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Fitness and well-being general bread such as:
>Exercises and routines
>Diet and nutrition
>Motivation, discipline and dedication
>Bells, machines and accessories

Let's improve ourselves!


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I suffer from a bad back so I try to strengthen my muscles, stay fit and eat somewhat healthy. The workouts I do at home 5 days a week include therapeutic exercises, strength training and cardio. I tried to go to a gym for a while, but it wasn't my thing. You can do a lot of things at home with simply a mat, dumbbells, Thera-Bands, push-up grips and your own body weight. What's my goal? Well I am currently living almost pain-free so I think my goal is to stay at this level, maybe lose an extra pound or two. That's fine.


I haven't worked out in a long while now due to my shoulders being fucky. I'm certain it's because I had wrong form while doing push-ups. I hope to start exercising again soon.


I like the 5BX plan. It's a workout designed by the Canadian Royal Air Force for its pilots. It is a high-intensity daily workout that can be done in under 10 minutes using only body weight


That's really nice and simple. It even includes the warmup which is quite beneficial for your exercise performance. Thanks for sharing.


Here's my routine, four times a week:
A warm up with jumping jack and crunch, just enough to feel my heart rate.
Ohp 3×10+as many reps as possible.

Squat 3×10+amrap

Pull-ups 5×amrap

Deadlift 3×10+amrap

Bench press 3×10+amrap

(And some calf raises when I use stairs.)
1 to 3 minutes rest between sets. When the amrap is more than five, add weight the next session. The proper form is the key.
That's the reason why I started too.


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Well it seems it's a "starting strength" routine, here's a bodyweight or "calisthenics" routine




Are you kidding? Do you want me to go BALD?


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Saitamanon reminded me there's an animu about fitness:
"Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?"
They give some advices and tips to start lifting but sadly it's too ecchi for me.





>Your Fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger



I started lifting again after like five-six months. Started last weeks doing 30 reps with each arm with light weights. It was hard as fuck but I kept at it and now I can do 40-50. It's still hard but not as hard.


One set of 50 reps?


Yes. My shoulders have been fucky so I am starting very carefully.


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Did a doctor tell you to work your endurance on purpose?
Which one of these exercises are you the more comfortable with? You don't need to feel pain at the end of a set, just soreness. If you feel pain, stop immediately and try to find another exercise for your shoulders the next session.


Thanks for that video, I don't know much about lifting but I really want to start exercising again. I feel shidty cause I haven't done it in so long. I didn't see a doctor about my shoulders. I just did it that many times cause I want to get better. I wasn't working my shoulders but doing bicep curls. I don't feel pain afterwards.


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Oh, good mindset!
So first you need to build or find a routine, a combination of different exercises who target "every" muscles throughout a week. It can be full body every session, or split: upper body a day, lower body another day, core
(For example, there's a lot of different split, it's better for recovery time but it require to learn more exercices proper form). 3 sessions/week minimum, try to have a rest day between workout. Good recovery time is important, you need quality sleep.
For starting it's better to choose poly-articular exercises, it helps better for every day tasks (what's the point of having big arms if you can't lift anything off the ground).
For every exercises you have to masterize the proper form first to avoid injury and work efficiently, even if it's with little or no weight. And because nobody are built the same, some exercises are more suitable for your body than others.
(Instant pain? Change.)
Now you need to focus on the wright way to contract your muscles, feel each correct muscle and intensity, the "mind-body connection". (When you do chest exercise and it's only your arms who take everything, that's what you need to avoid).
Basically you do 3 sets of 8-10 reps, slow up slow down, 1-3 minutes rest between sets. There's other way to do your workout, like the 3/7 method. A good workout don't have to last more than 45-60 minutes.
Yes you have to sweat, to feel your heart. No you don't have to annihilate your body, don't disgust yourself of doing this (but it's better to try to reach your limits right after the last set). There's some days you have the force of 1000 suns, "great let's do some more"! And others where you feel like a sick shid, "Ok one set, just one set".Try being consistent. It's like watering a plant.
Stay hydrated, eat enough protein and fibers, don't buy every crap you see without reflection.
Of course everything is subject to debate.

You rolled the number 360161390 (no dubs or higher)


I had a routine I did five days a week. I built it myself just by trying different stuff through the years. Like I said, I fell out of it for a couple of months. Currently I've got a back injury but it's getting better every day and I'm itching to start exercising again. My routine was this three times over:
>40 push-ups
>50 crunches
>60 back exercises (don't know what they're called, you lie on your stomach and lift your upper body up)
>plank for 90 seconds
>20 squats with weights
>curl my dumbbell 40 times for each arm
I rested about 30 seconds in between sets. Like I would do 10 push-ups, rest for 30 secs, then do another 10 until I got 40. I did all the crunches in a row. For the back exercises I did 30 and 30. The squats 10 and 10, same for the dumbbell curls. I've never asked someone's opinion on my routine.
I don't really have an end goal in mind with this, or have any deep knowledge of exercising. I just think it's important to stay in shape. I only know the basics like to keep your back straight and keeping your shoulders still when curling. I had wrong form during push-ups and that's why my shoulders are fucky. I do all this in my bedroom, I've got a yoga mat that I use and a single 10kg dumbbell. My diet is very healthy. I don't eat candy, snacks, cakes or cookies. I never drink soda, only water, tea and milk. I eat fruit, vegetables and protein every day.


I hurt my left foot yesterday and was wondering if there are any good body weight upper body exercises?


Well this is great, keep being awesome!
Sorry for the long post I thought you were a beginner, I just posted everything I wish I would know sooner. Maybe it will help someone else who come across this bread. I'm not an expert either, there's a world of knowledge about fitness, recently I discovered that you can play with your insulin level at key moments (the morning and after workout), along with a good diet to boost anabolism.
Dips, chin-ups and pull-ups come to my mind immediately.


No problem, Cat, your post still included some useful info I didn't know.

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