/b/ - I personally found it a while ago when I found my brother left a tab open for it on his computer, which he left open. I got curious, and viola

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I personally found it a while ago when I found my brother left a tab open for it on his computer, which he left open. I got curious, and viola


Welcome to 22chan!
I found this site in the trash.
By that i mean-an ad on 4chan's /trash/ brought me here.


>>2659 Found it on encyclopedia dramatica.

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I'm not surprised honestly. Kinda like throwing a diamond ring in the trash.


Some cunt on cuckchan mentioned it in a thread about "the good old days" on /v/ a few months back. Been lurking and posting pretty sporadically since.




does this make me a pleb?


Same. Feels good man.>>2661


I was banned from the 4chan, and i started to explore tons of different chans, so here i am and it's really nice here


Someone made me aware of it's exsistence



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Found 22Chan through Somebois as a secret.


i cant even remember anymore but im guessing it was on 4cucks. i dont even remember anymore since it was a year and two months ago

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Saaaaame! Good to be heeeee..

Oh. Read the rules. "any post that criticizes 22chan or it's policies..." etc etc

What the fucking fuck, thai-chan? We can't frown at the prince or we might hurt his poor widdle feewings?

Fuck you.


You can critisize 22chan, just as long as its constructive.
Wouldn't want a circlejerk of "22chan suck bc its gay" or "ur gay twot" or "mods r gay they suck"


Help make 22chan great with good, strong, constructive arguments.
Twot actually listens. Made a lot of great changes so far.


Whats with the faggot spacing nigger


"unless it's valid criticism with a well detailed point and offers a reasonable solution"


I found it by using a search engine


Found it in a /lit/ thread


>get banned from 4chan
>go desperately searching for a new anonymous image board
>go through a whole bunch like Wizardchan, 7chan, 8channel 2.0, 420chan, etc
>all of them suck and/or are ghost towns
>for some reason 22chan is the only one I come back to.
Speaking of which, besides 4chan, what are the largest image boards you know? I don’t really care about “muh quality”, I just want a place with a large user base


Worst thing you can do is to shill an imageboard.


I remember someone advertising it on 4chan, I wanna say it was twoot advertising


When he made 22chan, he just said that he had an idea. Everyone else are just faggots.


People keep shilling our chan and it's getting very annoying. No one know who is doing it.


I'm God and I help feds that's how...


Tardpussy, you ain't shit.
Happy Thanksgiving.


Where's your tardwrangler? Tiny, useless deities should GTFO.
Happy Thanksgiving.


Based tetris god
Back at it again protecting 22chan from shills
Happy thanksgiving


Don’t think of it as shilling, think of it as acknowledging the existence of, for research


Even if it's for research, that can still be acknowledging to the Chan since 4 Chan has been acknowledged of and got to where it is today.


through a poster on my cytube channel


(Have you been here for a while, but didnt say anything, or did you just find this place?)


lurked for awhile, i also post in a lot of other altchans tho, porbably cant bring the best posts but i understand this place is for effort posts mostly.


after 8chan being shut down and 4chan still being shit.. i have been looking on AE (encyclopedia dramatica) for a new home.


check https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/List_of_*chan_boards

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>princet chan hopping


This list is pretty outdated


I can agree with that.
They got took down, and lost two years worth of data.


last year when 4chan did the separation somebody reccomended me on /pol/


Welcome to 22chan
>4chan did the separation
What happend there?


Found this place around april 2019 through the chan list on ED. Its been a wonderful year lads, and i hope this year will be just as interesting.

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i found this place from the chan* list on ed


i was brought here by someone mentioning it on 8cuck

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