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Share what you think of as a great thread/thread idea


Something that makes anons want to talk is a good element of a thread. If the anons are interested in discussing the thing you just brought up, your thread will get the attention your thread deserves. For example if you talk in /vg/ about what your currently doing in gaming it would be interesting personally to see what other anons are doing in the games ie what they are playing. These subjects are thing you and your frens in real life may talk about. There are exceptions to interesting threads being good. Bait threads is pure garbage that only exists to be annoying or subversive. Another element of a thread that is good is being well thought out. If you have a more intelligent initial thought there will be fewer people who will complain within the thread which can derail the conversation. >>10158


Create /x/ - paranormal


Elaborate please. How is that a good thread?


My personal rating list of threads by type:
>1. Collaborative OC
examples: The updated "rules of the internet" thread, the ms paint cards thread
>2. Personal OC made by OP
examples: the current /i/ story thread, the cgi thread
>2(yes, same position). When something really cool and interesting gets shared
examples: there was a thread about the old webcomic "minus". I'm really grateful for that thread, as I not only really enjoyed reading minus, but also read a few other comics by Ryan Armand and now occasionally post his drawings
>3. Rest (Conversations/discussions/shidpost)
Ultimately what makes a thread good are in great part the replies, so I guess when making one you aren't in complete control: sometimes it won't take off and it's fine
I guess with discussion threads, it's better to make the thread more centered on the question rather than your opinion about it (which can be difficult)


Good reply! I have a few questions. Are most threads on 22chan quality? What number does most thread fall under?


It would be hard to say if most are quality, but the moderation team I assume tries their hardest to remove any low quality threads as it's in the rules. Although /sewers/ is often let off with more things than any other board as it's well, /sewers/.


Post stuff related to that subject matter in the pre existing threads. and if anougth people care, twoot will probably make a board or something.


Also /trash/ for the worst of the worst. /sewers/ is for well thought out shidposting while /trash/ is low quality garbage.


Yes, pretty much


>well thought out shidposting while /trash/ is low quality garbage
Low-quality shidposts are garbage because they are self servering and tend only to be funny to the poster themselves. High-quality shidposting while being not normalfag is interactive to other people.


A good thread is one where you want to come back later and check the replies, even if there are no more posts for days or weeks.


The guy you replied to here. Most threads here fall under category 3, but I guess that's because I generalized that one a bit too much. Anyway these were the categories of threads that I like, I didn't include types I don't enjoy (like bait threads)
>Are most threads on 22chan quality?
I think so


I don't really know, but I know it when I see it, and this isn't one


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and to add this post, OP isn't dead (if the thread requires an OP) and he's there to reply even though it's a dead thread.


I think another thing that makes threads good is the ability is to make sure if people care about it. if they dont, dont shill it! let it die out and if anything try to make a better version of it, even asking how a thread can be made in a way to interest people might be good.


I think what also makes a good thread is related to a small altchans with too many boards. try to have one thread about one topic. an example is if you take a look right now, there's like 5 threads about aliens and cooking/food where in reality there should at least be one, and you can make another but in a way that it fits the board. so like in /b/: food/cooking thread, then in /yu/: emotions and memories related to food/cooking but overall if you have too many threads about the same topic on several boards it'll honestly just die right there or at least be hard to post on.

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