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Looking at the global rules this isnt a chan at all


how about kindly fuck off m8


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Ban me bitch


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Obviously you see a chan as a place to post edgy garbage and porn.
Just look at what 4chinz has become due to normalnigger influence, /b/ is 90% porn, the rest of the boards are full of redditors who shit up every thread they visit. The creativity and lulz that used to be there are long gone.
That same fate is what 22 is trying to avoid.
If you don't understand this then you don't belong here.
Newfags get >>>/out/ now.


I agree with the porn situation but no gore, tfw, mfw, ylyl??? Like no wonder this place is dead a Baffometti thread alone will bring in anons from all over


kinda agree on that one
banning those changes the way people make posts. tfw makes it a very short ~2 sentence post and that's that, but without those anon is forced to elaborate and make it more detailed, so the post quality in the end is much higher.
it would mostly be plebbit and twitter memes just like everywhere else, do you really want that?


i had a bit more thought on the guro part and what i concluded is that at some point there would be dedicated guro threads (just like porn) where people would just dump images with absolutely no discussion, the kinda situation that goes on, as i said, in porn threads or even the entirety of gurochan.


Newfags arent the problem, the problem are when newfags come to IBs to be HARDCOREEEEEEEE AND EDGY AND ENTER THE KOOL KIDZ KLUB, BEIN LIEK SHADOW THE HEDGEHOW! YEEEEEEEEE...


Gore does nothing to keep a conversation.
If anything, its just jackoff material to a bunch of degenerates. I dont even think that gore does anything useful.


I think of there being two types of gore: schadenfreude-inducing and shock-inducing. In other words, slapstick comedy vs slasher horror. The first kind is great for generating lulz independently, the second kind is great for extracting lulz from pussy newfags. In any case, gore is useful for generating lulz. That's very useful, especially in these trying times.


>post guro
>wtf is wrong with you sicko
>fuck off moralfag
that's pretty much how 100% of such scenarios go.

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