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Recently I've gotten into reading webcomics on my phone when I get a few spare minutes. Some are pretty high quality and genuinely fun to read
I've really enjoyed all Ryan Armand's works (pic rel is modern fried snake), achewood was alright but I got bored of it eventually, narbonic starts with bad art but improves over time
Currently reading gunnerkrigg court and it's very nice
What about you?


KC Green's webcomics are some of my favorites. He is mostly known for Gunshow, which ended a while ago, and he's currently doing one called Funny Online Animals. I highly recommend it, as well as some of his other works, including He Is A Good Boy and his adaptation of Pinocchio.
I like Achewood as well, though it is a very long read. TGWeaver's comics are classic too. RubyQuest is probably the most well-known of them, having led to the creation of /qst/, but I'm partial to DiveQuest (unfortunately it's been a long time since that one updated).
And if you like shidposting, read Super Mega Comics. It's quite unique and displays a pretty sophisticated sense of humor at times.


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nice, those do look interesting


I've always wondered who makes those yellow comics.


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I haven't checked up on Gunnerkrigg Court in a long time. It was pretty cool, but then something really goofy happened and I didn't have it in me to see how things turned out.


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I found a guy called Qizeaqfile who made several dark souls mangos and a bloodborne mango with fucking insane art and he did it all online for fucking free
i guess the only issue is some random pornografic shid that poped up once in one of the dark souls mango and like 3 or 4 times in the bloodborne mango which is really a shame since it's kinda out of place also some yurishid in the bloodborne one (i highly fucking doubt lady maria is a fag and an introduced character, "alice" isn't even canon) but its still worth checking out nevertheless


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i have to share these i cant help myself


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Praise the sun! \[T]/


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Overall a decent pre-history of dark souls. It's called "Dark Souls: The War of The Ancient Dragons"
god damn that art tho, just one dude drew this!


OP here. Just finished reading the dunnerkrigg strips to date. I have to say it succeeded in getting me emotionally invested, and I really enjoyed it. Quite a ride I'd say, more introspective than I expected
Coyote's a fun fellow

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