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There have been many discussions about where is a good place to live. Urban and suburban dwellers often claim there are more opportunities in the cities. Even though rural people agree that urban areas have more stuff, those who prefer to live in rural areas claim urban areas are lonely and unfulfilling. 22chan will discuss their preferences in this bread, as well as their experiences in rural and urban areas.


I've lived in urban areas all my life but always felt better in the countryside. My country is very rural. I loved going to the countryside as a kid. I still do. I always thought it was great to step outside and see fields of grass and mountains instead of loud cars and buildings. It gets so quiet and so dark during nights out in the country, it's really calming. There are no neighbors around, no loud noises, no screaming or shouting. I'd like to move out there in the future.


Getting a bunch of frens and my future family and moving to the countryside has always been a dream of mine. Instead of being stuck around you can merely tolerate you will enjoy everyone's presence. The only thing you'd have to worry about is predatory animals.


I'm fortunate enough to live in a nice, clean white neighborhood. We've got plenty of grass and plants and trees in all kinds of yards. They're big and ancient, and really pretty. I like this place, because the big "inner city" is quite a while away but it's still only a 10 minute drive to the grocery store. We get plenty of fresh air and plant life, with the benefits of living near civilization.

Back when I was younger, kids would climb and play on the trees sometimes, but nobody does that anymore


I'll always prefer rural living, or at least places with a bunch of trees, grass and natural wild life. The fresh air is great, the ambient is cooler in general (metaphorically and literally), you can plant a bunch of plants more easily than if you lived in an apartment or something like that, it feels good to watch the birds fuck around all over the place (at least for me) and it's more peaceful in general without many cars and shid going around. One could argue that commercial places are too far away from sites like this, but I think it's worth it (If the property is yours, that is)


With city living, there are too many roads. It is almost like you can't escape asphalt in the city.

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