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I thought it'd be fun to work together on making a website about 22chan on neocities
We could put OC there, have pages about our characters/memes, or just anything really. Have fun!
The site: https://22chan.neocities.org/
To modify it just login here: https://neocities.org/signin
password: announcebananapelicanwolrd


Did you take any precautionary measures to secure it? It would be sad if someone did something rude like hijack, or delete it. Overall my HTML skills are quite limited so the changes i can make are quite limited lol, soon i'll learn enough so i can upload an image of a cat.


I have an email connected to the account, so hopefully it shouldn't be easy to just change the password/steal it
However there's no protection over the content itself. I don't think it's a big deal, it's unlikely anyone here will care enough to try to damage the site. Though making backups every now and then seems like a good idea


I added a cat, my life is complete now.


Truily i am a master programmer!


Nice. Hopefully more people will join in with time
I did some stuff, added some pics, and I'm afraid the site's got aids now


No no, clearly graphic design is your passion


hmmm what other cool stuff could be added


Anything you like from/about 22chan could be used as material. 22chan internet rules, OC characters, any OC in general. Maybe we could have some wiki-style content, or you could add random images you like. Document 22chan history, make a page for every board, make a page containing every OC ever posted.....,
The possibilities are endless
If you make a new page don't be afraid to add links at the top of the main one. Actually, if you are filled with inspiration you can rewrite it, just save the old one as index2 or oldindex. [spoiler]I'm a bit ashamed of it to be honest, but it's better than nothing at all[/spoiler]


i added an unordered list at the bottom of the page where you are welcome to write the name of your favorite pet


the 404 page is neat, also i added an image that was made a while back although it's a bit big lol


i added max-width: 100%l, that should make it fit without loosing the unprofessional look :)




Someone changed the password?


Hey everyone, I have the page back. We're lucky the wayback had it archived pretty recently, because I was stupid enough to forget to make backups. So yeah, I'm restoring it right now
Extremely funny.


I've restored the page to how it was 9th of july
Of course, leaving a page open for anybody to edit meant this was inevitable (>>10829 is wise), but honestly I'd hoped nobody would've bothered
What now? I can give you the new password, but then this will happen again. Do you anons have any ideas?


What the hell are you even talking about?


Is it possible to restore the site again?


Interesting. You still had the session active despite me changing the password? Sounds like a security problem on neocties part, I should probably write to them
It is restored, and can be restored as many times as necessary... hopefully


Do so please, and keep the password private for now.


that was me after making a change :D
knew something like this would fail soon enough


thank u 4 ur service, we'd be fugged if you didn't archive it


Thanks man


we can always talk it out in [spoiler]livechan[/spoiler]

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"hey i just found this bread and i want to integrate ruffle so maybe we can add the flashes from /f/ on the site


sounds like an interesting idea


i hope op says the same thing


Nice idea. Sadly neocities apparently doesn't allow swf files
Also ruffle might have some issues too:
>You'll need to make sure your web server is configured to serve .wasm files correctly, so please visit our wiki if you need help with that.
Wasm is also missing from the neocities "allowed file types" list.
So it seems unlikely this will work, but it's worth looking into
I'm very busy at the moment but I'll make an attempt hopefully by the end of the week
Good idea. See you guys there then


can you make it public to change stuff to it cause i want to add some stuff but i cant cause that fag ruined it


If I share the password he might do it again. How about we try a different approach?
>site name: 22chandemo
>password: [spoiler]ganjZv3vpbzXVeX[/spoiler]
Make the changes you like, then when you're finished report to this bread. I'll update the main page (https://22chan.neocities.org)
If you're afraid someone's gonna delete your changes, you can download the site once you've finished. From the dashboard, under the list of files there are some links, click the second one.


Big mistake, 11494 probably was baiting you. Take a look at the 22chan demo page.


File: transparent-bg-designify.png (160.01 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1626311352901.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here is a pic of percy walking away, please add it to the neocities!

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It seems neocities security isn't as good as I had hoped, and I can't regain control of the demo. I've written to neocities on their contact page, if I hear from them I'll let you guys know
As it currently stands, if you want to contribute you need to make your changes available to me in this bread. For example you can do this:
>1. Download the latest version of the website
I'll be uploading them in this bread.
>2. Modify the webpage on your computer locally
>3. Upload the result somewhere and post ITT
Here's the current website contents: https://files.catbox.moe/d5jqhr.zip
Here's a quick tutorial on how to do the above:
>Download the zip file and extract the contents in some folder (right click, "extract all")
>Open "index.html" (or any other page you want to modify) in your browser
>Also open the "index.html" file in notepad, where it'll display the html so you can modify it
>Keep both notepad and browser open
Now you're ready to start editing
>Edit the site on notepad, save, switch to the browser and refresh to see the result. Repeat till satisfied
>To add images, drop them in the folder where "index.html" is (and add the <img> tag as usual)
>Once you're happy with your edits, compress the folder with the site to a zip file (right click the folder, "send to", "zip file")
>Upload to catbox.moe


The page is deleted, i think neocities did their thing!

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Add new 22chan flag please


I still see it. Haven't gotten a reply form neocities either.
You mean this? https://22chan.org/i/res/1065#1072


the non trippy one but after thinking about it, i'm not sure which one's the offical flag or not lol


I'm the anon that made the trippy flag but Twoot hasn't recognized any one of them as the "official" flag. In hindsight the trippy one might be a bit much, it would make us look like some LSD forum lol. I still think the flag should have some sort of background behind the two-headed cat.


It does have a background, but it blends in if you use the futaba theme


Sorry, I meant something more distinct than just solid color.


Added the flag. Hover over it with your mouse for extra fun

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