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>go to sleep on 2/21/22
>"oh boy tomorrow is 2/22/22sday"
>wake up with pink eye
Keeps me home from work but goddamn do I feel disgusting. Anybody know a good potion for pink eye?
Also general home remedies and healing bread


i've been sick with some type of virus for two weeks already
i know that feel


Great natural medicine for colds and flus is green tea with lemon and honey. Also a special type of honey to look out for is called manuka which is medecinal honey.


Are you sure you don't have the kung flu? Are you usually sick for this long?


A polish girl I knew in high school used to do this every time she got sick: Grind a lot of black pepper into a shot of vodka and down it. I tired it and it does help a little.


i've been known to always get sick real bad whenever i get infected with something but it aways lasts the normal length. I dont have a sore throat for sure and i do have the urge to cough plus a runny nose. early on i had body aches and i got the shivers but that stopped after 3 days.
i dont really know what it is, i'm going to see a doctor in a day and hopfully i wont get falsely diagnosed with the wuflu.


Another remedy is Drinking Tonic water.
Quinine is a common treatment for malaria. (its also literally Hydroxychloroquine so if you have covid or afraid to get covid then this shid is for you) Also pretty good with cold and flus. Also, an added bonus is biting Insects hate that shid so drinking it acts as a repellant. It tastes bad so its good to mix it with juice.


Bit of an update
So basicallly, i got screwd pretty hard.
Part of the issue is i had to work on stuff and the other is that my parents didnt want me to go to the doctor also when i did they basically said i wore earbuds for too long and i got misdiagnosed by force (back in the day i had an ear infection which was caused by a sinus infection but my parents equated it to stemming from earbuds) also they thought it was seasonal allergies (even though i SAID I HAD THE DAMN SHIVERS AND MY BONES HURT and other flu related stuff like i dunno THROWING UP
What actually happened is i had the flu, And instead of resting (like your supposed to with the flu) i overworked myself and eventually i wasnt sleeping at night for two days because i had coughing fits and finally went to the doctors.
The flu didnt leave because my body stopped fighting it, also there was a build up of bacteria which led to an ear, sinus and lung infection and luckily there wasnt any fluid build up. The walk in clinic doc said i didnt look so good and he checked my heart beat and breathing and freaked out a bit and said i had to go to the ER and that he'd even call an ambulance so my flolks drove me over, next thing you know i'm coughting my damn lungs out
the people there kept asking if i got tested for covid and really it felt like they where trying to scam me and yeah after gettign my damn blood drawn and other tests for colds, flus and strep throat it turned out i had the damn flu like who would have guessed
had to get my damn blood pumped out of me and replaced since apparantly there was no nutrition in there/ also i was severly dehydrated. (also my immune system was weakened) and for the whole damn day i had a tube in my arm pumping iv fluid also a big bag of liquid antibiotics to help fight the ear/sinus/lung infection that apparantly nearly killed me which was fun and i didnt leave untill 1 am in the morning
The good thing is all that nonsense was like a week ago but the bad thing is i'm still sick for some reason but maybe i'll be better in the next few days, its actually not too bad and i can actually kinda taste stuff but my ear infection is back with a vengance.>>13820


Holy fuck anon, that sounds pretty bad. The later you treat a disease, the worse it gets, so don't hesitate to go to a doctor. I hope your parents understand this now
I spent a week at a hospital back when I was in middle school, but it wasn't that bad. I had a needle in my left hand at all times, but I didn't have terrible symptoms and I played some videogames

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