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What does the "b" in /b/ stand for?


from what i remember when /a/ (animu/random) split moot wanted the board symbols to be in a 24 letter scheme like /a/ animu /b/ random /c/ degeneracy but thought otherwise and didn't change /b/ to something like /r/ because autism
Unsure if true tho and digging must be done to see why its called /b/


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I've always thought it fits with the theme of a random bullshit board. It's such a dumb letter. It even sounds dumb. B. Why do you think it's a tend to put "b" into words and degenerate them like epic/ebin? B is just a retarded letter.


Then there's E which is possibly the sluttiest letter in the english alphabet.


Lol elaborate


I think he means that E is the most common letter in English. It's hard to string together a sentence without it.

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