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I was part of the moderation team of two non-anglo imageboards, one of which was kinda big by altchan standards. I did it for free (mostly) and regardless of what you might think, it was both fun and fullfilling. However, it got kinda tiresome at some point and I left. I miss those days though because I had something to pass time. So I decided to make a bread here after some time wandering around different chans, both anglos and non-anglos, until I came across 22chan and decided it was the right place to make such bread. So ask me anything!
Also thanks for the anons who answered my questions about the tripcode.


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Ok you know what? I'm done. Just ask anything and inpersonate me if you want. I guess it will be funny.


Okay, I've been wondering if people in different countries have different taste in animu, like if there are any that are obscure here but popular in other places, or vice-versa. Also, any novel foreign shidposting techniques would be appreciated if you know some.


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Well I'm currently watching Azumanga Daioh and the Yokohama OVAs. My taste in animu is mostly slice of life and moe stuff. We got a really big elitist group of people in my native tonge which is disgusting in my opinion because they take chinese cartoons too seriously. About obscure stuff, I was lucky I could watch Doremi and other similar animu like the first Pretty Cure generation when I was a kid.
Also lots of jewtube drama on the animu board, specially in the bigger imageboard.


what do you mean by (mostly) free?


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One of the admins used to buy me nice food sometimes but it was more because we were frens than because I was a mod thoigh I find it funny to think that I was getting paid with food lole


What's your opinion on the imageboard format in general?


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For me, imageboards are the best thing to ever happen on the internet. Infinite source of creativity, hidden gems, sincerity and most importantly; lulz. They are so simple yet have some learning curve like when I messed up the tripcode because not every IB works the same way and that's fucking amazing. They are my main social interaction. I despise social media and forums becuase I don't feel welcome. Chans are my home. I belong to them. And they are an important part of me.
I don't think they are obsolete as some people claim. We are still here after all. Someday I would like to make my own imageboard in my native language. I really miss being a janny.


did you meet any interesting people on the boards you moderated, like lolcows and such?

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I guess if you consider flooders like low-tier lolwcows then yeah. Some of them spent their time flooding like it was something cool and edgy. Then you read their post history and they are just pathetic. I remember once there was a flooder who forgot to turn his proxy On, so he posted from his real IP adress.
However, I also meet really nice and frenly people. In fact, some of my best frens come from imageboards.


Did the chans you moderated start to deteriorate? If so, how'd it happen?
Also, what do you think of 4chan and its current state?


Fun and fulfilling? I thought moderating to be awful
Anyway I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed your time on imageboards. Do you have any interesting/fun stories to tell from your time moderating on those chans?
Also, how do you deal with "gray area" stuff? When it's not entirely clear whether something breaks the rules. What about very bad posts that do follow the rules?


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Yeah specially the bigger one started to go to shid due to bad decisions made by the admin. We lost like half our userbase and it became so shidty I decided to leave. Chans do deteriorate when you don't gatekeep and even more if you are constantly looking for trouble (for example allowing stolen nudes, murder threats, etc).
a regular pornsite is past the point of no return. Now it's not only the staff not doing their "job" but also the userbase which has become more normalized and tribalistic due to politics and such. It's so nice that 22chan decided to delete /pol/, wish more imageboards did the same.
So gatekeeping and a good administrarion are the key for an imageboard to mantain the quality.
>I thought moderating to be awful
Sometimes it's not that nice. For example on Christmas I got the feeling of wasting my life like you wouldn't believe. Nothing more sad than spending your holydays whipping the shid out of a community which hates you with a passion. Yeah it could get really annoying sometimes and the userbase complaining 24/7 no matter what you did was even worse but in the end it was fun and helped me killing time when I was bored
>Do you have any interesting/fun stories to tell from your time moderating on those chans?
Sometimes a few mods and me randomly b& each other for fun like a war between us lol. Also there was a pedo mod I called out in front of the admin but he decided to ignore me. I think the admin was a pedo himself too. It was frustrating back then but now I find it funny. All chan owners are kinda weird for some reason or another.
We used to make events for our imageboard, those were nice too.
>Also, how do you deal with "gray area" stuff? When it's not entirely clear whether something breaks the rules. What about very bad posts that do follow the rules?
We didn't do anything unless the rules were broken though some breads for example breads were anons talked about their love for little girls were deleted or highly monitored because even if it was just plain text with no pics, it was a matter of time that pedos will come and spam their shid. About violence or politically incorrect stuff we didn't delete anything until almost the end of my "career" because some anons actually did the stuff they claimed they will do so we couldn't allow such breads anymore. It's indeed tricky to enforce rules and keeping the board safe while also defending free speech.


>Chans do deteriorate when you don't gatekeep
Hear hear. This is why I like how hard 22chan is gatekept.


What type of events?


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Well we did some meetings in virtual places such as Worlds.com and Gikopoi. Also made a radio/podcast show too. It's fun to organize events for an imageboards, specially to celebrate the site's aniversary.


That does sound quite fun


What type of food was it?


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It was yeah!
Usually it was icecream or nice meals from fast food places like Burger King or Subway.
Ah, I miss those good old days~


Was there any interesting breads on the boards you moderated that stood out to you?

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Lots of breads. I remember an anon who put a katana up in his anus just because the dices said so. Or that time we tried to make a fake cult just to scare normalfags. And all the fun with Minecraft servers and those pixel canvas websites...


>katana up his ass
oh god did he even live, i dont think its possible to survive that!
>fake cult to scare away normalfags
lol, thats a classic. would be fun to do one of these days.


Besides moderating and animu, what other things do you like?


i agree, just because one or two *chans are toxic, doesn't mean they are all bad. i think more and more people will move to imageboards after dealing with nonsense that happens in forums.


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>he did it for free


> I think more and more people will move to imageboards after dealing with nonsense that happens in forums.
When is this going to happen? a regular pornsite has been terrible for years and still, anons go back for more. I am not trying to be negative, but most anons who claim to hate a regular pornsite have Stockholm syndrome.


He did it for food

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