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I think a comicbook thread would be comfy. Let's talk about comicbooks, and comic-book related media!


Oh, I have some of my father’s old Superman comics

You guys probably know for certain about the Death of Superman, but I like how they played around with the concept of “replacing him” for a bit. Haven’t read any modern comics, so I can’t compare, and mostly will make assumptions, but I wanna express my love of how they handled it then.


That sounds great!


Sorry, it’s taking me a while to find them

I don’t have as much free time as I used too


I understand! There's no need to rush.


Anyone watch the joker movie yet? If so, how was it?
Anyone watch the venom movie?
I saw the venom movie, cgi was great, story was a bit shakey, over all, 8 out of 10. I LOVE it and i can't wait for the sequel. (I love the fact that eddie was an absolute mess, you know. A regular guy freaking out, jumping in a lobster tank, grimy looking with no time to change to expencive clothing. Just your regular, symbiote possessed average Joe)
Great comic book anti-hero too.
Anyone gonna watch the Crisis on Infinite Earths television event?
How do guys feel about
personally, after all the weird pollitical stuff, i'm tired of modern comicbooks.
Whenever i get the chance, i'm gonna read my first comic book: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?
Haven't read it in years, and i might talk about it here after i read it..
I forgot i just read several comicbooks about the silencer, great new dc character by the way, gread series.
Another question i have is : what is your favorite comicbook character?


I still haven't seen it yet. The reason is because I never have anyone to go with. People are always busy.
I'd go alone, but I've never gone to the movies without someone, and going alone just seems weird.


It's not weird




Umbrella academy, and it's netflix adaption is pretty good.
Ninjak (2016) is another great comicbook series.


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Comics were pretty good in the mid 80s to early 90s. After that they pretty much turned to shite. Nowadays they're pretty much just SJW garbage 24/7.

All the great stuff - Miller Daredevil/Batman, Watchmen, Sandman, TMNT, etc. etc. etc. is all from that time period.


(I'll post resources to everything below)
As we all know, as the times became politically extreme, comicbooks seems a little less fun to read. Well how does a newfag or even an oldfag getting into comicbooks, Well, get into comicbooks again?
Dont buy comic books. Or grapic novels.
Only buy stuff that you like. If the comic book is priced more higher then a dollar, then it's a ripoff. Why? Because comic book companies started to reprint older comicbooks, which lowered the value. Of course, knowing the GDR system helps.
Grapic novels arent a great deal either. Why? They can put only so much stuff into it, so they might take out comicbooks, and youll miss the full story. Do reasearch into what your going to buy.
Best way to read comicbooks is to go online, or to a library.
I would reccomend that you read by a character by character basis. I.e find a character that your interested in, and start with the first comic book he/she appears in, all the way to the last comicbook. You know, the 1940s onwards. And if it splinters off to another character, and if you like it, keep going onwards.
And finally,
Study the writers, companies, editors, other people connected to the comicbook.


Couple of youtube links if you want to watch vidya instead of reading. Still looking for more, this is what i found so far:
>pretty good guy, covers comicbooks, and controversies from 2014, and upwards.
>he knows whats up. Explains why modern media sucks. Mythology teacher. Likes gettting in to deep discussions about comicbooks.
>WARNING these guys are shills. Only watch if you have strong bullshit dectecting skills.but at the same time, they cover pretty much every single comicbook out there.
>for a deeper understanding of the genre.


I hope, in some way, i helped.
>Comics were pretty good in the mid 80s to early 90s
Man, that justice league run was awesome. Hell, everything with Guy Gardner in it was awesome.


Whoops, not gdr, CBCS rating system


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Remember when nick fury said in the winter soldier movie :
>The last time i trusted somebody, i lost an eye.


File: maxresdefault.jpg (48.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1574812329275.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

But it turns out the idiot lost his eye to a cat.


that'll teach him to fuck around with cats


You h8 the cat,
You get the bat


I don't want to spoil anything, but i would HIGHLY reccomend reading scott snyders run of batman. Great for batman newfags. I love the whole "court of owls" story arc. Very iconic if you ask me.


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I have a question,
i'm confused. How is Rorschach insane?
Its been mentioned everywhere, by everybody you can think of, but i haven't seen any proof.
I haven't read watchmen in a while anyway, so i plan to re-read it, but i'm just curious as to why this is said over and over. Slightly deranged, yes but insane?


Anyone read doomsday clock yet?
Slightly sucks, but it patches a lot of mistakes that dc made over the years.
>the comic arc
>the wikipedia article

Spoilers below
[spoiler]Malcom loungs (rorshach's black psychiatrist) son becomes the next rorshach.
Some watchmen characters migrate to the dc univerce
Dc plans to do a crossover with marvel
Batman has a daughter and dr manhattan has a son
Jonathan and Martha Kent brought back to life
Dc univerce is now a metaverce, not a multiverce. Meaning that it's in constant change
And the justice society is back for the 9000th time.[/spoiler]
If anyone has any other comicbook related news, your welcome to post it.
Kinda wondering how long these companys are going to last. Dc mentioned in the story that it might last untill 2065 (i think)


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Just bought a bunch of G.I Joe comic books from 2nd hand book now
Pretty neat price for "almost" complete edition


which series is it anyway, marvel, idw or something?


i've read comics that are adapted from various books, and they all seem quite lovely. Do androids dream of eletric sheep, a nice word for word adaption of philip k dick, done by warren ellis. Logans run, by adventure comics, another beutiful adaption word for word, drawn by the same guy who made the elf quest series. and the last one i read is a true classic, but not as faithful as the other comics i mentioned, john carter, warlord of mars. adapted by marv wolfman. if your new to comics, read it! if not, and you havent read it, might as well do it anyway. the story takes place inbetween the original john carter book, but you don't exactly need to read it to enjoy the story.


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I've been watching a show on netflix recently and it's been quite lovely.
It's called daredevil
every season (around three) has a diffrent perspective on the characters, and they develop quite well. the main character, matt murdoch is a hero not because of his powers, but it's his civic duty, and he doesn't even have money, or superpowers in the way you would think. just martial arts, and hightend senses. (although he is blind) he doesn't even have the perfect life, he almost loses his frens, and his job. the only thing that keeps him going is his faith which is something you don't see. and some modern shows tend to play cheesy pop music which they dont do, and matt always gets injured terribely and has to deal with his injurys the next day. humor wise, its not overbearing where it takes you out of the story, or it's too serious where there's no fun at all. nor do you need to read comics at all to enjoy this show. i must say, its quite gorey but it's bearable to see.>>4195


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I've been reading scud the disposable assassin, it has a cool art style that complements its humor very well



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i love it when a comic has a story that's absolutely insane, and yet it still makes sense. also great art, i feel like i've seen it elsewhere...


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i thought the walking dead was some normalfag pish posh but i was wrong lol. [spoiler]DEAD WRONG [/spoiler]
it had some cool, original art at first, but the artist quit so it changed to someone else, but it's still great. The story's very human, i guess that's the proper word. it changes from character to character, and focuses how they interact with eachother , what location they're at, and what situation they get thrown into, even though rick's the main character.
also a white guy said some woman is a traitor because she "supports watermelon addicts" which supprised me greatly


Yeah, Scud is great. It's a shame that animated series got scrapped. They should try getting it off the ground again now that every streaming service is horny for comicbook adaptations


The netflix version is sort of gay (first seasons pretty good) but the comic version of umbrella academy is fantastic


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Anyone read 3 Jokers? It was pretty autistic but not really in the fun way.


shid i forgot about that, i should give it a read.


im confuse
ok so there's the old joker from the 40's
the joker from the killing joke who's sort of evil but campy at the same time (aka the original), and the new 52 joker.
so besides the killing joke joker, the other are like, just there? also in the killing joke graphic novel, joker's wife had a miscarrageand also got killed so why are they alive and how the hell did batman figure out joker's identity? so many plot holes.


It's only 3 issues so it wont take up too much of your time
Oddly enough, I dont think New 52 Joker is any of the jokers in the story, and if he is one of them its not really clear which one, since the only canon deed we get for the third joker is killing Jason Todd. I guess Johns is too busy jerking to old alan moore stories to acknowledge current continuity. His clear affinity for the Killing Joke is odd though since, as you said, 3 jokers directly contradicts it


what sort of tragic too is that alan didnt want the killing joke to be a main part of the continunity because it was "too dark", he just wrote it because he wanted to tell a story and play with jokers origin, see how batman would react if he was pushed to his breaking point.
he said that if he knew that they would make it cannon, he would've never wrote it.


Killing Joke is usually only seen as half canon by most fans at least because its pretty clear the ending implies batman killed the joker. And killing joke being kinda canon did give his Barbara as Oracle which most people agree was when she was at her best. So Killing Joke being canon was really a net positive


oracle was a pretty cool story arc, including her time with the birds of prey, also those nightwing comics where pretty badass, even after they got canceled


one would wonder why they gave her her legs back at all since I dont think anyone has all that much of an attachment to babs batgirl and casuals know oracle from the arkham games anyway


Alright /b/, Let's talk our favorite versions of Spiderman! Any version from any media with him in it. Personally, i like the andrew garfield version, He was a dick, who was hated by everyone, with a sharp sense of humor, whist still caring about the people he loved. Reminds me of the older comic book version, who was hated by both the fantastic four AND the avengers, he went put of his way to actually bully flash thomson. (I'm guessing stan lee actually based spiderman off of himself since he uses the same catchprases, and a similar personality, but that could be a stretch) Not a perfect movie series, but a good characterisation to say the least.


>Let's talk our favorite versions of Spiderman!
Mine is Ultimate, I guess. I loved to read comic when i was younger, and how he was portrayed in Shattered Dimensions. Too bad comic turned into a shid later

I also liked Spectacular TV series, great show.


File: Wo0F0sV.jpg (199.77 KB, 1440x1003, 1440:1003, 1614478228428.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Spectacular Spider-man is my favourite adaptation of Spidey but I love the 90's show too. As far as the comics go I'm pretty vanilla, I just like my classic Peter Parker.
>I'm guessing stan lee actually based spiderman off of himself
I dont know how true this is but I think Peter Parker was actually pretty much a Steve Ditko self insert but I dont know how much there is to support this apart from the fact that they look alike and they're both introverted assholes


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Well, he writes in letters so tightly clumped together that only he can read them. He speaks in a strange manner. Alan Moore describes him as a realistic Batman; he goes out at night, dressed in a costume and beats people. You have to be pretty insane to do that. It is also implied that he changed a lot after the... incident with the guy with the dogs.
Don't get me wrong though, he's perceived as insane by society's standards but to me he's the real hero. Even as the whole world is against him he will not stop doing what he believes is the right thing to do. That shows courage and I believe that is what makes a hero.

Also, and you mustn't forget this, the entire plot of Watchmen is literally kickstarted because Rorschach is paranoid. A man is murdered and for no reason at all Rorschach goes to the crime scene to investigate. Just because. Maybe he'll find something?


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What do you guys think about The Boys and how do you feel the show compares to the comic?

I think the comic is great (save for a few issues), I love how absurd and over-the-top it is. I just wish Darick had illustrated every issue.
I think the show isn't a good adaption. It's full of boring drama that has no bearing on the plot. It's also been watered down significantly and altered to appeal to social justice bullshid. I feel the writing got much worse in season 2, it's becoming just another superhero franchise. I think Warren feels similarly about the show and that's why he wrote Dear Becky.
I do like the shows version of Homelander and The Deep, though. Homelander's actor does a great job and I think it's funny how pathetic The Deep is.


File: 3828020-boys61-gumchum.jpg (40.48 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 1623009039259.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Never watch the show, probably won't anyhow. Great comic book series, VERY topical with 9/11, superheros being nothing more then washed up celebs, A literal epstine island that's pretty much a honeypot orgy palace, Vic the veep being a braindead shill for vought who gets sworn in as president, CIA illegaly operating on american soil and rampant pedophilla and hedonism. You'd think some story like that would be a bit too overbearing but it's quite balanced between the humor and serious storytellling. And yeah, much like watchmen it's a deconstructionist take on the superhero genre but it's done in a way as to question the genre, but not really disrespect it. It raises some questions about the genre as a whole, the characters, the writers and the brand associated with it but it's not like i don't want to read comics anymore or enjoy the superhero genre because i read the boys. the Super duper ark was nice and i like how auntie sis tried to shield them from the horrors of the world. Also, they really where the only "real" super hero group that you can call heroes. (dispite failing to save a cat from a tree) Also enjoyed the re-telling of the Battle of the bulge, i imagine that's would have happened in real life since there's tons of characters who dont get any real military training whatsoever and somehow get thrown into those types of situations.
fucking xmen parodies and the 50+ spin off groups lol i think at some point there was some type of parody of the cover art of the first issue of x-force.


Gumchum is one of my favorite characters, also that hammerfist thing that just freaks out if he encounters a problem.
I agree the comic is well balanced! I think Warren doesn't get enough credit for that. I loved the Super Duper arc too. I thought it was good that they showed that not all of them are total dicks, there are still good superheroes out there.
I actually think The Boys is a very realistic take on the superhero genre. I'm sure they'd be franchised to hell and back and I am also sure superheroes would be total degenerates and just not very good people. Most people would let that kind of power go straight to their heads.


I call bullshid that they stopped being good after the 90's. They definitely went to shid in the 2010's, but in the early 2000's there were still some great stories. The Hulk Saga from Planet, to World War, to Red Hulk, are up there with the best of Hulk. Wolverine and Punisher still had good runs thanks to Millar and Garth. And speaking of Garth, not to mention his series, The Boys, which some anons already pointed out was a genius satire of the Superhero genre/political thriller.

Basically I'm tired of anons disregarding the millenial era after the late 90's edgy purge


I must say DC rebirth (untill at least i think 2019) was quite good and i'm pissed it went to hell. Fucking love the silencer and the Super-sons storyline


Thoughts on the trailer for Spider-man: No way home? [spoiler]Also to the trailer for the second venom movie[/spoiler]


This new spiderman that was added to the MCU doesnt have any weight, soul, or character. This version is just a kid, who had a father-son relationship with tony stark. He's quite sanitary, calling people sir or m'am and light on the "trickster" edge. (he's a bit too much of a square) Reminder that spiderman got kicked off the fantastic four because he was a dick, and also this scene https://youtube.com/watch?v=LD6nxu8cNIA He doesnt really has a backstory in his own movie because the writers decided to play the "everyone knows spiderman and his backstory so it doesnt matter" card. He's basically a random kid in a suit thats gets invited to superhero groups because "cool powers" The other characters themselves don't have too much to offer like mary jane, In the comics she's an extrovert, has an outgoing personality and refuses to get tied down to anything or anyone. Might have been a cope because her parents died and it forced her to grow up real quick. In this movie version it wasnt even known that her name was mary jane. She basically was edgy because she didnt want to look like a loser, and she bascially dated peter because why not. She even said "lol i knew ur spiderman the whole time"
Dont get me wrong but i did like the vulture aspect of the first nu-spiderman movie. It was sort of retarded that they mentioned the avengers movie with the alien tech, they even hinted in shorts and on the agents of sheild tv show that they pretty much where working on cleaning it all up already. I honestly thought the'd develop spidey more, and even have him fight against Scorpion (who was introduced in the last movie) in the second movie, instead they focused on spidey becoming a sheild agent and fighting against a villain stark made. I like how they play with the comic aspect of spideys personal life being hard to balance/a total trainwreck, but i was hoping for spidey to become his own hero, and for it to be focused on his reality and not the ones others made like the avengers or iron man. So in this new movie, they focus on the better made characters/universes and shoehorn the mcu spiderman like "this spiderman is just as good as the others, trust us heres some nostalgabait so you can jerk off about how great this movie is"
They couldnt even be bothered to write a new story, they somehow brought back both green goblin and doc ock, both of which died in the other spiderman movies? Also the andrew version of spiderman will also be in the movie? I'm confused how both trilogies even fit in. I'm also guessing that this will be the tie in movie to "dr strange and the multiverse of madness"
Sorry for sounding like a retard, frens. It'll probably be funny and i'm burnt after watching endgame. Im not a fan of the tone or post ironic humor that keeps getting thrown in to every new movie. I miss the serious tone of civil war, i liked the philosopical tone of infinity war, i liked how each marvel movie could be watched as a "stand alone" movie by itself yet could be enjoyed by people who dont even know the characters. I also loved the deep fucking lore that they got from obscure or forgotten issues of comic books and tied it all intogether.


about the venom movie, the first movie had a terrible story that was the shadow of the comics its represented. They made eddie brock kinda wimpy but overall they made both him and eddie brock amazing, perfect even. Its literally how i saw them in the comic books. They even made sure to not have venom be a total degenerate, he killed and ate people in the same way he did in the pre-civil war comics which is a nice touch. It felt way too much like the 2008? hulk movie and i felt like the battle between a-bomb and hulk was pretty much re-created in this movie. I would have liked to see the main villan as a hellfire preacher like the comics instead of elon musk. [spoiler]call me retarded but i love the cgi[/spoiler] Some aspects of the bike chase scene was awesome but just take a look online and see how it was cut lol, it looks awful.
About the trailer in itself, i'm really hoping the movie will be as good as the trailer, and i like how they gave Woody Harrelson a decent wig this time and i hope he acts like a total madman as carnage.


holy cringe what a load of bullshid


the only good part was an epic fight between zoom and batman
i feel sorry for alan moore since i'm sure he doesnt enjoy his work getting shid on

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