/b/ - For YEARS i've been searching a golden era 4chan alike chan, and just now i've found it.The comfiest chan of all chans.

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For YEARS i've been searching a golden era 4chan alike chan, and just now i've found it.

The comfiest chan of all chans.


Welcome bro. Let's make it last


Welcome friend!
I love your Yotsuba image by the way.
We're trying to keep it comfy for you and others of your kind.


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i hope you'll enjoy your stay.


>>3589 i hope itll last
>>3590 thanks! could be a banner for 22chan kek
>>3591 love dat reimu/flandre pic
aaaaaaaaa ur such nice ppl :'D


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(Also, cool! I would love a Yotsuba banner, but I've an idea of using that image as a base for a drawing I can do for a banner if you want, and thanks! I hope we can be nice too, we have a discord if you want to check out, I'm 4 Kun there.)


Yo! I hope you enjoy your stay, remember to follow the rules and upkeep the quality of the board! (The rules are just mainly to not turn this site into a shit-fest like current 4chan)


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Can agree


Just kidding. Remember to lurk, friend!
Also, remember to use catalog to see older posts!


Shut the fuck up


Omg yes that' an excellent idea :'0

Sure! Finally a genuine chan

Y E S, N I C H I J O U

Na jk, thanks! Didn't thought about lurkin the catalog :0


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Ye, sadly, I have things to do, more info if you joined Discord, if you want.
And ye, Nichijou best.


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Ye, I do too.

The remix is very great there.


I can agree when eight chan went down i needed a place to go, this site is good ▲    ▲
▲   ▲ 


Ye sure, pass the link (btw lucky star's the best)

niiiiiiiiice, thanks

same, is it still down tho?


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Fairly certain it's one very prolific nigger


I think it's mutiple newfags. Three newfags.


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well they'd better learn better or I might end up saying some very unkind things.


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And what does a spacing ever do to all of you?
Just saying it's bad is going to promote some people here to mess with you guys.


But plebbit boogeyman


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Just explain how spacing is a sign of a plebbit boogeyman, and I'll stop questioning on how spacing is annoying here.


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Oi oi oi, you forgot you can research it yourself right??
So, spacing is used by redditers old and new and it's hated by 4Chan around 2017. Go to https://yuki.la/qa/1007983 for the opinions on the topic. I tried to research on the problems with redditors but it's only one result and it's about how the more popular some reddit places are, the more ruder the people are on popular reddit places. Other reasons are about weird stuff about 4Chan solving a math problem or reddit being shut down for a while. If there's any good words I can use to do my research on is topic, please reply back to me anyone. This is all I got >>3760.
To anyone that reads the new replies on the 22Chan discord, sorry not sorry.


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[spoiler]maybe i like being messed with[/spoiler]


Plebbit I think allows only one style of spacing:

This one
But not this one. I'm not sure wether they allow more than one line cause I don't go there

So this spacing often isn't welcome on chans


Single spaces have been a thing since forever but it wasnt rare to see someone who use it being called a retard.
2017 is when normalfags start catching up the "Haha maga meme orang man /pol/" and so they slowly overflood with their shit, which includes plebbit double spacing.
From that time forwards single space also can be mistakenly called plebbit.
I've never liked it since it looks retarded anyhow and i encourage people not to use either.
On a slight side note-plebbitors also use single space but they mostly do it while greentexting. Example:
>be me

>4 foot 8 nigger cuck

>no gf

And so on.


Yeah, but plebbitors uses reddit spacing as "just put a double space everywhere, even if it's doesn't make sense"





All hail sage Naru


thanks m8

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