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Work thread. Pic unrelated


day 3
>be me, Baker the painter
>nothing unusual to report on today about Ted, bit of bickering between him and the wife over cheese.
>around lunch time wife of Ted leaves.
>Ted makes conversation with me. tells me a story i like to call
>"the time Ted kicked a small child down a hill"
>bit of a classic but nothing too extravagent.
>Ted's on a train that's carrying a big load.
>typical Australian train, 75 carriges fully loaded with coal.
>Because of the boiler infront of the train, you can't really see imediatly infront of you
>but that doesnt matter becasue it takes 3 miles to stop a fully loaded train going at 45 miles an hour
>so anything that's imediatley infront of you is already dead.
>these are wise words from a man who's a probably few sandwiches short of picnic.
>anyway, one day he see's a child on the track ahead of him.
>He pulls the cable for the wistle and the child is still on the tracks up ahead
>now he's only going about 45 miles an hour, not enought time to stop.
>He pulls on the brakes and pulls the wsitler again.
>He decides he has to climb out and try move the child himself.
>He does so, and climbs up the front of the train, holding onto the boiler rail
>H'es standing there with his feet on the bridge board and says he needs both hands to hold himself on.
>He thinks "well how the hell am i going to move this bloody child"
>He squats down and lifts his left foot as the train is about to squish them,
>and kicks the child off the track and down into the embankment.
>*I'm thinking this guys a fucking hero* but still a few sandwiches short of a picnic.
>And then he scurrys back inside and relaeses the brakes to continue his journey
>Ted finds out it later it was a boy and he's alright.
>Ted's boss gives him a couple of weeks off for the traumer
>but there was no traumer, Ted yells with a smile
>So i got to save a child and take a couple of weeks off.
>I'm thinking *cool story bro, I'm just here to colour your house in though*
>tomorow is my last day


wew interesting story

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