can make 22chan great too
I think that would be a good resolution
What do you guys think would be good changes this year?


Man, look at how the internet and 4chan changed over ten years


I still can't believe 4chan and the internet has been changed and sanitized for over 10 years. Time really has changed


No go back to 4chan
And who the hell is "bradnewton" anyways?


Happy new year to you all faggots


Kill yourself please


thank you mods for getting rid of the gay porn
Happy new year


Now i can talk to newfags about the /sewers/ vs carpgang war like a vietnam vet


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making 22chan great before 2022


22chan in 2020
Will be like (or already is)
4chan in 2010
Lets do it lads


1. Lose weight
2. Keep resolutions


Happy new year!
I can't remember any specific "special" moments but I just liked interacting with you guys a few times. Also some things are fun to follow, like the characters (niniba, anon, etc)
Yeah, right? What happened to the 22 movie thing

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