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so i am interested in several language liike
korean, japanese, canto, taiwanese, french, vietnamese,
thai, chinese... and i dont want to appear like foreigner

what do i do to learn evwryones culture and blend innproperly

i also dont know how to focus and is doing all these things to...expand my range of skills... mommy said.

she used to say focus on some things but that backfired abit so now i too dont believe in focusing anymore it s confusing

hahaha pls suggest anything is welcome


where are you even from my g, seems like english certainly aint your first language so maybe try polishing that up a bit first


why am i feeling so angry at this commentary

it seems like its wasting my time

how do you even polish things up. and they told me to expand my knowledge already and shid like that
also whats a g?
is that english


first of all, drop the gay plebbit spacing.
second of all, im just stating the obvious, check up on youtube or literally anywhere really on how native speakers speak the language, because right now youre sticking out like a sore thumb.
>my g
as in, "my guy," local slang.


lol, are you even local. do you even have frens? do you even like anyone?

i dont think you like anyone that much even than yourself.

pls just post me good links to other languages or even "polishing" english
cuz your gay plebbits arent helping me right now


plebbits calling plebbits

this white watermelon addict class materials
normfaggers on normfaggers





Which culture are you interested in anyhow?


anything that can make money lots currently lol...
korean and chinese cuz its trending

japan cuz i learnt abit and animu and tokusatsus r still cool

viet and thai cuz... idk?

and french and canto cuz its brirish idk

i am trying to reach business level success ofc so idk being polyglot seems to help people be smart and shid?


sorry i got excited. i like all cultures equally but i guess i french, canto, and jp and kor is prioriry. chiense and tw next.


>french and canto cuz its brirish
you what g french aint bri'ish innit


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y y lulwhat do you know

yer all white watermelon addict shid

sorry i cant tel


..i didnt type addict cuz thats insulting af


>watermelon addict
choose one dipshid


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itt: ?




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