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C.C.P.P. In this thread.
>Name change?
>Other ideas?


We should maybe change the name a bit.
Because of what >>4479 said


Imageboard' Cultural-integrity Preservation Venture
that's a damn mouthful


also how is our work gonna be different from any of the other faggot-knowyourmeme kind of shit out there?


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>To restore the past!
We're already trying to by how this place is created to get the feelings of old 4Chan culture.
>Protect the present!
Leave that to the mods. They'll think of something if something happens here.
>Fight for a future.
Thinking too far will fall in your head, we'll worry about that if a problem can get too big to the point it can be predicted in the future.


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nice on-topic post


Because it's by anons, and for anons.
And for us to read and learn.
And it will be obscure.
We can get help from anons from other imageboards, and preserve stuff like wel cultured anonymous. And moar
Also ED has a lot of imageboard music and stuff we can help preserve.


its in topic because 4487 ruined the fun.


Double cheese pizza


What a sad person you are


We could put some sort of password or something


But should this preservation be of just old 4chan culture or other imageboards?


>"We could put in a password or somthing"
Good idea, but a bit tricky. What if a person, we thought we trusted gets the password, and trys to ddos the site?
Backups, and a encryped fluxuating password could help.
Also, this may help https://wiki.bibanon.org/News/2017-12-03_Building_and_Rebuilding
I'd like to think of this project as an updated archive of content to help out ED and other people. Also useful to help educate newfags. (Instead of giving them the password, copy the content they need to a google doc so they don't try anything stupid)


Imageboard culture in general! if we get to connect imageboards together we can protect each other from our common enemies!


Preservation, and a general update to old/modern imageboard culture


Although what im saying about the password is a bit too paranoid.


22 is obscure as fuck, we can have it here.
anyone who comes here will have some knowledge on ED or 4chan since this place aint advertised anywhere else


Before we get any further, I think it's important to ask: do any of you actually know anything about creating/maintaining an archive? Do you have the money and time necessary to learn? Do you have the motivation to actually go through with it? Or are you all just going to run whining to Twoot, asking him to take control of your little pet project?


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How hopeful are you to not care about those problems in the future, of course I'm sad because I can see how being too hope will destroy you if your plans fail, so listen to others opinion you hopeful fag.


So you want to make a CP (chan perservation) board
>>4500 ?


Taking in everyones opinons is really important guys. No matter how negative. We can't relay on twoot. And we need to figure out this stuff ourself.


at this stage do we really need an entire board for it?


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Yea, try getting image boards together, I doubted that Twoot would really want to get together with other boards, if he does want to, how about the image boards themselves disagreeing? If we connect image boards together, what about the rules, do we still keep it, what do they want to connect with us, why, and how do they connect with us if they do? I doubt this is what Twoot would want to deal with in his life right now. If this is your idea of fun, you should do something else since this fun is too much of a high hopes for you to do at a level you would like, though if you're still high from being hopeful this would succeed, I won't say I told you so.


I think we should make it so that those other imageboards can add stuff to the archive too.
So we don’t have to worry about twoot
Just inform them about the project and I’m sure they’ll help too


>connect imageboards
what kind of faggot (((altchan federation))) nigger shit is this


If anything, we can help to update sites like biblanon, youstuba, and ED.


>Taking in everyones opinons is really important no matter how negative.
This guys gets it.
>We can't relay on Twoot. We need to figure out this stuff ourself.
Exactly what I've said, but Twoot is the site owner, getting connected with other image boards isn't what I believe he wants since there would be more disagreements than getting connected with them. Each other image boards are created for different reasons and their reasons not to connect or join together with other boards. If they want to, their and our rules of what a site should be will be tested. If this group of preservationist want to preserve this from the common enemies by joining boards together, you should know that not everyone will agree with you.

>>4504 is the only one I would agree to take on the role of controlling this group.


Whats youstuba?
Some sort of YouTube clone????


You're right. I've been seeing this as a way to get every boards to become one image board other than a archive due to how the group word it.
Well, guess this is up to you and your group >>4507.




It's me being an idiot and mispelling "yotsuba society"


Please. No connected imageboards.
Verry very bad idea.


We could do it through google docs. Let's plan this out.


literally this thread right here you stupid fucking niggers >>4334
ever thought of that maybe? for a single fucking second?
well it looks like it.


Who said it would be on here?


I beleve it was >>4500


Didn’t see that


Finding an obscure yet popular imageboard with likeminded anons, placing a well thought out, PLANNED ad, that talks about the good, and the bad qualities of here. And then over time deleting the ad is more responcible than placing an ad on a more mainstream site.
I think tripfagging could make this thread more deciperable. I dunno.


Remember to not do anything rash.


Or better yet, removing all mainstream ties to this site, and if anyone asks about a good imageboard, link them to the list of chans on ED. Let them find this site themselves. >>4521


I think it's better if we just promote people saving shit themselves when they see something they like, then reposting in relevant situations. A sort of organic archive, I guess. That way we don't see the usual risks of centralization such as gradual death from inactivity, attraction of normalfags, tyrannical moderators, and so on.


Well anons, I think we can all agree that connecting imageboards isn't a great idea.
Regarding the preservation of chan culture, many of us here are into internet culture. So our community joining to do something for this is great imo. But we need to decide a few things.
Is there really a need for a new project like this? Maybe it would be better to help already existing projects.
How will our project be different from the sites >>4509 mentions?
It would be wrong to start something new if there's already something like it because the resources and energy of people into imageboard culture are finite. If we split we die.
So if we do decide to make something new, then we need to have a unique purpose (or have serious reasons to discard similar projects), eventually we need to decide what exactly are gonna do and how

Another option is to focus your energy and love for imageboards into making oc



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what the actual fuck did you just do


what in lords name is with that spacing


I must apologise for the length of my comment. My keyboard/mouse isn't as good as it used to be.


that's no fucking excuse dude


I mighr as well throw the bastard out. But that means tossing my 10 year old laptop as well. That's what you get for being a poorfag.
The lag on the poor bastard is killing me.


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My image now.


I don't know if anybody saw the link i posted, but biblanon pay's 200$ a month to keep the site alive.
although they have a github archive, it was difficult to manage.


Ye I saw that. The costs could also be a problem


So perhaps the better end of the stick is giving our favorite archives a nice, comfy helping hand.


i support this


It does seem like a wise idea.
Unless anyone is still interested in the project, and has a better idea.


Let’s make this group to just help other archives and stuff.
Btw the 22chan entry on ED is outdated




Due to general faggotry, ED lost about 2 years worth of info.
The github version of bibanon is better than the regular site.
Yotsuba hasn't been updated in 5 years.
For some people, tanasin dosnt work
Lurkmoar is pretty good.
And every site has dead links, and is sadly losing information.


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you're welcome


File: Screenshot_1314.png (54.43 KB, 186x144, 31:24, 1573253735583.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]



Oh, and here is the regular version of lurkmoar


will there be a page for 8chan?


Might be, depends what everybody want's to do.


Ok i’ve been mentioned quite alot in this thread, can anyone make me a TL;DR


tl;dr you don't need to do anything, if we're going to do stuff then we won't just force you to do it for us.
Seeing as how there are no replies to >>4501, we probably aren't going to actually create a site. Rather, I think the consensus is just to help out with existing projects.


Plus, it's an chan culture restoration/archive project


why the fuck am i supposed to care?


Trying to figure out how many people was even intrested in the project.




there's no need to say "bump" to bump a thread, if you have something you want to say, say it. this thread's not dissapearing any time soon

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