/b/ - Ive been banned from 4chan in 2017 and 8chn a week ago any other place I can go than this?

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Ive been banned from 4chan in 2017 and 8chn a week ago any other place I can go than this?


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this is probably one of the most comfy altchans out there, stay here desu


I should elaborate that I want a chan for all my violent tendencies. Ill stick around here tho


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A chan site that only has women and trannies...


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You can tell everyone there is a ""girl"" or a man trying to fit in.


I've been lowkey pretending to be a woman on https://lolcow.farm for years.


Whyd ya get banned



You rolled the number 752477151 (no dubs or higher)


Has everyone already forgotten 7chan?


I don't know why 7chan still exists. Even the owner seems to be annoyed by its existence.


I still go there from time to time.


Isn't 7chan that site for body building furries


hasn't 7chan been dead for at least 3 years?


Every time he goes to delete it, he remembers all the cake threads and decides to keep it up.


wait, 22chan is only for women? where the fuck does it say that?


What happened to post from that anon, and why is that link erased? Is that post somehow against the rules from this imageboard?


it was a link to an altchan that doesn't allow men, i saw it as anon showing a possible chan to raid or an example to get lulz.
I, for one, did not see it as advertisement.


We aren't allowed to create threads that will shock other anons of 4chan. Mods and anons on /b/ are taking every sentence serious, without ability to understand that most posts are only invented stories. This was my thread that I've wrote yesterday, and now I'm banned, because I'm a "sick fuck" proclaimed from other normies. Anyway, I'm in to wicked art, and 4fags are my audience to observe their shock behavior and development (at this time they are dumber than before and it's all thanks to porn and mods).


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THE THREAD is only imaginative "wicked art";

Is this fucked up /b/?

My greatest sadistic fantasy involves a pregnant teenager. Preferably an upper middle class preppy brunette. I would kidnap her a couple of days before she's a due. I'd find a secluded place to make a torture dungeon and tie her up. I'd attempt to deliver the baby, make sure it is stable. It's important to let her see the baby and touch it because a strong bond must be made between them. After a couple more days of bounding then fun begins...

My torture tools would include pair of pliers, a blowtorch, a set of knives, scalpels, and most importantly; my voice. I'd began by calling her a disgusting whore and barraging her with mental anguish. Then i give her a simple choice. Her choices are A - I torture her, or B - I torture the baby. She'll obviously choose herself first. Starting off slow with some small incisions and slapping would get me really hard. Then some nipple twisting and burning her cunt would send me over the top. After some time i would give her the option again; her or the baby. My goal would be to put her so much hell that she chooses the baby. If she refuses, the torture continuous and i'd offer her luxuries such as food and water if she chooses the baby. Eventually she would. Finding that breaking point would be glorious. So would the face she has when i start cutting open her baby and forcing my cock down it's tight throat. I'd force her to watch. I haven't really thought about what I'd do after that, but killing them both would soon come after.

tl;dr what's your darkest sadistic/masochistic fantasy?


>is this fucked up
Kinda, I guess, but I don't see how it breaks any of 4cucks rules though.
I really didn't expect their mods to become moralfags, but that's probably just Hiroshima's new normalfag staff.
Also it looks like they've forgotten what's literally written on top of /b/
>/b/ - Random. The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.


That's not too bad, I've certainly seen worse. And very obviously fake, that's basically a given. You even said it was just a fantasy. It really got shot down? Damn, how the mighty have fallen.


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