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Everybody and their cat recognizes that posting requires effort and that it's an art form, so why aren't there any awards for it?
ITT we will be celebrating the best of 22chan by deciding for each month what the best post was!


Let's start!
JULY 2021:
Submit posts POSTED THIS JULY here:
The seventh of august I'll collect all the submissions in a straw poll, and we'll pick a winner!
Until then, submit your favs! And remember, only july posts count!


I feel like this bread is a good idea because it encourages quality posting
I'll read all the breads and see what i can find.


The form is closed, we received 3 valid submissions. [spoiler] I'm sorry, but my mum was not posted in july on 22chan, so I'll have to exclude that option from the poll [/spoiler]
In a week we'll see the results and proclaim the winner!
Remember to only submit posts from august
This form will close a little after september starts, so you can submit anytime you see a cool new post till the end of august!


File: best_post_july_post.png (334.29 KB, 2604x1095, 868:365, 1629479563272.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Hi everyone! I'm delighted to announce that we have a winner for July!!!
We received an astonishing one (1) votes which let us determine unequivocally and objectively what post was the best of july!
.....drum roll...........
[spoiler] >>>/b/11511 [/spoiler]
On an unrelated note, we've already received a few august bp submissions! Keep 'em coming! Remember, just use the form posted above, as many times as you like, and that post you hold dear might just make it and become best of august! That's all, have a nice night
[spoiler]P.S. To the anon who keeps insisting my mum is the best thing 22chan has seen: my mother was posted several times in this bread >>>/sewers/3863 so you'll have to indicate which exact post you are referring to. thank you. btw why don't you tell her? I think she'd be flattered![/spoiler]


Hooray! Hes famous! (´▽`ʃƪ)
Is the original poster here, and does he have anything to say?


best photoshop


next time you do a poll, can you add a discription as to what the thread is about like
httpenis:22chan.org/b/666 (thread about OP being gay)


Yes. That's a good idea, definitively will make it less confusing to vote. Thanks for the suggestion


I am the OP of the winning post. I am flattered and honored by all you anons. I hope my victory inspires other anons to make quality posts for our beloved 22chan.


Alright everyone! August has come to an end, and I'm glad to say it has brought us many quality posts. But which will be the Best Post Of August?
Time to find out!
Here are clickable links for the options:
https://22chan.org/b/res/11814#11823 (Must...not...post...goatse...)
https://22chan.org/yu/res/2751#2760 (Instead of circle-jerking, we should focus on improving the situation)
https://22chan.org/t/res/38#523 (Objecton.lol about 22chan)
https://22chan.org/b/res/3610#11920 (Maracas cat OC)
https://22chan.org/b/res/11597#11922 (Twoot's embedded poll introduction)
Entire IceCube Saga: https://22chan.org/sewers/res/3863
https://22chan.org/yu/res/1597#2778 (What I am fearful of, and extremely so, is to die without having lived)
22chan.org/sewers/res/3420#3916 (Deleted post. Vocaroo of a guy reading the whole bread with heavy effects, hastily deleted in shame soon after posting) Well, since someone liked it, here it is anew: https://vocaroo.com/16o2GTErRUOj . Yes it is me. Small 22chan world, huh?
https://22chan.org/yu/res/1532#2794 (Life is short, anons)
...You know what? I started this thing ironically out of boredom. Let's be honest, it's pretty goofy to pick a "best post" each month for an ib. But I was curious to see how it'd go. Now looking at these submitted posts I can say... huh, sometimes we get alright posts. And no, my mum is NOT an option


>it's pretty goofy to pick a "best post"
I think it's alright but I think name/tripfags should be excluded from participating. I'm not saying we have many of those but at the start of this thread I started thinking, could anons start namefagging for a likelier chance to win? Could it lead to some stupid situation where we'll have anons going "Hey guys I make a lot of cool posts so vote for my posts I'm a cool guy lol" or otherwise making some effort to stand out?


>small 22chan world, huh?
We always watch, we nevar 4get


I think this is the kind of thing that should be self-regulated. If anons dislike people abusing namefagging, then they will not vote for posts with that problem. Currently though that seems of no concern
expecto patronum?


Seems like theres a tie so far


File: best_post_august.png (616.3 KB, 2362x1600, 1181:800, 1631298731007.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand..... WE HAVE A WINRAR!
Congratulations to all the posters in bread https://22chan.org/sewers/res/3863 , you are officially declared winners! Yes, this time the entire bread wins the Best Post Of The Month Award! The prize money will be evenly distributed among current bread posters (0$ so that's easy)
By the way, I'm delighted to say that this month we had 5x the voters compared to last time! If this growth continues proportionally, by January 2022 we'll be having 3125 votes! Isn't that awesome?
Now, here is the September form:
Submit any September posts that you like, and you'll have a chance of seeing your favorite post end up in 22chan history!


wow im rich now


nice shoop


Good stuff, OP.


bumpan for September nominations


shid i forgot about this

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