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Alright /b/, tell me if this is real or if I just experienced the mandela effect and bullshitted this up. I remember a post/thread here, or maybe some other altchan, about the OP saying he was going to commit murder and just wanted to give a warning that it will happen. Surprisingly for once, OP wasn't a faggot and actually went a "kill spree" which left 2 dead (OP included) and 1 injured. I remember reading somewhere that this took place in Germany, OP used a rifle of some sorts and that the murder took place outside his house in a lane way or something.
And just to make this thread somewhat useful, use this to also talk about Internet killers or something.


No, you are right. It did happen, I remember it was in the timeline. The OP had a picture of some animu chick wielding a gun. Seems like it's been removed. Boo.


Later It was discovered the timing was off, and OP reposted the shooting news like an edgy faggot so it would look like he was the killer.
It got removed because the hosting provider didnt like it on the timeline, but after some digging i found it on internet archive.


pipboy from fallout is my favourite animu girl


God damn i forgot to turn off the wordfilter, just change the "br" in bread to 'thr"

You rolled the number 611874301 (no dubs or higher)


In my memory it was an animu chick lmao.

Hosting providers can suck my dick.


The line between reality and fiction blurs pretty damn hard so you never know if OP is a LARPing faggot or if he actually is a madman and usually people just goad the person on because they dont really know what's happening or are just bored.


I goad them on because I despise humanity and I think we all deserve to suffer.


As i was saying its pretty hard to tell whats real or fake and the people who do murder prettydo the same damn thing and thus are pretty boring/dont stand out way too much and its funny because they usually do it for attention or glory but end up being forgotten like they diserve to be. I can't really think of any notible ones that stick out, I can only think of the 4channers who killed themselves like one dude who livestreamed himself burning his house down and dying from smoke inhalation although i dont remember if firefighters pulled him out or not in time.
Also what interests me is that a cult was active posters on 2chan but i can't find archived posts or screenshots of anything they posted.



>a regular pornsite, an anonymous online chat site.
Also isn't this that guy who crawled under his bed after lighting a toaster on fire or something?


thankfully no toasters where harmed in that mans an hero attempt. you must be thinking of someone else


I remember that, the guy livestreamed it


>tumblr filename and a fucking columbine pic

anon pls


What would happen to 22chan if there was an actual though and the guy posted his manifesto or whatever to here? Would this place be shut down?


Not like we're a terrorist site that encourages shooting up places so probably not


We'd probably get some notoriety... Not that I would mind.

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