/b/ - This website is great, but it’s just too fucking slow.We need some big publicity stunt to get more people to come here.

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This website is great, but it’s just too fucking slow.
We need some big publicity stunt to get more people to come here.


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"Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry."
- James 1:19


newfags fuck off.
we don't need masses of normalfags arriving here, that's how 4cuck fell, let's not allow for 22chan to meet the same fucking fate.


This website was created in 2018. Everyone’s a fucking newfag.


Not again
Look at this
Guy's shilling again


if anything
WE WILL WORK SOMTHING OUT TOGETHER. Shilling and acting like a retard will get the wrong type of attention.



Without being "that guy" that trys to start a witch hunt,
Do you think that this guy is the mole?
And, does this thread really break the rules?
Can't tell.


Here's my "plan" on how to get more people here.
First talk to people here, check to see if the plan works. Argue about what the tread or post should say.
Post a link to where you are going to post the planned advertizment.
Find a place where you can delete your posts.
Look to see if there is like-minded people.
Make a post/thread that talks about the good, and bad qualities of 22chan
Then after some time, when everybody feels that its time, delete the thread.
Better then shilling if you ask me, by doing it this way everybody here is informed about what is happening, and agrees on it.
And afterwards deleting that thread will hide any digital footprints so we wont get any unwanted visitors.


Do you know of any such places where you can delete your posts/threads at any time?


Not really.
If anything
Ask mods there to delete the post
Or a chan without a archive and a thread time out system where it just dissapears.
Either way doing that is better than secretly shilling like an autistic person


>"big publicity stunt"
What do you mean by this?


OP here
First off, I am NOT the guy in the 4chan thread. I’m actually banned from there, which is the reason I’m posting here at all. I’ll admit I’m fairly new, but I’m definitely not some “mole” or whatever everyone is talking about.
Secondly, I apologize if I offended you, but this thread was honestly half bait. On one hand, this place is slow and I wanted to complain, but on the other, I knew people would get mad if I did. And no, I haven’t broken any rules.
I know some will get mad, but it’s /b/ so who gives a shit? Regardless, the person shilling on 4chan is definitely someone else.


Is this a picture of you op


to be honest i dont really care if 22chan is being advertised.
we've got mods to take care of any unwanted posts/threads because of rule 1


We aren't new nor oldfags, we are youngfags, you newfag.


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>We need some big publicity stunt to get more people to come here.
Have you learned anything from chan history? This has to be bait


Read the thread anon
Op said it was slightly bait.


Even if this thread is bait, I think that this is a thing we should think about
How to get more people here? In not excessive amounts, and preferably the right type of people?
Personally my new strategy is to post in the "4chan has become shit" threads on 4chan that there are "other similar websites" one can go to if fed up, because I think that if someone cares enough to research and find out about 22chan then it's ok if he joins


In this situation, just saying "head to 22chan" is kinda retarded.
Posting a site that has a list of imageboards that includes 22chan is a better idea, so they know what other imageboards exist, and so they can stumble into our imageboard naturally. If you do this, kinda say that its important to read the site rules and faqs because (well, you know what happends)
T. anon that found this site through a (slightly outdated) chan list on ED.


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>James 1:19
Man, I should read my KJV Bible


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>We aren't new nor oldfags, we are youngfags, you newfag.
All I can say is that this is true, until you found out one of the mods here is from old 4chan in 2010.


What are you a Mason?


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Uhhh, it's more "pure" than today's newer translation. Prefer my old roots, wonder if this is another reason why I like Jazz.


The whole fag list has changed so it varies from anon to anon
i guess it adds up to
Amount of time spent on an imageboard,
And if you can act responcible/ are well informed about the lore/history and site rules
So that mod is a 4chan oldfag. Newfag to 22chan,(i guess oldfag still counts because he might have been here when the site was first made) but a true 4chan oldfag assuming that he knows the lore.
I'm a 4chan newfag, but knowlge wise, an oldfag. So the term youngfag applies to me.
(Or at least i think thats what youngfag means)


Nah, i'd say LEB is the closest, maybe TLV


> "head to 22chan"
Tell me where in my post did I say that I posted the word "22chan"
In those threads I only say that there are other imageboards. That's it. No links, no citations to 22chan. Hopefully some people will get curious, look up on google for alt-chans and some find about this place


I said IF SOMEONE was in that situation
Not you,
someone else


How about NASB

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