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>bee board
>no bee thread
Discuss bees in all shapes or forms!
BTW fuck wasps


I don't like bees beyond pollination and honey. What do you find appealing about these bugs?


I got stung by a bee once on the foot when I was young.


Bees fly at a rate of 3 meters per second.


All bugs are somewhat repulsive, I think it's part of our DNA. However bees are pretty nice in a way
Other than the things you mentioned, which are kinda important if you think about it, what I like about bees is that they are relatively peaceful animals that just do their thing
A bee dies when it stings. Isn't that somewhat poetic? The only weapon you have kills you: this means the act of violence is inherently selfless, done only once and when no other options are available
Also bees live as a community, making honey for winter; isn't that somewhat similar to how important it was for humans to prepare food for winter in the past?
Compare that to wasps. They are much more aggressive and sting easily (because that's not deadly to them), and often I've been bothered by wasps trying to steal my food, stinging me or building nests in an inappropriate place
Of course, wasps are important to the ecosystem as well, but I find bees much more likeable on a personal level


Mr frenlyjordies made a good video about bee populations in Australia


Bees actually remember people and are nice to beekeepers (or people in general) who are nice to them. They make extra honey for beekeepers who give them surgar and water just to "bee" nice and generally dont fuck with them. Also bee keepers generally dont use smoke since it actually hurts them and makes them feel uncomfortable. Beekeepers wear white because bees cannot see white, also red for some reason. Bees can see the ultraviolet spectrum which is pretty neat. (i only learned that color fact recently from metal gear solid 3 and 5 lol)
i like bees too, they are neat. Wasps are gross since they've done horrible stuff like put wasp eggs inside a live caturpillar so the babies can eat it from the inside, i guess wasps arent that totally useless since they do help fig trees (they pollenate figs then get accidently eaten by the figs which then absorb nutrience from the dead body.


bees talk by dancing, bee keepers call it the Waggle dance


That's really interesting that bees have memory. I never knew that.


Where can you find the bees?


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