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Discussion of Desert simp. We're currently watching it on /mmc/


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Episode 1 of Desert Punk was promising. Desert Punk reminds me of Tochirou Ooyama from the Herlock series which, is cool. Desert Punk has great powers. I love his ability to summons fake versions of himself. The taunting of the bad guy was hilarious. Desert Punk does appear to have a weakness for women especially, Junko/Fem Fetal. It is too soon to call him a sucker who idolizes mediocre women but, that may be the case. Episode 2 does call into the question if Desert Punk is, in, fact a, sucker. The whole episode he, and some other debt collector went to collect a debt from some old guy. They were brutal until a girl they found cute. What came next was funny.


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Episode 3 of Desert Punk was the best so far. It was hilarious how Desert Punk turned out to be a kid. Junko also seems to appear every two episodes. I am growing to like Junko as a character, specifically how Desert Punk reacts to her. Desert Punk went insane over her actions in this episode pic related. It was satisfying to see him going crazy and succeeding. Episode 4 showed how funny Desert Punk by himself is. Punk was tortured by his attacker and, he acted pretty childishly. It was entertaining to see Punk being chased around and tricked by that little girl. Once Desert Punk managed to defeat the enemy, the girl had her sight on her. The shyster way shameless and, she kinda looks like Junko. What do you think of Desert Punk so far?


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Episode 5 of Desert Punk was also good. It is quite bizarre how villages hire Desert Punk with his reputation. I guess he is somewhat new. Punk had a lot of freedom to do wahtever he wanted. He even had a possibility of getting with the daughter of the village commissioner. When the robbers were going to attack, Desert Punk went insane. Desert Punk is at his best when he is acting crazy. Episode 6 bleeds in from episode 5. The whole village was angery with Desert Punk. The commissioner was especially mad at Punk because of his daughter. Desert Punk's insane plan was a ruse and, it worked quite well. After that Desert Punk was kicked out of the village and, it was funny to see him try to make it back.


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Desert Punk is a lot better show than I initially thought it would be. Episode 7 was another standout episode of the series. Desert Punks' failure to get any relationship is quite funny. The crazy scheme he pulled in this episode was hilarious. I loved how it blew up in his face. Kanta had to justify his actions because he had some long-term scheme that will probably never materialize. This episode wasn't quite as good as episode 3 but, it came close. Desert Punk episode 8 was another great episode. Taiko (Desert Punk's assistant) was a great foil for Desert Punk. While Taiko was freaking out, Desert Punk was cool as a cucumber. That was pretty funny. The ridiculous quest was pretty stupid but, I couldn't help but laugh.


Just finished the first 2 episodes in an effort to get caught up with /mmc/. I like the juvenile sense of humor and the fun characters. It's pretty unusual for an anime to be this funny. I think this show works well because everyone in it is a complete honorless bastard. It really lets the comedy run free while still seeming true to the setting. The general disregard for the fourth wall helps as well. Sometimes it reminds me of Mel Brooks.


^ The show is hilarious. What makes differentiates this show's humor from other shows?


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Episode 9 of Desert Punk was crazy as every episode involving Junko. Junko always manages to get Kanta to do what she wants. Junko, I guess, gets her way with her clients too. That is implied in the episode too. As always, it is funny how the two play off each other. It is funny how Kanta mentions his plan with his assistant. The quest itself was hard, as expected with a Junko episode. It feels like a writer notches up the perils when Junko is around. It was another fun episode. Episode 10 of Desert Punk was more of a follow-up of episode 9. The start of the episode wasn't very serious since they were regrouping. Junko was being manipulative and, Taiko didn't buy any of it. Taiko seems suspicious of every person who isn't her master. That is interesting, to say the least. Junko predicably betrayed Desert Punk for her benefit. It was pretty fun because it blew up in her face later in the episode. The old guy seems like the weird lolbertarian type.


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Episode 11 was just a failed scheme of Desert Punk. He had grandiose plans but, by the end of the episode it blew up in his face. He went from having a base with resources and a prisoner to no prisoners and an empty base. Episode 12 was another failure for Desert Punk. For this episode, Kanto or Desert Punk was trying to save a rich man's daughter. The daughter was petty when Desert Punk came to the rescue. That was just sad to be honest: because it gave me the vibes that girls don't like Kanto. I guess that was apparent in prior episodes but, it shows here. The kid was such a hassle Punk, ended up in the hospital for the second time in two episodes. Taiko was good in the episode though. Her reaction to Punk's autism was funny and her blowing up the building was hilarious.


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Episode 13 was a sort of a showdown between the altruist protagonist and desert Punk. The fact that we got a parody of that kind of protagonist was quite unusual. He was funny in this world because he was out of place and, he was so honest. He later paid the consequences when he was sold to the creepy gay guy. I laughed at the clip. Here is the link. Episode 14 was sort of like a commercial for guns. Taiko wished the gun would be more powerful. Desert Punk's advice was to be more wise and strategic. The whole episode was her pondering over how she wanted to become more powerful. It was kinda interesting and a good change of pace.


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Kanto became a fed on episode 15 of Desert Punk. Instead of being a glowing scumbag, he had to carry poop around. To make matters worse, he had to protect it as well. That is a sad fate. Punk thought about it too and wondered if the top-fed is tricking him. Episode 16 picks up where episode 15 left off. It explores how Kanta was a bad kid. This is why I love Kanta as a character he; is heartless and hilarious. The battle became very crappy and, I could smell it through the screen. The reaction to the poop was entertaining. What made it better is that the mission was a success. Desert Punk was redeemed at the end of the episode since he was kicked out by the head fed.


I think the main thing setting the comedy of Desert Punk apart from most anime is that it's fairly unpredictable and relies more on its own irreverent attitude than on cliches or contrivances. It's not wholly unprecedented, but if you watch a lot of anime you can start to notice patterns in stuff like the comedic timing and Desert Punk just seems relatively fresh.


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There was a lot of intensity in episode 17 of Desert Punk. Somehow, Junko found someone as desperate and crazy as Kanta. While Kanta is crazy, this guy is hunting her down. Although Junko knows how Kanta is, he is still taking advantage of how much of a sucker Punk is. Desert Punk's mission was another insane mission Desert Punk undertook because he finds Junko attractive. Men are attracted to Junko for some reason. It turns out that Desert Punk has some sort of government connection. Desert Punk doesn't have a lot of friends so that is baffling, to say the least. It was strange how he got that nerd so fast. The ruse from Punk was funny. It also seems Desert Punk isn't high level because he lost his money


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Episodes 19 and 20 of Desert Punk was a change of pace. The series has gotten slightly more serious. It turns out there is going to be some weird rebellion going on. The forces have some underground fortresses. It is quite something because they have every character from Junko to that protagonist parody. To be honest, I think the rebellion idea is kind of gay, but, Desert Punk adds to its appeal. Them getting wrecked was also cool. I don't believe for a second that Desert Punk is dead.

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