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America is the greatest country in the planet and here is why:
you can thank disney and ealy 20th century american cartoons to help lead the creation of animebig cartoony expresive eyes, come on the japs stole that from american cartoons

Video games is an american creation that the japs are beating our asses with but never forget it originated in the good 'ol USA

super hero comics are also another american creation

everything that you nerds love all originated in America so all the other countries including Japan can stop sucking us and go create something original you fucking leechers


actually super hero comics were a jewish creation.


anime>most cartoons
hentai>western porn cartoons
face it, pal. Japs have got this in the bag.


>>3781 was meant for >>3779


I love comicbooks.
Loved them eversince i was a child.
My first comicbook was "whatever happened to the man of tomorrow?" By alan moore.
Now the left wingers took over and ruined them.
The people not only dont like comicbooks.
But they love anime and manga.
Tons of anime/manga refferences.
Killed off a ton of great super heros, or made them homosexual.
Or replace them with, younger, female knockoffs.
New recent superhero : goodboy.
Gay. Transgendered. Black animefan and a furfag. Transformes into her "fursona"

They (the snowflakes) killed off ironman.
Replace her with a black, gay 15 year old girl.
She steals the iron man suit, ai tony stark tells her she is 100% better then him.
I can go on for hours. But i can't. I'm done. They've even took over the marvel cinemanic univerce.
No point in reading newer comicbooks.
Or watching the movies.
Same thing happend to dc.
If i want to read newer comicbooks i just go to youtube.
But its not just comicbooks. Its everything.
We gotta hold the line here. Somehow.


there were some fucking great cartoons and heros back in the day.
Conan, the Tick, "space jesus" Ulysses, all kids would look up to them. Strong, fair, with a sense of justice.
Now the mcs are just a bunch of gay faggots with an extra dose of political correctness aids.
I guess the good times are over.


Sorry. Frogot to mention that they brought ironman back to life.
He realised that he is bisexual, broke off his relationship with pepper pots,
Drinking alcohol, and his parents arent even his parents. Also, batman kills people now. With guns. Great job dc.you could of had it all, (dc rebirth was great) but you threw it all away.


Sorry for intruding on this conversation.
But i had to mention whats going on in american media.
Don't know how this would be fixed.


>batman kills people now with guns
nigga what, link me some of that shit, im outta the fucking loop
fix it with another civil war


>Our tribe made it furst so no one else is allowed to make it >:O


Batman Killed kgbeast because he was "going to kill" his son. Damien.


Think of gamergate. Another civil war won't fix anything.


Im scared, shit is gonna to happen someday a side is going to get angry and it will start it, the final judgement, THE FINALGATE, Some groups will loss everything, all that we can hope is to "heroes" to rise
people that will get both right and left happy, i dont even know if that its even possible, but what we can do is at least try to be those heroes, and if its not possible to save what we love, try to make new things and protect them.


This is good


A bit edgy and vague, but yes, i agree. What you stated is our should be our goal. Save Contain and protect the thing we love, and Stay anonymous.
How do i do that? Head over to https://github.com/bibanon/bibanon/wiki
Read everything.
Learn what it's like to be anon,
What it takes to be an anon,
And live life better. More secure.
We can't raid.
Lets do better things then that.
On livechan, someone mention something about Project Clover, GOOD. We need things like that. We need to keep things decenteralized.


We should unite ignoring if we are newfags or oldfags, or anyfag, we must unite to defeat the drones we call normalniggers, we just defend chan... NO, All of Internet culture itself! BE THE ONE, ANON! DEFEND YOUR BELIEFS! FREE YOURSELF FROM THE CHAINS OF OVERLORDS, 22CHAN SHOULDNT BE NEITHER RIGHT OR LEFT! 22CHAN SHOULD MAKE ITS OWN PATH OF VICTORY!


New anon will be our symbol.
Lets be quiet, and lurk. Collecting unwanted attention is what happend to 4chan. Teach newfags and normies to be anon. Tell them to read all the stuff they need to be an anon.


File: anon.png (575.16 KB, 666x482, 333:241, 1568934540196.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I often see people shouting at all sides that "we" should protect some vague idea from the vile normalfags.
Another thing to often see is a misconception of what it is to be Anonymous. Being anonymous has too much overlapped on the essence of what it is to be Anonymous. Those two things have become one, over time, for who knows what reason.
I rather doubt that people have forgotten what it is to be one, but instead it's just newfags, who praise the supposed ideal "Anonymous", the hero of the internet, who is a protector of all things that are good.
Another thing is a point I made in the beginning- there is no clear target, there isn't any substantial definition on what is meant by "internet culture".
Anonymous was never a force of good.
Anonymous was the final boss of the internet.
Anonymous was the one who told you to an hero when you were feeling sad.
Anonymous was the one who asked for "MOAR" in a guro thread and kept bumping it to receive more fresh posts.
Anonymous was the one who posted shoveldog in random threads every day.
But that's only half of Anonymous.
The other half was being creative, helping other Anons, telling newfags to fuck off, telling bitches to show tits or gtfo, spamming DESU in threads that he didn't like.
Why did Anon do all of this?
To get lulz.
(part 1/2)


Being Anonymous was most of the time focused on being on the offense. The defensive side appeared when more and more normalfags started to invade his home and wanted to disrupt his organized chaos via means of restricting free speech and content. That happened when they gradually started to stop being afraid of Anon. Normalfags saw that they could also come to imageboards and be anonymous, but here's where my earlier point starts to materialize- they thought that being anonymous was being Anonymous and as such it lost it's true meaning and fear slowly evaporated.
The internet hate machine has corroded and it's dreadful growls have gone silent.
It's time to start it up again.
I will return to this thread in the coming days, but show some initiative and start making ideas on what to actually do.
I hope that this post will be at least of some use and perhaps has already cleared some things up.
(part 2/2)


If the normies and newfags dont want to be an anon. They must leave, lest they pollute 22chan with they're faggotry.
Also, delete your social media accounts. Its toxic and promotes a toxic culture. Also. Normie social media isn't private. Full of spyware.


Agree with the unit thing, disagree with the defending all of Internet culture itself. I mean, big business means the end of Internet culture. Being an anon means talking about what you want to talk about, but under rules and without "negative replies." To me, being an anon is to do whatever we want, without any culture to follow, even old 4chan culture.


Can see why anon is that way, but to me, being an anon is to do whatever we want, from doing crazy shit for luls or just talking about what they like. To me, anon is everyone that found a website and do whatever they like with rules.
Can agree, I wish for no toxic culture as it's a culture as well, a dangerous one as it caused 4Chan to be what it is today in my opinion.


To add on to >>3798, I also agree with the normies and newfags opinion.


>being an anon is to do whatever we want
I might have said it in a way that wasn't exactly clear.
i said it in >>3796
>Why did Anon do all of this? Simple.To get lulz.


Oops, sorry it goes over my head.
But still, in short, agree with the
>No normies and newfags if they don't want to be anon
>Anon means anyone without normies or newfags identity
As I remember the
>Anonymous was never a force of good.
>Anonymous was the final boss of the internet.
>Anonymous was the one who told you to an hero when you were feeling sad.
>Anonymous was the one who asked for "MOAR" in a guro thread and kept bumping it to receive more fresh posts.
>Anonymous was the one who posted shoveldog in random threads every day.
>The other half was being creative, helping other Anons, telling newfags to fuck off, telling bitches to show tits or gtfo, spamming DESU in threads that he didn't like.
Was more of /b/ 4Chan, but please correct me if this is wrong. As I'm too much of a lazy lurker, I really need a motivation to lurk moar.


>tripfag ranting about the importance of being anonymous


>Was more of /b/ 4Chan
Very true, nowadays it's seen that way, but back when imageboards were somewhat obscure, certainly not as popular as now, that Anonymous was the global face of Anon. Normalfags feared that Anonymous and from that they feared the whole site.
It didn't matter to them that Anonymous in /b/ was posting guro while Anonymous in /po/ was autistically playing with paper-mache.
I tried to show what the outside world saw 4chan as, and not what it actually was.


It was more a motivational speech in my mind but yes, im stupid.


i believe there's a bit more than seeing namefags/tripfags as something negative, but i can't really define it correctly yet, so i'll refrain from doing so.


Finally, someone who wants to revive the lost essence of the anon of the "golden era" of 4chan.

If we want to start it up again, we should find something innovative, that can be our new "thing", like memes did on 4chan way back then (i'm talking about OG memes, like Longcat, IMMAFIREMALAZER, desu shitposting, or even ragecomics like Fuck yea, FUUUUU, Me Gusta, Trollface, Nothing to Do Here...) or the raids they did by ordering pizza to an adress, making prankcalls, etc..


I agree with you, business kills internet culture, and now the internet has no secrets for those businesses.
The only solution i'm thinking about is to be on a free of speech forum, that doesn't have any connection whatsoever with those businesses, like m00t did for 4chan back then, before getting all the money and business shit.


pretty much this, 22 needs to remain free of ads and glowniggers


something like >>3805 says, an obscure website where normalfags don't want to visit


Is 22 like what i said? Idk if they do something sketchy like sell your data (coughcoughM00Tcoughcough) or some shit like that, i don't even know who's the owner of 22 and how he manages the site.


>some "japan ain't shit" copypasta-tier thread gets posted
>almost immediately focuses on Anonymous's existential crisis
only on 22chan.


The owner of this site is Twoot. A kraut.
Unlike Hiroyuki does with 4cuck, twoot tries to keep 22 under the radar as much as possible.


Twoot's a pretty chill dude, listens to suggestions and seems legitimately interested in the success/quality of 22chan. When I brought it to his attention that Google can spy on 22chan users through Captcha, he ditched it pretty quickly. It's too bad he's not a loli anymore, or I would totally want to have sex with him.
ok twoot


It's more on old 4Chan but now it can changes topic to anything stupid than existential crisis
Agrees with this, but IDK if Twoot is the under the radar type, he is promoting 22Chan on a board on 4Chan


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File: cirno_touhou_drawn_by_arik….png (298.98 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1568939353636.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Can't wait to talk about the story of life and belief from another topic thread.


TOP kek.
Couldn't stop laughing
Some anon mentioned about "nervepoints" well, this is one of them. Might as well make a thread about this. Better that derailing threads.


So Twoot is like Old M00t?


Kinda except hes more gay because he drinks fuiji water


Don't worry, he'll always be a loli for us, and tomorrow i'll immortalize him as such (if there isn't someone who already did it)


No, he's better. M00t had no idea what he was getting into, he was 15 when he created 4chan and never intended for it to become what it did. Twoot has a better idea what he's getting into, so he has more loyalty to the site. He's like a prepared m00t.


Made me big KEK, congrats anon


A prepared M00t? That sounds nice


U were talking about captcha
Then i saw it was captchav1-like, with random letters and numbers
What if we replace that "captcha" by the old captcha that show two random words.


>i don't even know who's the owner of 22 and how he manages the site

Let me introduce myself:
I'm twoot, i'm a 18 year old german software developer. I'm a newfag on 4chan (started using it 2018) who managed to make an imageboard at just the right time when 4chan completely went down the drain (not that it already was lol). I pay for 22chan with the money i make at my job.

>he drinks fuiji water


>I dont drink fiji water


Show the picture Anon.


I don't want to be b&. Twoots probably gonna get real angery about it since he deleted all images of himself after discordfags found his social media accounts


Alright, I am back.
What I see is that newfags/normalfags who don’t care about existing board traditions is what ruined 4chan.
We can probably differentiate the types of them, like the edgy ironic ones, “facebook boomers” if you would call them like that and etc.
Simply put-people who don’t belong on imageboards.
So the question in the end isn’t how to protect “internet culture”, rather it is the question on how do we keep those people out or to comply with existing traditions and unwritten rules AND keep our homes safe?


I remember reading those exact words somehere else...


It's me, milfbot. I simply do not see any reason for me to namefag here. I posted the longer, raw version on discord yesterday.


I knew it were you.


western games are waay better than jap games


this is something only a ultra faggot weeb would say


Haha, that joke wanst funny, tell us your life, thats a probably better joke


Obvious samefag


As i mentioned earlyer.
American comicbooks are failing.
How does everyone else feel about that?
How does everyone
feel about american media?


America media is getting more and more controlled by the radical extremists, specially the left ones, and they inject their shitty values and ideologies everywhere, even in anime with dubs and shit. Nowadays you are either a bigoted nazi and the evil of society or you are Lesbo Princess Trans Pronuns the Great and Prideful Crybaby, no middleground


I feel like a couple big issues in america is
And how people just accept everything.
And i guess how there are no filters.
I'm ok with free speach, and racism. Its better to vent things here and be racist, and joke around than let thing boil.
Another issue, moral degeneratcy and the degradation of ethics. Remember how all the journalist acted when trump was elected president? Yeah. Not very ethical of them. Not a lot professionalism now a days.


And i feel like a lot of this stuff gets washed into american media. And gets teached to younger generation. And this gets perpetuated by social media and the internet.


I think the main problem with mainstream Western media is that there's no "oversight," so to speak. Even if Disney's latest movie sucks ass, it's still going to break records. Companies like that can do whatever they want, so long as they make sure it appeals to the lowest common denominator. Monopolies need to be busted down or it's only going to get worse.


Still waiting for sauce of modern batman killing with guns


>>Batman Killed kgbeast because he was "going to kill" his son. Damien.
But if you want sause, op will deliver.
Depends how you want it.
Or some type of online comicbook reader.


Sorry, not gun. But batman's GRAPPLE gun at point blank range, snapping kgbeast's neck.


File: batman-vs-kgbeast-rebirth-….jpg (446.39 KB, 1008x1600, 63:100, 1569237502320.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]



Batman #57.
Incase your wondering about the perticular issue where this happend.
Tom King was the writer. Made a couple months ago.


Oh, you found it!
Wew indeed.


File: 01fc5b5b73abecb8823742331a….jpg (849.71 KB, 1300x2037, 1300:2037, 1569237759501.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>neck broke pls halp
This looks retarded as fuck


Damn, comics are supposed to be expressive, but this just made me chuckle. It's silly. It's supposed to be a powerful moment, right? Like, Batman is so caught up in rage that he breaks the one principle that he's upheld for 70 years or whatever. But it comes across as ridiculous. "AAAA!" is such a poor way to convey this. And his face lacks any kind of emotion. It's like something a 1st grader would write. Preposterous. Is this supposed to be cold and calculated, or a roaring strike of justice? They've got it all tangled up. And then the follow up. >>3883 is right, it's straight-up retarded. I would not at all be surprised if the person who wrote this has down syndrome. The dialogue seems casual, like something out of a sitcom. This isn't some life-or-death situation, those aren't the words of a dying man stoically bargaining for his life. These characters are robots, stating what is happening without any mental processes behind it. This shit is, dare I say, comical.


You pretty much summed up not only tom king's writing style (imagine a emo kid, but also retarded.) But the entire american comicbook industry.
Why is tom king like this? He had a bad time working at the CIA.
Fun fact about tom, did you know he actually knows nothing about batman? Never read a batman comicbook before in his life.
Did you also know that frank miller told king that he needed to learn to accept criticism and also told him his writing sucks during an interview?
Because the cia broke him, he decided it would be a great idea to break the superhero's back.
Writing comic book characters like robots mainly stem from the fact that the writers :
Have autism
Don't human well if you know what i mean
Or are peer pressured into that.
Marvel (dc has somthing similar) uses dirvirsity consultants that are forced onto the writers. characters can't be controversal. Can't say anything controversal, you get the idea. The editors are generaly lax nowadays so if you can't draw, or have poor perspective, welcome.
Did i mentioned the pay is bad? Can't get money doing the comic gig. 7 dollars for a single issue. And because of the writing, its not selling. And if you work for marvel or dc and is white, christian, or politically right, you end up getting black listed.


And if you disliked this, read the batman wedding comic. Its a riot. Batman wrote edgy poetry.
Also read captian marvel Modern captian marvel.
Although they (dc) did allow a couple of dc writers to write a sequal to an old vertigo comic, in this sequal (batman dammed) joker is dead. Something happends where batman gets stripped naked. They show his penis. The writers excuse? "Stripping him naked is like a greek statue, it shows that the batman is only human" top kek.


Guess who is the head of vertigo now? Look it up. Please. Also compair the older vertigo comics to the newer ones.
Did anyone read umbrella academy or watched the netflix show? Gerald way is doing well. Very great show/comic.


Sorry got it wrong. See the list of current writers for vertigo, you might notice someone familiar. Hint : Zoë


Dont Speak the name of that evil woman in this household


I wonder how she got the job?
Her creativity?
fiveguys burgers and fries?
One can only wonder


Sorry, cant help myself with this one.
"Did you bring your nazi stomping boots?"
Notice the brillant cover art where our hero, isn't even wearing her coustume in the main story, and notice how far her eyes is seperated, like a godamn flounder. Great story too. Great. Look at the year it came out.


I almost forgot how marvel plays into trends. Remember all those college movies from the 90s. National lampoon? Yeah. Well marvel thought it would be a great idea to run a story about how all the heros remanenced how the all used to go to the same collage. Things go down, ant man has sex with a woman by crawling into her vagina. (They dont show anything, implied sex) then he crawls out of her covered in vaginal fluids and grows to normal size. Then the avengers sit in a large dorm room and watch a home movie one of their friends made. Guess what. Its pornographic. The other friend noticed how its the guy and his wife having sex, he gets mad and the avengers break up the fight. Cant remember but i think the writers apologised for making this.
Right around the same time they released raunchy pin up girl thingys of female marvel characters and some males. A famous one is a naked ghost rider laying on the beach. Mind you, he is a skeleton. No meat. A flaming skeleton "sexily" laying on the beach.
Marvel secret wars. Well during the 80s toy brands was popular and they decided to cash in.
Marvel zombies
Remember back in 2010? Remember the walking dead? How popular that was? And how it started a zombie craze? Marvel cashed in on that too. Tell me how the story makes any sense. It dosn't. Look it up on wikipedia, whatever way you read it, there is no story whatsoever. ash from evil dead? Really marvel?
I think it work both ways for marvel. You can make a lot of shekels off of left wink politics. Right wingers, bad guys. Left wingers, good guys. Think of how you can spin a story off of that. (I have the whole 90s avengers collage story in my comic book collection. Its in storage, but one of these days i'll find it and take pics. Or you can just find it online or whatever)


Sorry, i wanted to sage my post to attract less attention. Didnt work for some reason. Plz fix twot.


>>left wink politics


File: tumblr_lh5dteVkUE1qg1iejo1….png (481.92 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1569292590702.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

"Your showing too much"


File: 1494205121787.jpg (20.61 KB, 288x288, 1:1, 1569296769508.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>America is the greatest country in the planet
Did you really have to explain? AMERICA is the greatest nation on earth!


>>"America is a planet"
In the world of comicbooks.
Every panel matters, and some times have psychological meaning.
And have a reason to exsist.
In the comicbooks i mentioned.
The question is, what do you, anon.
FEEL after reading these?
How does the author/writer/artist FEEL?
What are the emotions in the books itself.
Another question.
How does one prevent
the spread of Disease?
Those are important things to argue amongst yourselves.
Compair the comic book "V for Vandetta"
To the newer "secret empire" comic book.
Or for the matter "civil war 2"
What are the political themes and how do they handle them? How would you handle them?


How do the japs handle their media?
Just curious.


How did the japs handle their media?
Also, compair and contrast
american and japanese media.
Just curious.


File: RCO028.jpg (1.37 MB, 1988x3056, 497:764, 1569381389372.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Compair the batman comic images posted above to this image.
Bastard tried to copy v for vandetta.

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