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Welcome to the bread dedicated to tarot cards, I offer you my reading services.
it's simple, choose 5 numbers which will represent the 5 cards among the 78 of the deck, while thinking of the subject which it represents for you.
>the first for your present.
>the second for your past.
>the third for your future.
>the fourth for your goal.
>the fifth for your subconscious.
I will probably answer you the day after the request.


Hit me, nigger.


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You can also choose with which decks between those 3 :
the black and white, the old-school and the blue one.


The old school.


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This can be a frightening card to receive at first.
Loss and change are inevitable and often quite painful.
Pulling the card of death is just a sign of renewal.
The high priestess:
Sometimes, it's best to reflect, amass strength and consider your options before beginning anew.
Six of wands:
If you don't take the time to appreciate how far you've come, you may very well burn out before you reach the final culmination of your vision.
Page of wands:
You have been struck with some novel or wonderful idea, and you have the enthusiasm of a child to catalyze it. Your courage and passion will see it to completion.
>Subconscious self
Four of chalices:
Life sometimes lose its taste. This is most often a sign of over indulgence. If you find yourself growing apathetic to a steady routine, resist the urge to settle. Force yourself to be creative and original.

I hope it could help you. >>12234


I have to admit, OP, I did not think seriously of this when I made my post. I chose numbers based on the first one that came to my mind when I thought of its subject. The result is surprising. All five of the cards fit my subjects like pieces of a puzzle. You've put hope in my heart, anon. Thank you.


Old school cards


I am sorry, a tarot deck contains only 78 cards, I can't pick the 98th.
Would you choose another number, or the 20th?

You're welcome :)



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Well, there's a lot of coins (or pentacles) cards. Coins are related to wealth, possession, material and success. I don't know your situation in your life so it's a bit difficult to understand for me.


Two of coins:
Life's imbalance is a curious strength. Accept that everything has its time and place. Keep it all together by not paying too much attention to one thing.


Ace of coins:
When you see a tantalizing opportunity, take it. This card promises great material reward for projects undertaken, particularly if they're something novel or unexplored.


King of swords:
It takes a great man not just to fight evil, but to subsume it, divert it, and use it for good. Realism and ingenuity are your greatest weapons, don't let the good sense become clouded with emotions. The answer may be simpler than you think.


The hierophant:
He invites us to conform, to immerse ourselves in a long-term, man-made system. Be it through education, employment, or religion. Is it worth it? Only you can decide.

>Subconscious self

Nine of coins:
After sacrificing and devoting yourself to a single purpose, you can afford the luxuries that come with. Enjoy it. There will come a time when you are tested and tried. Retain your sense of priority and discipline, and you will be prepared.


Old school


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The chariot:
Being self-assured is a rare and glorious moment. You have every right to be proud of your accomplishments.


Page of coins:
When you draw this card, you have been handed a gift from the universe. This could be anything: a new job, a loan or inheritance, even a budding relationship. It could be some untapped talent within yourself you are just beginning to realize. Whatever it is, there is the promise of greater wealth, security, or influence.


The wheel of fortune:
The perpetual shifting in the balance of powers, manifested infinitely with every aspect of your life. This card suggests a change is coming, for the best or the worst. Be prepared.


Eight of wands:
You may be tired, but your situation demands one final burst of energy to propel you into victory. Don't hesitate, you're nearly there.

>Subconscious self

Ace of wands:
You have struck upon a vein of potent energy. If you choose to manifest it, you will be propelled into some grand adventure. Believe in yourself, your dream and your potential. Pursue without fear or hesitation any idea that seems promising.

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