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I think a comicbook thread would be comfy. Let's talk about comicbooks, and comic-book related media!


Oh, I have some of my father’s old Superman comics

You guys probably know for certain about the Death of Superman, but I like how they played around with the concept of “replacing him” for a bit. Haven’t read any modern comics, so I can’t compare, and mostly will make assumptions, but I wanna express my love of how they handled it then.


That sounds great!


Sorry, it’s taking me a while to find them

I don’t have as much free time as I used too


I understand! There's no need to rush.


Anyone watch the joker movie yet? If so, how was it?
Anyone watch the venom movie?
I saw the venom movie, cgi was great, story was a bit shakey, over all, 8 out of 10. I LOVE it and i can't wait for the sequel. (I love the fact that eddie was an absolute mess, you know. A regular guy freaking out, jumping in a lobster tank, grimy looking with no time to change to expencive clothing. Just your regular, symbiote possessed average Joe)
Great comic book anti-hero too.
Anyone gonna watch the Crisis on Infinite Earths television event?
How do guys feel about
personally, after all the weird pollitical stuff, i'm tired of modern comicbooks.
Whenever i get the chance, i'm gonna read my first comic book: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?
Haven't read it in years, and i might talk about it here after i read it..
I forgot i just read several comicbooks about the silencer, great new dc character by the way, gread series.
Another question i have is : what is your favorite comicbook character?


I still haven't seen it yet. The reason is because I never have anyone to go with. People are always busy.
I'd go alone, but I've never gone to the movies without someone, and going alone just seems weird.


It's not weird




Umbrella academy, and it's netflix adaption is pretty good.
Ninjak (2016) is another great comicbook series.


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Comics were pretty good in the mid 80s to early 90s. After that they pretty much turned to shite. Nowadays they're pretty much just SJW garbage 24/7.

All the great stuff - Miller Daredevil/Batman, Watchmen, Sandman, TMNT, etc. etc. etc. is all from that time period.


(I'll post resources to everything below)
As we all know, as the times became politically extreme, comicbooks seems a little less fun to read. Well how does a newfag or even an oldfag getting into comicbooks, Well, get into comicbooks again?
Dont buy comic books. Or grapic novels.
Only buy stuff that you like. If the comic book is priced more higher then a dollar, then it's a ripoff. Why? Because comic book companies started to reprint older comicbooks, which lowered the value. Of course, knowing the GDR system helps.
Grapic novels arent a great deal either. Why? They can put only so much stuff into it, so they might take out comicbooks, and youll miss the full story. Do reasearch into what your going to buy.
Best way to read comicbooks is to go online, or to a library.
I would reccomend that you read by a character by character basis. I.e find a character that your interested in, and start with the first comic book he/she appears in, all the way to the last comicbook. You know, the 1940s onwards. And if it splinters off to another character, and if you like it, keep going onwards.
And finally,
Study the writers, companies, editors, other people connected to the comicbook.


Couple of youtube links if you want to watch vidya instead of reading. Still looking for more, this is what i found so far:
>pretty good guy, covers comicbooks, and controversies from 2014, and upwards.
>he knows whats up. Explains why modern media sucks. Mythology teacher. Likes gettting in to deep discussions about comicbooks.
>WARNING these guys are shills. Only watch if you have strong bullshit dectecting skills.but at the same time, they cover pretty much every single comicbook out there.
>for a deeper understanding of the genre.


I hope, in some way, i helped.
>Comics were pretty good in the mid 80s to early 90s
Man, that justice league run was awesome. Hell, everything with Guy Gardner in it was awesome.


Whoops, not gdr, CBCS rating system


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Remember when nick fury said in the winter soldier movie :
>The last time i trusted somebody, i lost an eye.


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But it turns out the idiot lost his eye to a cat.


that'll teach him to fuck around with cats


You h8 the cat,
You get the bat


I don't want to spoil anything, but i would HIGHLY reccomend reading scott snyders run of batman. Great for batman newfags. I love the whole "court of owls" story arc. Very iconic if you ask me.


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I have a question,
i'm confused. How is Rorschach insane?
Its been mentioned everywhere, by everybody you can think of, but i haven't seen any proof.
I haven't read watchmen in a while anyway, so i plan to re-read it, but i'm just curious as to why this is said over and over. Slightly deranged, yes but insane?


Anyone read doomsday clock yet?
Slightly sucks, but it patches a lot of mistakes that dc made over the years.
>the comic arc
>the wikipedia article

Spoilers below
[spoiler]Malcom loungs (rorshach's black psychiatrist) son becomes the next rorshach.
Some watchmen characters migrate to the dc univerce
Dc plans to do a crossover with marvel
Batman has a daughter and dr manhattan has a son
Jonathan and Martha Kent brought back to life
Dc univerce is now a metaverce, not a multiverce. Meaning that it's in constant change
And the justice society is back for the 9000th time.[/spoiler]
If anyone has any other comicbook related news, your welcome to post it.
Kinda wondering how long these companys are going to last. Dc mentioned in the story that it might last untill 2065 (i think)


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Just bought a bunch of G.I Joe comic books from 2nd hand book now
Pretty neat price for "almost" complete edition


which series is it anyway, marvel, idw or something?


i've read comics that are adapted from various books, and they all seem quite lovely. Do androids dream of eletric sheep, a nice word for word adaption of philip k dick, done by warren ellis. Logans run, by adventure comics, another beutiful adaption word for word, drawn by the same guy who made the elf quest series. and the last one i read is a true classic, but not as faithful as the other comics i mentioned, john carter, warlord of mars. adapted by marv wolfman. if your new to comics, read it! if not, and you havent read it, might as well do it anyway. the story takes place inbetween the original john carter book, but you don't exactly need to read it to enjoy the story.


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I've been watching a show on netflix recently and it's been quite lovely.
It's called daredevil
every season (around three) has a diffrent perspective on the characters, and they develop quite well. the main character, matt murdoch is a hero not because of his powers, but it's his civic duty, and he doesn't even have money, or superpowers in the way you would think. just martial arts, and hightend senses. (although he is blind) he doesn't even have the perfect life, he almost loses his frens, and his job. the only thing that keeps him going is his faith which is something you don't see. and some modern shows tend to play cheesy pop music which they dont do, and matt always gets injured terribely and has to deal with his injurys the next day. humor wise, its not overbearing where it takes you out of the story, or it's too serious where there's no fun at all. nor do you need to read comics at all to enjoy this show. i must say, its quite gorey but it's bearable to see.>>4195


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I've been reading scud the disposable assassin, it has a cool art style that complements its humor very well



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i love it when a comic has a story that's absolutely insane, and yet it still makes sense. also great art, i feel like i've seen it elsewhere...


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i thought the walking dead was some normalfag pish posh but i was wrong lol. [spoiler]DEAD WRONG [/spoiler]
it had some cool, original art at first, but the artist quit so it changed to someone else, but it's still great. The story's very human, i guess that's the proper word. it changes from character to character, and focuses how they interact with eachother , what location they're at, and what situation they get thrown into, even though rick's the main character.
also a white guy said some woman is a traitor because she "supports watermelon addicts" which supprised me greatly

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