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Whats the best thing about 22chan, in your opinion


I'm not sure if i can find just one thing i like about this board alone. I like the fact we dont have any hornywatermelon addicts and when one pops up, a lad will tell them to fuck off or they'll get b&/get their post to get deleted. Its like we all mutually agree about those types of things. I like the rules of the site and how we've managed to uphold them so far. I like the boards and i like the creativity of some of the breads, the fun projects that pop up and whatever. I like the cats people post and i also like livechan. I also like how we dont allow gay people or fag shid. also fuck normalwatermelon addicts. Theres plenty of goodies spread around like twoots music thing or that neat game he made and some are like easter eggs that are difficult yet rewarding to find. The only thing i'm kinda worried about is the normalwatermelon addicts like the retards who made the gf breads and i know we b& roastie posting but theres always stuff like roneryposting that needs to be caught and eliminated so we dont lose the board to watermelon addicts. Worse comes to worse i'm sure we'll talk it out when the time comes but i highly doubt it those people will find our board.


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I like cats


also i forgot to mention i like twoot hes a good admin


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No porn
Old internet
I like


I like that effort goes into posting but I often feel the chan is too tame.


That's true ,the site is good and post are as well,but it requires more action.
Which in the end depends on the users.


Yeah. I appreciate that 22chan is relatively cancer-free but what I liked most about imageboards is seeing/reading weird, fucked up shid I normally wouldn't find elsewhere.


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It's just a matter of time.


I'm not so sure because most of that kinda stuff is b& here.


What do you mean with that Twoot does nearly nothing, he only bans porn and gore for what I know


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I discovered 22chan a few weeks ago and noticed that there was almost no shidposting and memes but a frenly atmosphere. I like to read the posts. The fact that it is a slow board is a plus for me because I don't have that much time to lurk anymore, maybe twice a week.
Actually, is Twoot still around?


Make a dominos post to get their attention and ask the mod


Another thing, why does 22chan collect our posts? That's one thing I've never liked.


There are other imageboards that brings that content to the table though, 22chan is doing it's own thing.
He is like god, he is quiet but always watching.
Start worshiping him and he will respond. Maybe a sacrifice is required.


depends on what you mean by weird



You rolled the number 35379047 (no dubs or higher)


God is better than Moot, therefore Twoot isn't God


Do not take his name in vain
Jokes aside he's been more quiet these several months.


Nah. But I like his music.


That still doesn't answer why our posts are collected? I don't think twoot has some diabolical plan for it but I do think it's concerning that every single word I post on here is being archived. What reason would there be to do that?


I had no idea about these.


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I am not sure about the part of having bots recognizing those things.

I remembered a Scorpium forums bread here a few days ago (Basically a forum to share cat pictures and zoo), with an image of cheese pizza.

Not to mentions bots are bad at detecting stuff, images are very difficult unless there are simplified shapes,why you think captchas are a thing.And even with words they struggle as they don't understand context, nor emotions .For example this two phrases would be deleted , even if one is permitted.
>"I have an immeasurable distaste for porn "
>"Free porn links in https://deaddopaminereceptors.com"
As the bot will only look at a list of phrases and Twoot cannot program every single outcome, as language can be very complex.

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