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Subject related, Which do you like better? Have you noticed any noticable diffrences?


I know my opinion is unpopular but, dubs are easier for me to digest and watch. I am prone to missing details on the first watch so, watching something not in my native language is another barrier for me fully appreciating a show. It is also difficult for me to notice bad dubs in comparison to others. Some shows are easy to watch subbed like Rozen Maiden or Odd Taxi, but those are at a slower pace.


The rozen maiden dub was a trashfire, Jun sounded like a surfer dude and some of the dolls had a monotone voice. You'd think they'd get a jap voice actor for jun and dutch voice actors for the dolls but they didn't.


Jun's voice sounds like comedy gold. There are terrible dubs but most dubs at worst are bland in comparison to the sub in my opinion which isn't a deal-breaker for me.


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Subs for the win. Dubs tend to lean towards being generic, like having the same voice actor for Spike in Cowboy Bebop and Mugen in Samurai Champloo. When I watch dubs I feel like I'm not seeing the work as it was intended. Death Note is the only anime where I prefer the English dub because it was the first anime I watched and it was the dubbed version.
Pic related is a funny sub I saw in an anime yesterday.


I guess the main issue with subs are pirated versions with obvious mistakes like
>"the wrold could be a steak"
instead of : "The world could be at stake"
But most actually seem to be a labor of love and they even add useful information at times, and simple grammar issues don't ruin the whole anime.


Or "r0ger" in Mobile Suit Gundam. It was a meme.when we watched Gundam with the mmc.


How are you supposed to know that sub isn't generic? I don't get why anime fans think subtitled anime is a blank check of quality. Most don't know how good it is but, it is good because the Japanese did it.


I think sub is superior because it retains the original voice acting. Voice actors are cast for a reason because that is how the creators of the anime intend for the characters to sound. Even though you are absolutely correct in there being good and bad subtitles, they still retain a degree of quality translation does not.
Another good reason is that Japanese is vastly different from English. Sometimes in order to fit the timeframe the dialog is altered. Or the English translation is spoken very fast. Altering the work from how it was originally presented makes it unnatural.


Japanese to english translations aren't too perfect either, one word can have several meanings and if the translator fucks up, (some times there are things you just can't translate) it changes everything. A character thanking his friend for always being there for him, can be translated wrong to make it seem like he's actually a fag and wanted to tell his friend he want's to date him. Mishearings are a popular jap meme and it's really hard to translate it to an american audience unless you want to have a little wall of text in the corner elaborating the joke. (someone feel free to correct me because i'm a filthy gaijin)


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I caught this yesterday while watching Angel Heart. I just had to post the screenshot here because it's exactly the kind of thing you're talking about.


I noticed something interesting with blue gender. Both sub and dub (not the adult swim dub mind you) are the same, but there are parts that don't match up
I'll give a non-spoiler explanation then i'll post a spoilered one to be more precise. They cut out some audio for no real reason whatsoever, and the title card with the main theme is diffrent some how. I'm guessing they screwed with the main theme/title card to match up with the english vocals? The other thing i'm not so sure why it was cut out. [spoiler]There is a scene with marline, who is dreaming. She is swimming and she hear's yuji calling for her. In the english dub this is cut out for some reason.[/spoiler] Another thing i found interesting about blue gender is that both the opening and closing theme for the dub are sung in english which is honestly fun.

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