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ITT:Post your battle theme

Bonus points for your Kirby special ability or stage gimmick


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What the hell, anon. It hasn't even been an hour since you posted this and it's already down.


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Don't mean to derail, but pic related.


Maybe it;s youtube blocking it in certain countries... not sure.



A lot of great songs come to mind but I have to settle on this track. As for a stage gimmick it would be a black trench coat. Edgy as fuck and cool as hell.


What would twoot's theme be?


First phase:
Second phase (after he drinks the Fiji and goes berserk):



There are a lot of options for this but, this was the first song that I came up with today. Being a Viking would be my gimmick. This could my outro.


How about 22chan's theme?
This covers the anti-cancer/gay/normalfag/ect aspect but it isn't ideal because it doesn't address the comfy aspect
Post ideal board themes.

You rolled the number 223729296 (no dubs or higher)

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