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Any anons thoughts of chris cucks debacle ??? Im sure everyone has caught wind of this by now onowing how insane this fag is


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This'll probably be the end of him. Still, incest only gets you around one year in prison in his state. I got a strong feeling he'll pull the tranny/autist card and go "hurr durr im being oppressed!!".
Honestly I hope he'll get shanked to death in prison or put into a mental ward for life or something. This shidshow has gone on for long enough. He blew out the bottom of the barrel with this one.


>this will probably be the end of him


>caught wind of him
It's trending on twotter, and google search. The normalfags are going crazy about this.


I don't think this will be the end of him because we are still talking about him after all these years. Seriously how long has it been? But his end will be when he dies or is killed.


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His lovequest is finally over! :)


The question now is when will his trannie quest end? We all know how it will end but when do you think it will end?


>Any thoughts
At this point, He did more harm then good. And he commited the cardinal sin of mixing IRL and the internet together so if he dies, i honestly don't care.
I miss the old chris, and if he never became transwatermelon addict because of facebook, and got exposed to porn i think that chris could have became a legendary autist. But life never works that way does it? I don't honestly know if its true or not, he has convincingly lied about stuff before and one can hope he's lying again. Sadily he also made comments about doing hanky-panky with his mom and sleeping on the same bed as her so i don't know. (also remember his sexual divant behavior due to exposure from pornography at a young age, all the bullshid he did and art he drew, the sex toys and the other shid) His voice was also calm and he didn't stutter. For now, it's just a rumor. Could it be one of those "idea guys"? Apparantly late 2018 they became disbanded so i dont know, and it also wasn't said who was the person interviewing him, for all we know it could be another ruseman implanting ideas in his head?



I just don't see him bouncing back from this one. It's true he's the OG lolcow everyone loves to hate but the internets aren't the same as they were.


I'll post recent news and a revelant cwcki article

>31 July - Null announces a refund to donors of the GoFundMe that was intended to fund Chris's trip to Everfree Northwest. Later, Null cuts ties with Chris and notifies the police, following a conversation between them in which Null finds that Chris lied to him about his financial situation and that Chris has taken money from his mother's bank account in a potential violation of the protective order.

>30 July - A welfare check is conducted over the incest allegations. An emergency protective order is issued forbidding Chris from contacting his mother and from being at the Chandler house until 5 August. In the wake of the scandal, Chris trends on twotter, and Everfree Northwest bans him from attending its upcoming convention.



Breaking news
I now need to bleach my eyes out. It's official, Chris is Oedipus Rex.


In jail, arrested because of jerkops. Getting raped by pickleman.



>Chris]: "I am Chris chan sonichu, your goddess blue heart, and I continue to stand strong and I maintain everything but goodwill and my sonichus and rosechus and everybody"
[Ralph]: "You're about live to 30000 people Chris chan"
[Crowd guy]: "how do you plead?"
[Chris]: "well I" (cutoff or stopped talking)
[Ralph]: "so you said you're taking everything in stride and said you're good?"
[Chris]: "yeah, I keep (in/it) good faith, everything is going to work out"
[Ralph]: "doing good feeling good?"
[Chris]: "yeap"
[Ralph]: "how have the last few days been i know its been stressful"
[Chris]: "bit stressful but, I've taken it one moment at a time and, I have my loves"
[Crowd guy]: "Josh moon like, did you dirty?"
[Chris, not sure addressing Crowd guy or Cop]: "oh, well thats, just a one thing that you (get? muffled)
[Chris, talking to cop that begins to pat him down]: "feel free to- just go ahead and (take it? Thats just my little photo of my?)Muffins my little pony, I promise theres nothing besides that- it fell off my bag and I did not want to lose it
[Cop takes whatever Chris had][Chris]: "please i would like that (in/to) my collection"
[Ralph talks to Jessie cop begins patting down Chris]
[Cop talks to Chris, Chris talks but hard to hear what]
[Cop]: "do you have anything else on you"
[Chris]: " I have nothing else on me"
[Cop, sadly, has to touch Chris's manboobs probably tells him that]
[4:44 PM]
[Chris]: "I understand"
[Chris]: "i have no (keys?) I have no (drugs? Lol) on me, like I said, chris- (there you go hahah? Probably laughing at Cop touching his boobs)
[Chris]: "That felt good!"
[Cop]: "okay let's have a seat"
[Crowd guy] "Christine is the merge coming?"
[Chris]: "Its happening now were on the very last (merge? Break?)-
[Chris]: "were living it"
[Chris turns to Cops]: (I couldn't make anything out but Chris saying heroes, possibly explaining the merge to cops)
[Ralph]: "well there goes Chris chan"
Transcript of this video
If anyone has any questions as to what the hell is going on i'll try to answer, doing my best to keep up to date and make sure my postings about chris are true and honest. Here is the full leaked video of chris admitting shid, unedited unike the ones thats been circulating the net. https://youtube.com/watch?v=W6Sjs3ZM8-Q
Listen at your own peril.


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So what happened is that this ween or a-logger called 10anonymous who's a chrischan newfag, and a normalfag got chris's gaystation tag, and tried setting up chris for a date with her fren called fiona who's a tic-toker, but shid went down when she learned that chris commited incest after a gaystation call and some texts from chris. What does a attentionwhore do? leak this shid everywhere and milk all the drama thar comes from it. gaystation, plebbit, twotter, youtube, everywhere but she made the mistake of going to kiwifarms. They dont tolerate camwhores and she got b&, blocked, and they collected all information and still trying to piece togeather a factual account of events dispite getting flooded by newfags and dealing with her bullshid. She got doxed and it turns out she's a pedo and her name is kelly.
Null didn't think the pedo thing was factual but later he realised some information that chris sent him about dating some "50 year old" who's a fan of "adam west batman" (barbs favorite show) which he also bought recently along with a book on how to fuck disabled people. Some twitterfag named dillan who's sudo-frens with chris (felt pity on him for being an autist, made his own youtube series about chris) asked him about the incest thing and he downright said that he fucked his mom and so dillan cut ties. A good chunk of weens who also fucked with chris are cutting ties too.
TLDR bitch who (rightfully) fucked chris over was a degenrerate herself who just wants attention.

You rolled the number 529281613 (no dubs or higher)


Aren't some people over at kiwifarms implying she manipulated Chris into sexing his mom?


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>[Cop, sadly, has to touch Chris's manboobs probably tells him that]
>[Chris]: "That felt good!"

How this absolute retard ever reached the age of 39 I will never know.


More like cheered him on instead of telling him he's a dumbass


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Just imagine being a law student


File: charged.png (214.38 KB, 1378x598, 53:23, 1627913060418.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

The look on his face during the recording, and in his mugshot
He's livid


What a mess of a human being.


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The dimentional merge is happening!


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It's just sad to me. That childish innocence that everyone enjoyed is gone forever. If he didn't fuck his mom he'd be set for fucking life in isolation, writing sonichu and making decent money. Null saw that child stuck in chris-chans body and both protected him, and tried to help him live but it was too late, his mental illness and weens got the better of him.
cwckiforum users are leaving because the chris they like is truily gone
Just take a look around the internet now
Look at the state of things
Notice how normalfags know of chris now
What was once a private in-joke by a regular pornsite is now known by millions
What was once a fun internet, ran by a small number of otakus and geeks are now filled to the brim with normalfags and god knows what else
The garbage filling it, the drama and politics, its almost completely merged with reality so if you even look the wrong way you'll get arrested irl
Its like chris is the anti-christ and this is the book of revelation or the fall of rome.
The autists of the internet enjoyed chris and sonichu unironically, the shidty animu jokes, the people like miscreant joking about metal gear solid, LIQUID CHRIS (man i want him back just for one last time)


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I guess this is what it's like growing up. When I looked up "Chris-Chan" the other day I saw one of those shidty top 10s websites talking about him. This really feels like the end of old internet. The normies are everywhere. Internet is dominated by a handful of sites who commercialize the fuck out of it. 22chan really feels like the last bastion of old internet.


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press release just got out today


I just want him to end it already, fulfill his destiny


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He will fufill his destiny in jail like asperchu


uwe boll is hinting at making a fucking chris-chan movie https://youtube.com/watch?v=nxbJWHg1Ku0&pp=sAQA
Final pre-jail interview with chris
Another "longer" edition of the incest reveal chat, this time 21 minutes (it was a 4 hour chat mind you)
No clue how to honestly elaborate this autism but as previously stated, the "leakers" are just as autistic as chris
Weens stole chris-chans licenceplate and damaged his car
Also if you take a look at ebay everyone is cashing in their chrisorical artifacts for thousands of dollars


His "dream cast"
Chris - Jonah Hill
Bob - Kevin Spacey
Barbie - Annette Bening
M. Snyder - Tim Roth
Clyde Cash - Da Baby
Null - Steve Guttenberg
Mary Lee Walsh - Megan Fox
Detective - Bill Pullman
Cole - Daniel Baldwin
Billy Mays - Crispin Glover



His love quest is continuing in jail I see.


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>uwe boll is hinting at making a fucking chris-chan movie
>starring Jonah Hill

Uwe Boll is so insane. His movies aren't very good but he still gets mad respect for fucking pwning all those critics in the boxing ring.


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Oh god, imagine what those prison chicks will do to him once they learn he plowed his senile mom?


i imagine him getting harassed daily and getting his ass beat by some lesbo chick built like a body builder


File: 01-kevin-spacey-1.w700.h70….jpg (71.24 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1628103274709.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

kevin spacy as bob is killing me


File: imBnLpSXvg61qDDdEfvL6R4ITK….jpg (22.95 KB, 342x513, 2:3, 1628103559644.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


You rolled the number 683013750 (no dubs or higher)


Once they find out he's technically a rapist he's gonna get his ass pounded by some she-ogre with a makeshift strap-on.




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fast forward 15 minutes in

You rolled the number 416434183 (no dubs or higher)


this is now the future


Never thought I'd see mainstream American news discuss Chris-Chan.


now chris is exposed to a wider audience
[spoiler]shidty true crime teir youtube videos are gonna come in the thousands[/spoiler]
god it goes full circle doesnt it


For those who dont know about chris or generally needs a refresher i'll post these resources anyway
As >>11721 mentioned
Good because of how detailed and unbiased it is, he does gloss over the sonichu comic though.
This version by sachumo is ok but is slightly biased about chris, and is not as detailed due to it being an hour long. Take note of his other chris videos, where he gets a special ed teacher and a psychologist to weigh in on how they feel about chris which is honestly quite interesting. There should be the sonichu audiobook by vivan gee on youtube which is honestly the best way to enjoy sonichu, although it is quite old and missing some of the recent issues made by chris. Cwcki is also good but it's being nuked by a large influx of normalwatermelon addicts visiting and bioluminescent african hackers
[spoiler]going to be watching these myself because my christory is rusty and i would liek to compare his current situation to his previous antics.[/spoiler] i miss liquid but apparantly hes a famous cancer doctor so he's probably too busy to make videos. who would be an ideal actor to play liquid anyway?


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>god it goes full circle doesnt it
It really does. I love how over-dramatic that news report is lol. But seeing Chris-Chan becoming known by every normie out there feels like the last straw, like it officially marks the end of an era. Like normies have inevitably sniffed out the last unknown corner of the internet.


With the idea guys being gaystation normalfags, and the recent self proclaimed "rusemans" who "leaked" the infamous chat, a way normalfags themselves contributed to his downfall along with geno's doc which only helped expose chris to a larger audience.


It seems to me that everything the normies touch dies but I think Chris would've eventually done something to explode his life beyond repair anyway.


So chris had a fit in court and thus got an extention/needed mental health exam. He wrote to null how he's actually christ https://sonichu.com/cwcki/Chris%27s_letter_from_jail
and some ween visited his mom


I just came to this bread to post that letter. It's fucking wild lol, like more insane than usual for him. Full on psychosis shid.
I think people should leave his mom alone, poor lady's literally losing her mind.


He probably acting bonkers as a cope for his current shid life situation.


>Dimensional merge
He definitely must be the next prophet rofl

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