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Is odysee any good ??? Some people say use bitchute and others say use odysee. I kinda like odysee's layout


I saw bitchute being used a lot for political stuff as an alternative to youtube but they ended up censoring some things so it's been kinda 'shaky' there. vidlii is another alternative but imo it doesn't have much value apart from posting stuff that's too racist for jewtube.
On first glance I like the softer looking layout odysee has, but the content looks like mostly gen-z, sjws and hipsters would watch/upload, so it's not really attractive to me in that regard. It also seems to be full of retarded money scams lol: "EARN 1 BITCOIN IN JUST 17 HOURS" and shid like that.


I enjoy using bitchute as a containment for the political content I watch. The app bitslide, which I think is now removed from the play store, allows me to turn off my phone while I am on my daily walk. The problem with Bitchute is that it is laggy and, I need a good connection for videos to run smoothly. Odysee appears to be a better website to me technologically, but I don't understand anything. The front page seems more varied in types of content. I am unaware of the quality, but it is a welcome change to what Youtube pushes.


A looked into vidlii and its pretty simplistic, not a big user base though, but who really cares as long as theres people uploading


Were the videos any good OP? Please elaborate on the content uploaded. Are the uploads mirror Youtube content or, is it original content?


most of the content seems to be able to be found on jewtube


That goes to show how sadly, a large amount of content on the internet is consolidated on just a few websites. Youtubers probably upload there in hopes the algorithms on alternative platforms will get them more well known or simply use these sites as an archive. There are fewer people to compete with but, there are fewer fans to gain. Video sharing sites remind me of a regular pornsite and every other imageboard. While a regular pornsite isn't known nowadays for the high-quality content, they have all the people and have a higher volume of content. The current state of the internet makes me sad.


I forgot to ask but, what brought you to Odysee?


there's a limit of how long your video can be, 25 minutes to be exact. Not sure what rules they have either


Yeah, there is a limit to alternative platforms in general. Odysee doesn't have as much money or features as Youtube. Odysee doesn't seem to have as much trouble loading as bitchute. Odysee is less prone to censorship in regards to politics or controversial subjects. That is good enough in my opinion.


It's basically youtube, but based on a thing similar to torrents. However they still rely heavily on their servers for now (to make everything available) and it seem the infrastructure is still developing (neither the website nor the android app have seeding functionality)
They also have a crypto
It's definitively one very interesting alternative to youtube
Check out lunduke! He's quit youtube (removed all his old vids) and only uploads on other platforms
People who make videos usually want them to be seen. It makes sense, it's not something wrong
Now, they can leave to join alternative platforms, but only if enough people are ready to support/join them. If you really care about this stuff, you should probably check out alternatives to youtube/major media. They exist, it's just that most people don't really care, despite the enormous amounts of complaining you hear everywhere


Whew, that's not exactly true from what it says in the guidelines unless they pick and choose. And if they pick and choose when need be like say, a guy saying watermelon addict is ok and wont get b&, but a guy saying "lynch a watermelon addict" and showing a pic of some dead watermelon addict (for which then the guy gets b& for posting) then i can understand. But i'm not too sure how liberal they are with the rules they have, like other said it seems like a copy-paste of youtubes rules.



That's a pretty nice channel. Personally i still watch youtibe videos, and i'll just surf for non political content from time to time on youtube (old radio plays from the 50's, ect) But i'm guessing i'm eventually going to run out. When that happens only then i'll get off my fat ass and start exploring alt-youtube platforms for content.


Rumble's a newer platform but again, political.


both seem like interesting alternatives

You rolled the number 534554658 (no dubs or higher)


some news for rumble
trump bought it recently. also it has an interesting feature where you can watch it offline even without wifi>>10555

You rolled the number 11799445 (no dubs or higher)


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Both have the same problem they only show you the sites and videos they want to , le old YouTube had an all videos which made you discover more videos,(with the extra of seeing the ratings of YouTubers you liked), so you would discover content you never would ever seen. Now you consume only the content which is at display.
Modern censorship on those sites(YouTube ,Odysee,Bitchiute,etc) , isn't to delete videos,(which all do, even Odysee as it isn't 100% decentralized),but to make it nearly imposible to see it.Yeah maybe you could see more interesting and mind provoking videos that have 1 sub and 12 views in total and it never shows in you recommended.

>TLDR There should be an all videos option ,so people could discover new content


I never thougt about that. Much better then that dumb "reccomended videos" feature that youtube has.


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Currently, Odysee has an Android app. It is unlikely to stay up for long, so I downloaded it.

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