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8Kun is basically kill, Let's explore the ruins and repost any gems we find. We have All Boards, Threads and Posts of 8kun, and it's pretty easy to use internet archive or archive.is to view old 8chan.net and do the same. Images, threads, fun stories and probably even music or CSS. Who know's what we'll find!


I found an /x/ bread claiming that pi is not what we believe it to be. Conspiracy theories like this always amuse me for some reason. I can't really make sense of how the links relate to the claim, but here they are in case the bread goes down:
He also doesn't say what pi is supposed to be if it's not what we think. I guess I've never really checked, though.


Yes, schizos are some of the most interesting people on the internet. It is amazing how detailed their theories are. I wonder if that anonymous writer was in math class when he wrote that.


>I learned sequences from Yahweh.
I think he's talking about Gematria and the correspondence of the Hebrew alphabet to number. There's an old theory about how the Torah is a string of numbers forming a code sent by God.

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