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Damn, it feels good to have a penis.


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Being a man isn't very good in my opinion.
Being born a woman is basically living life on the "Easy" setting.
Think about it, you can pretend to be oppressed and shit, everyone protects and loves you, and whenever you want to get higher in life you just spread your legs.


I said that it feels good to have a penis, not that it feels good to be a man.


well, having a dick makes you man, and that comes with all of the other baggage


Yes, being a man has it's downsides. But on the bright side, you get a penis.


True, at least i dont have to bleed every month


At least your not emotional to the point of being delusional and thinking you oppressed and being the majority of the voters. These oppressed people can be seen as stunning and brave when they lie through their teeth. Even after being exposed as liars they are still stunning and brave because these people are oppressed.


This all day long every single day until I draw my last breath. And it's even worse now days because they can make mad money by just being a "gamer girl" or camslut in the comfort of their home never having to go out and do anything.


Hey guys I'm glad we're on the subject of penises because I was wondering why Doctors prescribe SSRIs to treat depression caused by limp penis, when SSRIs cause ED? Asking for a friend. My dick is huge, I smash all the puss, etc.

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