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older videos with under 5000 views or newer ones with under 1000




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It's not under 5000, but it's worth to watch, if anyone want to learn something about our world, and secret societies



God bless America, an I right?


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Is this real, if so i can clearly see now how was those pyramids created.


Watch this video, what do you think about this?





Those firecrackers have some impressive explosion power.
This was interesting to watch, especially if you are in to making your own art movies, that is a very good material. You could also create something that is "paranormal" story with great feedback for your personal entertainment and lulz.
Not bad, and not good, they didn't even bothered to zoom a lil' bit. First explosion was like some sort of domino effect (cool)

Wew lads, i haven't been able to find more YT vidya of extreamly skilled pilots, and none of these vids have on them recorded bombing another building or something similar to that. I guess that every good things are heavy censored.


Why that doesn't have embed option at the end of the link? What was went wrong over here?


Strange, no one want to correct me in my grammar errors. Where are those grammar jews?


*strange, no one WANTS to correct MY grammar errors


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That was a very enlightening 8 minutes.



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WOW! I was expecting a bunch of triggered alt-rights but I very much prefer this!


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Behold, a fate worse than death itself.




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Soil dumb only grow potote


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Thread derailed
anyways, back to the topic at hand


motherfucker i remember you advertising once in like /pol/ or /sg/


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