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Newfag here, found this place because it was mentioned one of the many altchans. How would you describe this place in a nutshell?


>in a nutshell
A constantly changing platform for discussion born from the ashes of a regular pornsite and 8cuck, A ying yang between internet cancer free and comfy/relaxed where anything can happen and a community that values quality over quantity.


lurk moar nigger


Rule #1 and #18 looks promising, but I'm just thinking about the overall theme of the site. I've gotten the impression of romanticized old intarnetz, quality > quantity. But also restrictive with being located in Germany. Where does the site lie politically (general concencous of the anons)?
What's this place's "niche" ("flagship" board?)
I know


>flagship board/niche board
Probably /sewers/
Totally not politically liberal
I wouldn't really be able to say, I think its more of "as long as you aren't a rude nigger about your political beliefs then it doesn't matter."
>restrictive with being in Germany.
We actually got away with discussion that would have upset the hosting provider for like 3 years until someone reported the board, It was mostly posts and stuff by outsiders who dont even care about 22chan and just wanted a platform for their shit though and its not like it'll happen again but if they get angry at anons saying the nigger word then i'm guessing the admin will switch hosting providers real quick. we're not really a political board anyway but discussion of the political nature happens time to time.


Livechan is a pretty stand out feature but its kinda shut down at the moment i guess

You rolled the number 384591275 (no dubs or higher)


I see, interesting. Cheers for the qrd.


cheers lad, hope you enjoy your stay


We don't care about politics.
Hope you have a good time


yeah, we're pretty apolitical

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