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The subject says it all. There are some annoyances in our lives that we can't let go of. What are some of them for you?
>Acquintances acting like they are already best friends with you
Whenever someone I don't know well pretends to be a better friend than they are, it irritates me. If you knew me better, I would get on your nerves too. It would be stiff competition.
>Platitudes meant to make you feel better
I hate hearing platitudes when I am in a bad mood. Platitudes conjure positivity where it isn't natural, and it is almost like the person saying it just wants to shut any negativity that is bound to occur.
>Sweating at odd times and places
The last thing I want to feel when I am stressed out is sweat. Whenever I am busy doing something, the last thing is I want to happen is liquids dripping down my body. It makes me filthy and stresses me out even more.


Just a few things, mostly just abies, ABCs (American Born Chinese), ABCDs (American-Born Confused Desi), abeeds, abbos, ah chahs, ali babas, gator baits, alpine serbs, ang mos, anns, annamites, apes, apples, arabushes, argies, armos, asengs, asheke-nazis, aunt jemimas, bamboulas, balijas, bananas, barbarians, beaners, bluegums, boces, boeotians, boer-haters, bogtrotters, bohunks, bongs, boongs, boongas, bootlips, bougnoules, bounty bars, bozgors, brownies, buddhaheads, buckras, bules, burrheads, cabbage eaters, camel jockeys, carcamano, chankoros, charlies, chi-chis, cheese-eating surrender monkeys, chefurs, tsekwas, chernozhopys, chilotes, chinamen, ching chongs, chinks, chinkies, chonkies, christ-killers, choc-ices, cholos, chugs, chukhnas, churkas, ciapaks, cioaras, cinas, coconuts, coolies, coons, coon-asses, crackers, crows, cruccos, curry-munchers, cushis, degos, dal khors, darkies, dhotis, dinks, doguns, dotheads, dune coons, eight balls, eyeties, fenians, festival children, feujs, fyellabes, flips, fritzes, frogs, fuzzy-wuzzies, gabachos, gadjos, gaijin, galla, gans, garoi, gin, gin jockey, godons, golliwogs, gooks, goombahs, goras, goyim, gragoks, greasers, gringos, groids, gubbas, guizi, guidos, guidettes, ginzos, gummihals, gweilos, gwer, gyopo, gypsies, hairybacks, hajji, half-breeds, half-castes, haoles, heebs, hikes, hillbillies, honkies, hori, huns, hunks, hymies, ikes, ikey-mos, indons, indognesial, intsik, inyenzi, injuns, jakun, japas, japs, japies, jerries, jewboys, jiggaboos, jidans, jim crows, jjokbaries, jocks, jungle bunnies, kaew, kaffirs, kaffier boeties, kalar, kalias, kanakas, kanakes, kano, katsaps, kaouiches, kebabs, gegos, keling, khaches, kharkhuwas, khokhols, kikes, kimchis, kiros, knackers, kolorads, krauts, labas, laowai, lapps, lebos, limeys, locusts, londos, lubras, lugans, lachs, mabunos, macaronars, mayonnaise monkeys, macacas, majus, malakh-khors, malauns, malons, malingsias, mangals, mangos, marokaki, mau-maus, mayates, meleis, micks, mocros, moffen, momos, moskails, mountain turks, mulignans, munts, mzungu, nawar, neftenya, nemcours, neres, niakoues, niglets, nig-nogs, watermelon addictS, watermelon addict toes, nips, nitchies, non-pris, northern monkeys, nusayri, ofays, olahs, oreos, oven dodgers, overners, paddies, pakis, palagis, palefaces, pancakes, pasteles de flangos, peckerwoods, peenoises, peppers, pepsis, petrol sniffers, pickaninnies, piefkes, pikeys, pindos, plastic paddies, pochos, polacks, polacos, polacas, polentones, pommie grants, porch monkeys, porridge wogs, portagees, potets, prairie watermelon addicts, prods, psheks, quashies, ragheads, ramasamies, rastus, razakars, redlegs, redskins, roskes, rooineks, rotos, roundeyes, russkies, sambos, sand watermelon addicts, sassenaches, sawneys, scandihoovians, seppos, schvartes, sheboons, sheenies, sheepshaggers, sheltas, shiksas, shines, shiptars, shkijes, shkutzim, shkutors, shylocks, sideways vaginas, skinnies, skopianoi, skips, slant-eyes, slopeheads, snowflakes, smoked irishmen, soosmar-khors, sooties, southern faeries, soutpiels, spades, spearchuckers, spics, spooks, squareheads, squaws, swamp guineas, szkops, szwabs, tacoheads, taffies, taigs, tankas, tar-babies, teapots, terrones, teuchters, thicklips, tiblas, timber watermelon addicts, timurs, ting tongs, tinkers, toads, towel heads, the touch of the tar brush, turco-albanians, turcos, turks, twinkies, ukrops, uncle toms, vatniks, venecos, wagon burners, wasi'chus, west brits, wetbacks, white ears, white interlopers, wiggers, white trash, whiteys, wogs, wops, xiao ribes, xing lings, yam yams, yanaconas, yanks, yankees, yellows, yids, yuons, zipperheads, and zhyds.


It sounds like you're a progressive icon. It would be great to see you as president one day.


>Random parts of my body itching when I'm doing something important
It's annoying as hell
>People repeating stuff to me constantly in an small timeframe
I have no idea why, but it fills me with rage instantly. It doesn't help that the only times I asked my family to please not do that, they started doing intentionally and called me a faggot
>Normalfags online, especially on videogame spaces
It's more annoying than anything. I'm looking for opinions on vidya, and then I find a lot of shidty reused caption "memes" and retards communicating with watermelon addict babble. It normally devolves into a political/religious shidflinging "discussion" some hundred posts/replies in. I just wanted to talk about videogames, you bunch of fucks
>People seething about the facemask
No, I don't care about the virus and I don't care about what le redpeeled /pol/ jewtuber said about it, either. I use it because I'm ugly as shid and I don't want to show my face. Why does everything have to be a political statement nowadays?
>Bars/clubs that are near your house
Good luck trying to get some sleep when a bunch of drunkard normalnigs are screaming and threatening to kill each other out of your window. Bonus points if it smells like catnip


>Places with too much low-quality furniture
ah yes perfect just slip Useless Shin-Buster#4 between the coffee table and the telly, just what the place needs. REally ties the room together. While you're at it, make sure you put the wobbliest lamp possible on top of the sidetable so it rattles when I walk past it. I want to feel like a motherfucking kaiju in this B. And make sure that it's capped by a couch that runs perpendicular right through the middle of the room, but then put a piano right behind it against the far wall so I have to do a funny dance to turn reach the lamp and turn it off then brutalize a spare armchair in the dark as I try to leave this deathtrap.
>fluorescent lights
*click* (15 second warm up period) bbbvvbvbbszzzssssssszzzZZZZZZBZZZZZZZZZUBZZZZZZSSBZZZZZZZZ*ZZZZZZZZZZZ**BZZZZZZZZ (rapid flashing)
why the fuck
>drunk people
don't fucking touch me, also why are you on a motorcycle
dope dubs


>find a lot of shidty reused caption "memes" and retards communicating with watermelon addict babble
I wish more people had their own thoughts and didn't rely on groupthink.
>threatening to kill each other out of your window.
It sounds like you've witnessed this a few times anon.


File: petpeeves.jpg (68.4 KB, 800x512, 25:16, 1645567919861.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

In each state of the United States, these are the most common pet peeves.


File: vegeta-laugh.gif (1.19 MB, 384x216, 16:9, 1645568225940.gif) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>Public display of affection
I wasn't expecting that lol


Couples must prove their Disney love every time they get together. That is quite irritating so I don't blame em.


File: 1648479889112.jpg (106.27 KB, 532x664, 133:166, 1648563431580.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

That's a good one. I fucking hate traffic. It's one of the main reasons I would never want to live in a big city. I was once stuck in traffic for an hour and a half. Traffic is the most tedious shid I've ever experienced.

Another one for me is careless behavior. When people act without considering how their actions affect the world around them. Littering, for example. I feel unbridled rage when I see people disrespecting nature.


File: download.jpg (4.09 KB, 259x195, 259:195, 1648563821069.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Careless behavior and traffic go hand in hand. I don't expect people to drive considerately in traffic, but I often see myopic drivers. The world revolves around them. That behavior is just careless and stupid. They have this attitude of "you better bend, buckle, or break to my will."
>I was once stuck in traffic for an hour and a half.
Tell me about it. I got stuck for over two hours just this week.

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