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A bread for the discussion of all things cinema. Films, animated films, short films, TV series, animated series. As long as it's film-related it belongs here!

I watched this film the other day. It was my second viewing and it was even better the second time.
It's a feel-good movie set in the 1980s about college baseball players and the dumb shid they get up to. Drinking, partying and stupid contests. The cast was great and they all had really good chemistry together, the movie is full of great characters. Blake Jenner, the main actor, was very good in it. He gave a very natural and believable performance. Tyler Hoechlin and Glen Powell too. I always like to see Powell in a film, he's such a fun actor.


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Another movie I wanted to mention is Brawl in Cell Block 99. Vince Vaughn plays a drug runner who ends up in a prison battleground after a deal goes wrong. I really liked his character, you forget it's Vaughn up there on the screen. The way he talks and carries himself seems like a totally different person. His dialogue was also very cool. The way he spoke made it difficult to make out words sometimes but I thought that just added to the authenticity of the character.
The fight scenes are brutal and rugged. It's not Hollywood fighting, it's just rough and bloody violence lol. Vince was like a tank in them. The 70s grindhouse effects were also awesome. I always prefer practical effects over CGI crap.
Another thing I found interesting is the look of the movie. The color grade reminds me of a hospital room. It feels cold and sterile and it fits the bleak mood of the movie quite well.


Peanutbutter falcon was a movie i saw a while back, its a wholesome movie about a retard who escapes his wranglers to find and meet up with his favorite wrestlers. He meets a shrimp farmer who is played by Shia LaBeouf who joins on his adventure. Shia actually does a great job in this movie which is unexpected because of the trainwreck that he is irl. I find a certian part of the ending to be stupid but other then that it's quite nice. They do cool stuff like build a raft and explore the florida everglades. The second movie i've seen is sort of a mindfuck and its best to not read about it online AFTER you watch it yourself. It's a movie from 2020 called Archive. A man wants to bring his dead wife back to life via robotics. I'm actually not sure what was cgi or generally practical effects. The guys skills in robotics gradually increases, and the age ranges of the robots.
blocky/poorly constructed = his wife as a 5 year old child. boston dynamics teir = his wife as a teenager. His interactions with the robots and the robots between themselves is honestly well done and things gets worse over time. He's stealing robot parts from a company he works for, and his dead wife's brain scanned into a AI is held hostage by another and if he doesn't make a working robot in time he'll lose her. Its also illegal to steal the AI and he could be executed.


I've heard about those two! Archive sounds kinda fucked up but I love that kind of shit. I wonder how you would deal with the old robots once you build a new one. Don't they consider themselves your wife? It must hurt to see their husband build a new one.
I've often heard about Peanut Butter Falcon. It's supposed to be very good. I fucking love Shia lol, he's such a crazy actor. Did you know he spent 72 hours watching his own movies as part of a performance art project? I think he actually started crying during one of the Transformers films. I think he regrets being in movies that were mostly just artless cash-grabs.


The younger one wouldn't obviously care but the teenager would get jealous and obviously that would lead to some problems. Imagine being the wife and seeing all the "sisters" or past versions of yourself that he dated... not fun to be her
also yeah shia also got seriously injured from an explosion on set of one of the transformers movie so that also might have messed him up emotionally


>seeing all the "sisters" or past versions of yourself that he dated.
That would lead to some serious baggage lol.
I didn't know Shia got injured on set. I can't find anything about it online. I do remember that in the first movie where [spoiler]the scorpion transformer is hunting the soldiers in the desert[/spoiler] Michael Bay used real bombs and told the actors to "keep running no matter what happens". Safe to say the look of panic on their faces is very real in that scene.


He seriously injured his hand in a car accident and they written it into a story by getting injured during a scene with a explosion in one of the movies, gave him fake burns and everything but the thing was he was pretty close tho and the explosion was real and it spooked him pretty bad because of how close he was, didnt get injured but michel bay is a well known madman when it comes down to stunts .
megan fox bitched about him before
>"Shia and I almost die when we make a Transformers movie,"
>"He has you do some really insane things that insurance would never let you do."


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I've heard that Megan Fox bitched about him before. I saw her recently in a movie where she's handcuffed to some dead guy. It was fucking terrible and so was she lol.
Some filmmakers really push their actors to the limit. I'm actually all for this as I believe it's necessary to truly make a unique film. I wouldn't exactly call Transformers a "unique" movie, though... but in films such as The Shining and House of 1000 Corpses. Pretty much all of the cast in The Shining were emotionally fucked after Kubrick and Erin Daniels had a real fucking axe swung at her in 1000 Corpses. I feel bad for some of these people, especially Shelley Duvall. She's not exactly sane as of today and many people associate her current state with Kubrick's treatment of her. Her hair even started falling out due to extreme stress during the production of The Shining. Yet her performance in the film is brilliant, her fear is absolutely captivating. I don't think the movie would have been as good if Kubrick hadn't pushed everyone to their absolute limit.


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Scorsese is such a great director. All of his films are great in one way or another. He's a real artist of cinema.

I just watched his film New York, New York. It's from 1977, Scorsese's younger years and also his cocaine phase and it fucking shows at one point lol. The movie is great but a taxing watch, clocking in at just under three hours long and deals with some heavy subjects. De Niro plays a saxophone jazz player who falls in love with a woman, played wonderfully by Liza Minnelli, and the ups and downs of their turbulent and often chaotic relationship. It's a very human movie, about how strong love can be and also how hard it can hurt. People change, lives intertwine and then grow apart. If you love something you let it go, because it's wrong to force yourself to stay.


Spoilers for original star wars+prequels
I always find that the star wars prequels are considered inferior to the originals. The gimmicky alien (Jar Jar Binks) is often brought up as an example of that
But I just don't fucking get it. The originals from my perspective are much harder to take seriously. Take yoda's appearance. The first couple minutes he just laughs by himself like a crack addict. I remember being taken aback by the dialogue between the princess and han solo. They were supposedly danger, running for their lives, and they couldn't help but fucking bicker?! What?
The emperor also feels much lighter in the originals, like an average final boss in a videogame. That's not necessarily bad, but certainly not as good as his role in the prequels. "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen" is much, much more meaningful in the prequels, where he fucking took over the republic with careful planning and patience. Compared to that, expecting the protagonist to come to the final battle is not really an impressive foresight. It's just bland.
The special effects are also weaker because of technology reasons. The moment obi wan did that weird thing before dying I was sure he wasn't really gone. Because he clearly had done something himself rather than getting hit, and because he disappeared without leaving his body behind. That looked a lot like he just ninja-ed his way out of the deadly duel. But the truth is they just couldn't make a credible scene of someone being hit by a laser sword, which kinda sucks. Of course, of course, in retrospective it's obvious obi wan became an hero so that luke would escape. As for meme characters, the robots aren't any better than jar jar, come on. It's an affection thing at this point rather than serious critique
Thing is I believe that by the time the prequels came out the star wars identity was already established, and so paradoxically they were based on more solid ground
However, I'll admit that it's the originals that created the star wars world and it's the originals that had the cultural impact. The prequels are better movies, but they're not as "original" or groundbreaking. They're just good movies.
Now, about the sequels. Didn't watch them, not going to. I do rec E;R's commentary though, it's quite fun


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I've only watched one or two of the sequels. I honestly can't remember because they were really fucking bland.
I have to disagree with you, anon. I prefer the original movies, even though they can be kinda silly at times. This makes sense to me as the three original Star Wars movies are space operas. A subgenre of science fiction which focus on space travel and melodramatic, heroic romance. As for the effects; practical all the way, baby. It makes the movies so much more believable than some CGI junk that will look bad in a few years. So what if Yoda laughs a lot? He's some ancient Jedi dwarf wizard. Makes sense he'd be a bit peculiar, no? I vastly prefer the more low-key, subtle approach the original movies have. I think Palpatine is very threatening in the originals. He is like a cancer, he plots in the background and manipulates people to his own liking. [spoiler]He tries to corrupt Anakin, not because he likes him as a friend or anything. He sees a lot of rage within Anakin and Palpatine knows he can use that rage. He wants Anakin to give in to hate because then he'll be useful to the dark side. The moment Anakin refuses, he stops being useful and Palpatine attempts to murder him. Murder him slowly, I might add![/spoiler]
I binge watched all the prequels a few years ago. To me they were just a flashier, bigger version of Star Wars. They used too much CGI for my taste and they felt more like Hollywood action movies than character-driven dramas like the originals. I felt a lot of integrity was gone. Don't even get me started on the horrid CGI bullshit Lucas added later in post. I have to admit they still had some cool moments, I'm a real sucker for General Grievous. I think he's such a cool villain. Ewan McGregor is also really fun in the role of young Obi-Wan and his chemistry with Hayden Christensen was very enjoyable.


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I think you could enjoy the originals much more if you watch the original unaltered trilogy. These are versions of the movies exactly as they appeared back in the 70s and 80s. No added CGI, no "improved" effects. I think these are greatly superior because they feel so real. Both of the screenshots I've posted are from these versions. They make the Star Wars universe feel like a real place, with real robots, buildings and people. I like the retro effects because I think they fit much better with the movie instead of some revamped Hollywood garbage.
On a similar note, have you watched the Mandalorian? The first two seasons follow a similar approach to the Star Wars universe.


Thanks for your calm and reasonable reply
>I vastly prefer the more low-key, subtle approach the original movies have
That's interesting, what exactly do you mean by that?
Regarding the cgi, I don't mind it. I suppose I'm used to that stuff.
Anyway, I did enjoy the originals, it's just that I guess they're a bit too 80s and as a result different from what I'm used to
>have you watched the Mandalorian?
No, would you recommend? Honestly I'm a bit doubtful I will, considering it's a post-disney star wars show


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>the Mandalorian
True, it's Disney stuff but I think it's a very respectable addition to Star Wars. They use a lot of practical effects and... Well, the general vibe just feels much more like Star Wars. The new sequels feel like empty nostalgia trips. [spoiler]The plot of one of them is literally just destroying the Death Star again, but it's some new version of the Death Star.[/spoiler] What I'm trying to say is, The Mandalorian actually brings something new to the table and they do it very well.

What I mean by low-key and subtle is that I feel the original movies are much less in-your-face than the other Star Wars films. We're following these characters as they exist normally in an alien world. The original trilogy presents this alien world in a normal way, because that's what it is to the characters. Aliens, lightsabers, robots and mind powers are all completely normal and rational things to them. The movies never quite state this in an explicit way, this is just the given way of life in the Star Wars universe. This is also a reason why I think The Mandalorian is so good. That series and the original trilogy do a very good job at presenting this unnatural environment in a natural way.
I assume you've seen Return of the Jedi? [spoiler]Remember when Darth Vader kills Palpatine by throwing him off the platform in the end? In the edited version, Vader shouts "NO! NO! NOOOOO!" as he kills Palpatine. In the original 1983 version, he does it silently. That is much more subtle and in my opinion much more realistic. Why does he need to shout about what he's doing like some vaudeville bad guy? We already know what Vader is thinking as Palpatine stands there blasting his son with lightning, because we can empathize with the characters. As Anakin screams in pain, Vader stares on and we know he's thinking "I'm not okay with this. I want this to stop."[/spoiler]
Also, I remember in one of the prequels something like [spoiler]a singing alien popping into the screen here and there in one scene, singing really loudly and obnoxiously.[/spoiler] That's what I mean by in-your-face. Does the film really need that, or was it just added because Lucas thought it looked cool?


Lol, that last part was actually in the edited rerelease of Return of the Jedi. My bad.


I see. You do make a point. Anyway I'm afraid I saw the edited version of the originals. Maybe I should watch them again some time


Dispite being on disney plus, it wasn't pozzed to hell. It respected Georges lore, clone wars, and added content from "star wars legends"
The only gay thing for me to bitch about is that it was released on disney plus, and they fired and blacklisted the chick who played the republic ranger because of what she said on shidter.


If a third season comes along, I hope it'll be as true to the series. I hate all these streaming services but it doesn't really matter to me since I pirate everything lol. What did the ranger chick say? I thought she was really good in the series.
One thing that really left a bad taste in my mouth was [spoiler]the grotesque CGI Luke Skywalker in the final episode of season 2. It looked fucking awful and that one shot where Luke's head is conveniently out of frame was even worse.[/spoiler]


>why did she get fired
She had made several "offensive" posts
she set her pronouns as beep/boop/bop (as in r2d2 noises) because fuck trannys
She was doing one of those private instagay stories talking about the current political climate. It went something like "republicans are basically getting treated like jews living in germany like getting silenced or percecuted in the streets just for having a diffrent opinion, the same people who preach tolerence aren't being tolerant themselves" (something like that i'll take a look around for a article or a screenshot)
some twotter bullshid about her being anti vax, anti mask
voter fraud is real
blm = gay shid


this one links to some of the stuff she said


You know what, a plothole from the second season is how Bo-Katan somehow lost the dark saber, i watched clone wars, and rebels and there never was a point where she lost it, and there wasnt a rule about sharing the darksaber, she shared it was fucking sabine then got it back later and they didnt have to fight to the death to see who was the true ruler of mandalore, unlike what was suggested in the show when the mandalore guy weilded the saber by accident and tried to give it back to her


Sounds like the stuff ranger chick actress is saying is absolutely true, if she's getting silenced for speaking her mind.
Maybe it got lost or stolen somewhere in the timeline between the two series? Before the events of The Mandalorian started? It doesn't all happen at the exact same time. I haven't seen Clone Wars or Rebels but sharing is not the same as losing ownership of.
And please use spoiler tags, anon. Not everyone here has seen it.


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I just stumbled upon deleted scenes for The Breakfast Club, one of my favorite films. I think they're very interesting. There are some very good scenes in there. Like the one shot of the cast entering the room and all the extra scenes with the janitor. The scene where he assumes their future hits hard, it's good stuff. It also seems Allison was to have more screen time than she does.



Thoughts on Stranger Things?


I've never watched it, I've always assumed it was another one of those shows that jumped on the "80s nostalgia" bandwagon. Is it worth a watch?


It has the same "childhood adventure" genre of movies like the Goonies, Super 8, Earth to Echo, and E.T.
[spoiler]there was even a flying bike scene[/spoiler]
I liked the usage of MK Ultra, and Project stargate, was handled quite well. It also used D&D to elaborate some aspects of the story which was clever, but widely exposed the game to normalwatermelon addicts which is why D&D is so pozzed now.
The characters are well written too. The main bone i have to pick is, Every season the story gets kinda worse, also the monsters lose their ability to be scary. Kinda like the evil dead series where the necromorphs become easily killable therefore non horrifying. Its little things like that, which kinda makes the show gay to me [spoiler]there was an annoying sing-along to the neverending story theme that even annoyed other characters listening in[/spoiler] Dispite that, the 80's nostalgawhoring isn't too bad.
[spoiler]In the early days of production, the character "hopper" and "11" where the same person. The original story was about a 'nam vet/sheriff who's addicted to waffles for some reason, has no memory of his past, and strange powers he doesnt understand.[/spoiler] would've been a neat story.


The quality of this post will be somewhat questionable due to my memory which has rotted away but i digress, Breakin' (80's movie) underrated movie about californian breakdance culture, the second movie is terrible and i would say to just ignore it.
To Catch a Thief by alfred hitchcock was pretty decent, a retired and reformed jewel theif gets framed by a copycat and has to prove his innocence. Fun rom-com with decent action. The man who knew too much and 39 steps was honestly brillant but the audio/video quality was awful to the point it made both movies almost unwatchable (issue with the tapes it was ripped from?) had to watch using subs. I can only imagine the stress of having been in a "situation" by accident, and having to deal with someone elses problems that might actually kill you. Horrible. Even the poster for the man who knew too much shows a man at his utter breaking point.
I honestly love The thing from another world, everything about it is brillant. The acting was perfect, especially when things go down hill you can just feel the fear radiating out of the actors, but the big reveal when they showed what the monster looked like honestly sucked, if only they figured out a way to make the thing more horrifying. I know its a movie from the 1950's but honestly they could have atleast tried. Forbidden planet, CLASSIC. Best special affects, best acting, EVERYONE has to watch it. I love how they included freudian philosophy into the story. Metropolis, dispite being a silent film is also a major must watch, and you can even watch it online for free! (i can link to several versions on youtube if you lads want) Could be one of the first cyberpunk movie ever made.
The fly, great story, great special affects, great psychological horror film. Vencent price did a swell job as the scientist character and what's funny is that they had to stop filming at certian points in the movie because he broke down in big laughing fits [spoiler]A horrifying scene where vecents tiny head is on a small fly body, he had to cry out "help me help me please dont kill me i dont want to die" in a real tinny voice to sound like he was small and something about the scene and the voice he had to do broke his funnybone[/spoiler] The day the earth stood still has brillant special affects and a profound story, It still aged quite well and i personally feel like it beats the newer remake with keanu reeves
Arsnic and old lace, Black comedy/horror film parody movie from the 50's, a classic overall and it deals with the same situation with a man who gets thrown in a situation by accident and has to try and survive. The wolfman of london (1935) Another silent film if i remember correctly, brillant and humorous at some points. The wolfman, anothed brillant movie, the makeup for the wolfman sucks sort of but i kinda dont really care. Still, good acting and a brillant story.
And finally my personal favorite, Claude Rains The Invisible Man. He really does act like a madman and hes sort of understandable, (not the "becoming a dictator" part, but him being tired of people, the bank and life in general. he acts out, hits people he doesnt like, steals money from a bank and justs gives it away while getting away scot free because he's totally invisible. Sequels suxx, dont bother watching desu


Also i forgot. A movie related to the recent /mu/ bread, O brother where art thou. Its about old southern america. Prisoners escape and start their own music band
KILLER soundtrack and a wholesome story. I believe its also an analogy for dante's inferno?


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Good post. I've watched a few of Hitchcock's films but I haven't seen that many films from the 40s and 50s. Two of my favorites are from that period, though. It's A Wonderful Life and Rope.
I think Rope is very underrated, James Stewart didn't even like it. The camerawork is amazing. The actors are also all great, good chemistry between them and fantastic performances, especially from Joan Chandler. I've also seen Vertigo but it was a long time ago, I can't really remember anything about it other than I thought it was good. I think it's very interesting to watch older films and see what life was like at that time.
I haven't seen The Thing from Another World but I've seen John Carpenter's The Thing many times. That's one of my favorite movies. Did you know it was critically panned when it was released back in 1982? Goes to show that film critics are full of shid, they just pander to the masses.


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I watched First Reformed yesterday. It's directed by Paul Schrader, he wrote screenplays for a couple of Scorsese's films. He's a very cold director and it shows in First Reformed. It's a great movie.
The plot centers around an American priest who struggles to keep faith in a deteriorating world where evil seems to triumph over good. The style of the film is very bleak. The framing of every shot seems calculated, it's a very well made film. I wanted to say it's beautiful but that's not the right word for First Reformed. It's something more impactful and awe-inspiring. Paul Schrader has come a long way as a filmmaker. First Reformed is the work of an experienced man who knows the ins and outs of film.
Another thing I found interesting is how the movie deals with faith in the modern world. How do you keep faith when the world around you seems to be moving away from it? Nothing is sacred anymore, using the name of the lord in vain no longer deserves punishment and church service has become a pastime. Does anyone truly believe in God anymore when modern scientific logic implies he cannot and does not exist? And what of all the evil in the world? Those who spread hate and fear and trample upon His creation, where is the judgement for these people? Does God allow evil to triumph? Or does God love us so much that he allows us to be free, even if we use that freedom to cause harm?


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I just saw Dune at the cinema. It was very good. I liked how it did not feel like another big-budget Hollywood franchise movie, it has its own style and feels like its own thing. The costumes and set design was really cool. The costumes looked very unique, something I was impressed with. They don't look similar to anything else I've seen in film. As can be expected from Denis, the movie had a very epic sense of scale. The scope of the film is very grand and it was really cool. The characters introduced are all very diverse with different cultures that add a lot of flavor to the movie. The cast was also great, there are a lot of fantastic actors in the film. I didn't even recognize Javier Bardem lol. If you anons find the chance to see it I'd go for it.


Does it stay faithful to the book?


I haven't read the book so I wouldn't know. It only covers the first half of the book. A second film is planned for the other half.


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Since Halloween is coming up, I'm posting a list of some of my favorite scary movies.

Noroi: The Curse
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974 original)
A Nightmare on Elm Street 1 - 3
The Witch
Suspiria (1977 original)
Inferno (Dario Argento's 1980 film)
The House by the Cemetery
The Beyond
The House of 1000 Corpses
The Devil's Rejects
Halloween (Both the 1978 film and Rob Zombie's remake)
The Shining
The Thing
In the Mouth of Madness
When Black Birds Fly
Where the Dead go to Die
Angel Heart (1987)
Alice (1988)
The House that Jack Built
It Follows
Under The Skin
Night of the Living Dead
Dawn of the Dead (Ultimate Final Cut)
Blair Witch (Adam Wingard's remake)
Insidious 1 - 3

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