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And i mean absolutely anything, beginning from touhou and ending with mongolian throat singing techniques.
I want for you to participate actively!
Yes, i'm looking at you, anon.
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Remilia is fucking sexy

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I've been thinking about this for a while now.
I'll start off with a practical example. Let's say we have a normalfag meme - an image of a large cat with one of (((their))) traditional captions along the lines of "when you fat nigga fortnite." The cat itself is not a normalfag thing, now is it. I'd wish to share this cat with 22chan but it's repulsive in it's current state and it's a normalfag thing, that breaks the rules.
Is it somehow possible to "de-normify" this meme? Cat pic might not be the best example because the answer would be just to crop it and post solely the cat without unnecessary normalnig captions. But how would it be done
Surely it must not be forgotten that there are memes/jokes which cannot be de-normified at all, let's say some (((thanos))) or (((fortnite))) shid being the image or video itself. (effectively being double-aids, and double-aids is incurable)
So, can it be countered by making our own format? How would it look like? How easy would it be to make it?
And is it a thing that should be done at all?
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Personally I also enjoy meta-memes, which is when a meme makes fun of itself/other memes
Pic related to me seems to poke fun at the idea of the original meme (which I suppose was "1 person out of 3 is gay")
Here you save some components of the original meme but it's also something new meaning-wise
(mods delete the pic if you want)


In my opinion, a good meme usually creates itself.


Yeah, quality memes are not forced; they are natural and are used tastefully.

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Why did a regular pornsite go to hell? if we can answer that question in detail the issues that caused it to go downhill could be tackled in a new website and a potential revival of quality imageboard culture could be created, through site design and new moderation techniques the pitfalls of the original could be avoided and a proper revival could potentially could be in the cards.
I have a few ideas that could be implemented in this hypothetical website but moar would be great
1. Forcing posts to be uploaded HTML documents could weed out exceptionally stupid people who cant computer
2. This brilliant device http://stupidfilter.org/main/index.php?n=Main.HomePage could ensure a minimum quality of posts in this hypothetical imageboard.
3. Forced lurking periods in times of large influxes of new users
Is this idea retarded or do you think some new experimental quality control should be implemented somewhere? I would like to know your thoughts on this.
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Meh, we would like the users that visit our site to use 22chan primarily. We are our own site and that is very clear. 3chan.co (if that is the 3chan you are referring to) has soyjaks and porn and that breaks our rules. It would be foolish to team up with them because we have different priorities.
Are you referring to the altchan alliance or federation?


You must be mistaken, i'm reffering to the directory the other anon is talking about. One of them is called buffalo world or something of that sort, then all those altchan lists on like ED also counts.


it got too big and normalniggers started using it

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Would it be considered a form of wit to perform an action (like texting, knocking on a bedroom door, using the bathroom, etc) at a specific time? Times like: 1:45, 5:02, 11:35 (or the inverses of these numbers). Does anyone else find that numbers can have a meaning? Especially when it's related to something in pop culture, like 42, the meaning of life, or 007, license to kill. Furthermore, some numbers sound like parts of words, like the number 8 sort of sounds like the word "Hate", it also sounds exactly like the word "Ate". One more example is the number 9, which is a lot like the German word for "No" ("Nein").

Would it be far fetched to think people try to communicate something by doing this? Same goes for how someone decides to dress, what they wear for the day (what it may resemble).


Culture does assign meaning to numbers. Then, if you think about stuff like religion it gets even more intense.
7, 3, 2, 1, 5, 10, 12, 24, 13, 17...
They are all more than just numbers to us at this point. I'm not sure about the assonance part, at least personally I haven't noticed it much (except on the internet with stuff like "m8" or 1337)
I don't think most people will perform actions at a specific times in order to communicate something. That sounds like something from a spy movie
But numbers, and our feelings for them is something fascinating if you think about it. My little brother assigns a color to each number

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Todays a sleepy caturday.


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the last picture of longcat ever taken pic related :(
also a nice song

You rolled the number 705030928 (no dubs or higher)

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Post and discuss spooky stuff
If you want to discuss politics go to >>>/pol/
No larping or or shilling your args (i'm looking at you fleshfags)
No debunkers plz

Related threads :

>Paranormal general




>Halloween thread


You rolled the number 439592546 (no dubs or higher)
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I am not sure how this fits into this thread, but whenever I jump on the trampoline in the dark my mind conjures an ostrich down the hill standing with two trees.


standing between two trees?


I found a really cool lovecraft choose your own adventure type game
i mean look at that, they went as far to get an actor wearing make-up to make him look like a zombie! (depending if you made the choice i made at the begining lol)

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Every time when you are visiting this magnificent place, you are obliged to create an album cover, because, this is 22 fucking better chan GODDAMMIT!
Explained instructions;
- go to wikipedia (random article), this is your band name
- go to wikiquote, (random quote), the last 3 - 5 words of the first quote is your album title
- go to wikimedia commons, random file is your cover album
- combine in photoshop and post the results!
>picrel is an example
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hi im new


welcome anon! i hope you'll enjoy your stay


That looks like something out of a folk band

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What is the natural disaster you are most afraid of?
Tornado? Tsunami? Volcanoes, meteorites?
I guess it depends a lot on where you live
I'm not really afraid of them, but if I had to pick one I'd go with floods or earthquakes. They do most of the damage here
Also share stories about them
I once saw a whirlwind in the sea. It didn't do much luckily, just kinda was there, then disappeared after a while
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I prefer the ocean because if you are aware of your surroundings and not an idiot you should be fine. I am more cautious in the ocean which helps me stay safe. But the issues of being on the beach are unavoidable for the most part. If you stay out in the sun for too long or you don't apply just enough sunscreen you are sunburned. If the sand is hot today it is unbearable to walk the beach unless you are by the water. Sand will always get in your shoes one way or another.


If you want anyone to read your post, don't make the first sentence "my story isn't that interesting."
Maybe save that comment for the end. I didn't read your post because I am uninterested in reading uninteresting posts.


what was the town? sounds like the sort of thing that happens in aus from time to time

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I'm making this thread because i have made a delicious coffee discovery.
I made a strawberry coffee milkshake with varying heat levels.
Here is the recipe for anyone else who wants to make it.
Step one: make a cup of coffee, I used a nescafe gold medium for the coffee, i also had one sugar in it with a bit of milk.
Step Two: get some strawberry syrup, any type will do.
Step Three: put around 250-500ml of milk into a blender.
Step Four: put 50-100ml of strawberry syrup into the blender, the exact number can vary due to concentration.
Step Five: put coffee into blender.
Step Six: Blend all ingredients.
Step Seven: pour into what ever cup you want and enjoy.
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Seeing that is starting to turn into summer in the southern hemisphere and winter for the northern hemisphere i made a new recipe for you that works both cold and hot.
It is called Ginger Coffee.
Here is the recipe for anyone else who wants to make it.
Step One: Get about 250-400ml of Bundaberg Ginger Beer. (for you people in the states idk if they have it but try it with any ginger beer of equal quality)
Step Two: Pour the ginger beer into a glass bottle or any other microwave safe liquid holder.
Step Three: Set the microwave to go for 1-2 minutes change the amount depending on how how powerful your microwave is.
Step Four: Pour the ginger beer into your preferred coffee cup.
Step Five: Add coffee into the coffee cup.
Step Five.Five: Watch as it does the weird fizz thing due to you adding coffee into a carbonated drink.
Step Six: Enjoy.
Step Seven (optional): wait until it as at the perfected temperature that you like, add some ice as it makes it cold quick.

I have not tried this with milk as i was worried about it curdling, nor have i tried just not heating it up before adding it into the coffee but try either things at your own risk of you ruining a perfectly good ginger beer.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


interesting. also hello fellow ausfag, though i dont live there at the moment


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I make this whenever I need some comfort food, its very comfy. You need is a cup of lentils, two-three cups of broth, a few pieces of celery, two carrots, 1/2 of an onion, and some garlic cloves, though the veggies are optional. You can pretty much use whatever you have available, frankly.
First, wash the lentils. Then place them in the pot with two cups of water. Boil it, then turn down the heat. Cook the lentils until most of the water is evaporated (~20-30 min). They should be chewy, but not hard. While you wait, you can chop the vegetables.
Next, add two cups of broth and a cup of water (or three cups of broth). Add in the carrots and garlic immediately. After 5 minutes, add the celery and onion. Cook everything until most of the water evaporates (20-30 min). Drain and serve.
You can eat them as is, pair them with another meal, put them in a soup, lots of options. Very filling too.
Unrelated but this reminded me of when I was 9 or 10, my mom took me into the kitchen and said, "I will teach you how to cook so if I die, you won't starve." I was freaked out as a child but its pretty funny looking back.
Sorry for amerifat measurements, you'll have to convert them.

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Welcome to /mmc/ the thread general for organized online watching, playing and listening.

Official? Cytu.be: https://cytu.be/r/22chan

Guide for the script installing in case we need Jewgle Drive in cytu.be: https://github.com/calzoneman/sync/wiki/Google-Drive-Userscript-Installation-Guide
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star wars ep3 today at 21:00 cest
since it didnt happen last time


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shid fuck cunt jewgle striked the video so it's cancelled


Some of you may have noticed that the schedule is completely off. So it's time for an official reschedule.
Toons happen at 00:00 EET/9:00pm GMT on:
(And maybe on the weekend too)

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Simple question thread, ask simple dumb questions without sacrificing a thread

OP has the honor of asking the first question of this thread:
can you get b& on 4chinz for using spammed sage comments to kill a thread? (With a script to automate of course)


Yes, literally without a doubt


Depends on the board. Nobody will give a shid if it happens on /b/,/trash/ or [s4s].

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I've decided to create my thread for all of you who are still /x/philers to this day. (peace to all my brothers and sisters;-)
I'm not sure why am i thinking about the corona virus at this moment...anyway i think it is directed virus from the government labs which is created for the purpose to turn our heads in other direction from everything what is really going on. ''THIS might be happening to control all of those previous protests from the Hong Kong protesters but something other is going on and i can't reach what would that be. This doesn't have to be correct and it also couldvbe due to Chinnese economical growth in the world, <there are already two theories for us, unfortunately.
As all of you can see this is something big and if we as a united collective mind try to figure out what is really going on, everyone is gonna be proclaimed as a tinfoil lunatic, however i don't give a fuck about that either...so yeah, let's discuss about this "conspirational" stuff.

copy/pasta from my thread
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Pretty much. what's also funny is that other groups like BLM have connections to the CCP. (no seriously look it up) Sorry for being political outside of /pol/, i just have a feeling it's all going downhill from here. Their being the provocateur and turning people into extremists.


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Let's take a look why Covid-19 "Crisis" ended in China shall we?
Does anyone realize when is our God Given Freedoms will be handed back to us? Everything os filled with second, third, fourth Covid-19 outbreaks while mainstream mockingbird news articles urge us that we all must look how China is tackling Covid-19 "Crisis" and how that is a way forward (100% of social control).
As soon as the western society accepts the Social Control & HealthCode society control apps we will be set Free from Covid-19 measures and Covid-19 will never come back to bother us again - guaranteed!
So folks look at current Australia (NWO forefront playground) and think about our Future Society, do we want to live like that.... the Chinese Way, full 100% Social Control? For the Chinese this was just a small step as they already have highly controlled society, for the western society I hope this Covid-19 Scam-Liberty-Infringing-Measures would prove too much to bare.
There you have it...Covid-19 Pandemics will end world-wide as soon as we all accept social control apps like those in China at the moment. Soon I'll expect world-wide media pointing out how China can live Covid-19 free and urging US all to accept similar Social Control Measures to fight Covid-19 in the western society. World-Wide-Communism Acceptation will end-up Covid-19 pandemics, I'm sure of it.

China's TERRIFYING Social Credit System (8:32)

What Life Under China's Social Credit System Could Be Like (9:56)

Good ridance I guess and also have a good day!


Haha, I haven't seen your reply.
Yeah sort of, basically all of us has been witnessing what power does mainstream media actually have and how the majority of the peoples are gullible enough to follow what ever media tells to them. Everything is staged by the big tech corporations and there is nothing what is real in our world anymore. Our reality is everything what is in our surroundings, fuck all of those mainstream disinformation bullshidtery.
No, you don't understand anon. I was acting like a 3 yo annoying crybaby and the reason of my ban was indeed justified. If this place doesn't have those strictly prohibitions here, than it would certainly turned into another shidhole of the internet. Tw00t and other mods are doing a great job and none of us can't complain about this probably one of the last places when you could have a fun time while being online.

private, off topic question for our Tw00t
what ever happened with some not so good and not so bad threads? Those threads aren't placed in the /trash/, or I might be that retardingly incapable to find them?

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Hey there. It's me, turdguy. This is my first weekly Wednesday food review.

I had 3 mcdoubles and a 10pc mcnuggets from McDonald's. The mcdoubles were pretty terrible. Hard bread, dry beef, and the ketchup tasted like it had been microwaved. Very bad.

However, by contrast, the nuggies were moist and tasty. Bravo.

See ya next week.
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I can spend 7 dollars and get a burger with fries and a coke, while I can buy myself enough food from a grocery store to last a whole day, anything from MickyD's ain't that good of a "deal" in my opinion.


Fast food is more convenient (don't have to prepare it yourself), arguably more tasty (if unhealthy), etc.
And there's a burger king deal for 3 doubles, 3 whoppers, and 3 large fries for $12. That's a decent enough deal.


More convenient, yes. But never more tasty unless you're a useless retard in the kitchen.

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Dream thread?

I had an interesting dream last night. I fell asleep listening to Vinesauce Joel's GTA III stream last night. In the dream, I decided to order some food from Taco Bell (who does not deliver, but they did in the dream). I began to give him my order, and I was greeted by Joel, who told me to shut the fuck up. He then started asking me the best way to get past a level in GTA IV. I gave him my ultimate wisdom and he started yelling. He eventually showed up at my house with my food, and he very rudely barged into my home and put it on the kitchen counter. He refused to leave. He continued to talk to me about GTA. I told him to get the fuck out of my house. He did not. Eventually, I told him that if he didn't go away I was going to hurt his face with a chair. I shoved him out of my front door, but he remained out front. I then called the police, who continued to chat with me about GTA, but left when asked to.

tl;dr Vinesauce Joel harassed me in my own home after delivering Taco Bell.
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Thanks, I'm still working on it.. It's very special, and it won't be done until August because the hair won't be shipped until then.


damn it joel


One time I dreamed about having random dollar bills that didn't exist. It was all random numbers like 11, 28, 33, etc.

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Post funny captchas
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best captcha
2hu reimu


I had actually a full "2hu" but when I right clicked and "saved" the image it actually saved a different captcha for some reason, which I only noticed afterward......


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Can't believe no one has not got this captcha.

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