/b/ - https://youtu.be/a_1UEAGCo30So this is our moot, huh. I'm surprised I haven't seen the video until now, and thought it was interesting. What are your opinions about it?

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So this is our moot, huh. I'm surprised I haven't seen the video until now, and thought it was interesting. What are your opinions about it?


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Good shiet


I remember watching it back when it was uploaded. Feels like forever ago now.


And now he works at google


If he's still there or even still alive for that matter. Nobody knows anything about his whereabouts or any information at all on anything after 4chan.


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I've heard rumors that he's now driving google cars in japan or something because he wasn't able to help out with projects at google.
Him becoming semi-successful (only famous not rich at all) off of 4chan was mostly luck.
He just happened to advertise the site correctly by posting on Something Awful, and the concept wasn't completely new as world2ch which had both japanese and english posters went live about half a year prior on 3/3/2003.
If you are interested moot had a blog https://chrishateswriting.com/ where your standard blogpostings would take place.
Here's also some neat info on world2ch as that site is pretty much never talked about: https://github.com/bibanon/bibanon/wiki/world2ch


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thank you, wiseman. you are truly a gentleman and a scholar.


He works with Homeland security now


Homeland security?


He's in Tokyo working on google maps related stuff. Before that he was in google's area 120 which is like a startup incubator within google.


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moot's blog has always been fascinating to me. for the guy who brought imageboard culture to the west and created a generation of neets and niggers, he's very focused on improving himself and forming genuine friendships with people. it's kinda inspiring. if a faggot like moot can make it in life, then we all can make it.


Where's your source?

Yeah, I need to aspire to be more like moot.


>Where's your source?
He's bullshitting. At least officially, he's working at google.


Is there anything to certify that he's still alive post-2016?


This, this is what I can relate to with the added fact this is what I would say. Nice Yotsuba image, keep it up.

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