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This thread is dedicated to Lilly, my favorite cat, who passed away about a year ago. I still miss her very much. I knew her for about 16 years, and we were best frens. Every time I would visit, she'd immediately know it's me and i would give her the best pets.

RIP Lilly, I hope you're in cat heaven :((((


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Lilly was truly best cat


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Portrait of lilly with my lil brother in the background


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Lilly chilling in the shade


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Comfy cat


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Me giving her good pet


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Sitting on the porch


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Scratchy ear


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Majestic cat


She'd sit on my lap, and we'd cuddle. She never sat on someone else's lap or let someone else cuddle with her as much as with me. She'd always know when I come over and wait for me at the door.


I feel you, twoot. Losing a fren is always hard. Was she a Siamese? I had a Siamese cat named Carlos many years ago. My parents put him down because he started pissing everywhere in the house. They said he had gone senile. I don't think he was, I think something else was the matter. Don't think I'll ever truly forgive them for it.


I'm not quite sure if she was Siamese. She wasn't my cat, but the cat of one of my dads frens who we used to visit often. Lilly was 18 or 19 in the end I think and she was still in top shape, but she got sick about a year ago and was in constant pain until she passed away one day. I'm still regretting not being able to comfort her in her last moments and being able to say goodbye. I knew her since I was a baby, as we used to visit the fren multiple times a year. Now i'm 20 so i've known her for more than 18 years. She used to have a sister who ran away when I was still pretty young. Her sister had really long hair and was kinda crazy, but with Lilly everyone who knew her knew that me and her had a special bond like nobody else. I regret not spending more time with her and enjoying the limited time we always had together.


I wasn't able to visit her due to corona when she became sick (the fren of my dad lives on a Spanish island). So one day, my dad just told me that she had passed away.


That's rough. Don't kick yourself over how it ended, hold on to the memories you have. They start fading away faster than you think. I'm sure they comforted her until the end.


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This is how she used to lay on my lap while i was petting her


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She used to always be out exploring


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What's her personality like?


She was really sweet and always enjoyed being pet. She hated dogs and would attack them if some came in. She only allowed a few people to pet her and never sat on anyone's lap except mine.


some cats do things like pawfolding, did lilly have any odd quirks like that?


Isn't it called making biscuits when they knead?


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