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Some things in life are neat, and that can be for various reasons. Maybe your friend is cool because of how he carries himself or, a band is cool because their songs make you feel good. There are some things in life better left unexplained. In other words, the mystery is what makes it so awesome. Here we will talk about cool stuff you find cool since you aren't familiar with the topic. I'll start. Since today is Caturday, I think it is appropriate to appreciate the times they hunch their backs. I find it funny, and I like it a lot when my cat hunches his back. While I don't know why he does this, he appears to be walking somewhere comfortable inside his head every time he does this. Another neat thing I don't understand is why are clouds sometimes visible at night? I only recently noticed this but, I liked how the sun looked like sunlight at night. What about you anon? Are there any neat things you don't want to be explained to you?


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I have found the bread theme




Thats true about cats though, you never know what they are thinking. Its kinda like how bears sometimes just "chill out" and stare at the sky or surroundings


Because my cat is an ambivert, it is difficult to tell when he is ready to sleep or play. I can determine when he is going to paw me and, a lot of the time I can dodge.
Haha, that fits.


weather stations are kinda gay, its nice not knowing what'll happen or even just feeling what the weather will be by using your senses like smelling the air, like wet dirt, and feeling the chill that comes before a strong rainstorm

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