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Making scrambled eggs


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Egg is life.


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Hell yeah


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Oh, my food is ready as well.




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Just got back, very noice Barbecued pork.
Wish there was eggs there.


those look awful

You rolled the number 612752591 (no dubs or higher)


>barbecued pork
oh fuck, don't do this to me I've been living off of ramen, egg, and cereal for the past month
Let's see you do better then faggot


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>Living off ramen, egg, and cereal
Damn, I can live off ramen and eggs, but cereal??
My lord.


How the hell am I gonna get my daily fiber on just ramen and egg? I need that cereal dude.


why the fuck are they brown?


Did you burn them OP? Are you ok?


I put a few squares of chocolate in there. I thought it would make like a soufle.


What the hell is wrong with you OP? Why would you mix eggs and chocolate? I'm truly scared for you and i hope you're ok?


you complete and utter degenerate


It is spoken.
The counsel,
has declared you.
A faggot.
Mixing Eggs
With chocolate is a Cardinal Sin.


You, anon, are a master chef.


Was it good OP?


It was not what I envisioned.


What will you cook next?



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