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Thread for discussing the show alongside the /mmc/. If you've watched it already, feel free to drop by anyway!


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Episode 1 and 2 of the original Gundam series was great. It isn't perfect but, it made me want to see more despite the show being old. The visuals showed their age at moments but, the visuals have a charm to them. The villains looked cool pic related. The concept of the show is interesting for the time. The action in the series is already great in, my opinion. In episode 1, I laughed at the explosion because the scream was over-dramatic to me. The action started quickly. Amuro conveniently found the main Gundam and was also very good with the suit. Ray Amuro must have played Gundam flight simulator. The enemies were quickly defeated in episode one. Episode 2 showed how powerful both the villains and the heroes are. Amuro is pretty good for a 15-16-year-old kid. It was also funny how he joined the military quickly at the end of the episode. I am looking forward to watching the next episodes. If you are interested be sure to join us.


Can’t catch the streams for a while but I like Gundam a lot. It stands out to me how the humanity of the situation is highlighted; people are not incredibly quick to kill each other and everyone’s motives are realistic. I hope some more people can join and watch it.


Art style is quite good, (reminds me of speed racer) i don't honestly see any issues besides blocky movement but honestly i don't really care about that. Character names like denim are retarded but it gives the show charm. I must say amuro whined less then he did in the manga so far.
>flight simulator
>easily defeated
Amuro's probably slightly more prepared because of being into robotics, and the gundam is an absolute beast. He's powerful but still a child, and still has now clue how to operate it. Might be more advanced and mech battles might have been prolonged before due to them not being advanced, at least that what char and other antagonists so far has mentioned, of course it'd be easy.
>joined the military
they forced him too
guess they got screwed pretty hard since they can't find someone else to pilot it. The comment about 15 year olds previously piloting mechs has me interested, wonder what happened there?


Yeah so far it feels like the world is ending and it is a all hands on deck situation. I hope it lives up to what you say.


It reminds me of Starblazers and other space animes around that time period.
>blocky movement
I don't really notice that as much because I am into the show.
I missed that part showing that he was. I did figure the gundam was powerful.
>forced them to join
>guess they were screwed
I guess they wanted to save the earth. I also read on the wiki that he was that age in mobile suit gundam.


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Episodes 3 and 4 show that Amuro and CO. are not going to have such an easy time. Amuro struggled in the fight with the villain. It turned out his Gundam was powerful. It is also apparent Amuro has some natural ability. This will be interesting to see develop. The crew also struggled in episode 4 and, it was sad to see Captain Paolo die.


The gundam lost it's sheild, i don't think thats going to be good for amuro. Not only that, but if the sheild is made out of the same stuff as the gundam, it means he wont be able to handle the enemys energy swords.


I don't think char would be able to fight, knowing he has to kill his sister.


I love how the subs from online has the characters saying "r0ger"


6 was interesting because it showed the gundam at full power, he threw his shield and gun away and went on a rampage tearing everything apart. It also showed the gundams limit since apparantly if you fire mutiple times in a single area, the gundam will take damage.


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At the start of episode 5, it is established that the civilians on board wanted to return to the earth. Amuro's Gundam had to protect the ship as they were returning to Earth. The enemy side was more prepared since they had reinforcements. Amuro looked like he was going to be defeated but, this time all the stars aligned. The Gundam did well in the fight forcing the enemy to retreat. There was one issue left in the episode. Amuro needed to make sure his Gundam wasn't burnt up. He managed to do it but, it was tense. I will try to catch up with my comments on the episodes.


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Episodes 9 and 10 of Mobile Suit Gundam were great because they highlighted the issues of both sides. Episode 9 focused on Amuro's inner struggles. Amuro had been worked to the bone and hadn't slept at all. When there was another battle, Amuro decided not to fight. The commander wouldn't buy that and, the 70's influence of the show came out. Amuro was slapped around by the commander and was told he wasn't a man. Fraw also offered to fly the Gundam which, push Amuro to fly the Gundam. Maybe this made Amuro realize his role in this war/struggle. Amuro then did well in the battle. Episode 10 highlighted the chinks in the enemies' side. Garma wanted to pursue a relationship with Princess Icelina. Char and King Eschonbach did not want this relationship to go further for different reasons. Char ended up sabotaging Garma by allowing him to get killed. This shows how evil Char is.


had a good chuckle when amuro got bitch slapped. i thought char and garma where friends but after thinking about it, char made plenty of comments about garma being a faggot, and garma was higher ranking so perhaps char will get promoted in garmas place.


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Char appears to be more of a lone wolf type based on the last few episodes. He also got a cool new look in episode 12.


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Episode 11 of Mobile Suit Gundam was directly related to episode 10. The enemy side did not take Garma's death lightly. The Principality of Zeon was furious with the Earth Federation. Princess Eschonbach especially was angry at the Mobile Suits. Icelina went into battle with the Gundams because she was angry. Amuro and Ryu did not have the hardest time fighting Princess Icelina, probably because the episode focused more on the political aspects of Garma's death. Zeon wants a state funeral for Garma. Icelina slipped and fell to her death ending the episode suddenly. Episode 12 showed Zeon wasn't so weak. While the Earth Federation had people try to escape, the Principality of Zeon had sycophants on their side. Garma's funeral was very well attended. Zeon also got quick reinforcements. The reinforcements were very powerful. Amuro was spooked by Icelina's death and did not do well in this episode's fight. These episodes were very good.


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It is a shame these are the only pet option for humans in this series.


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Episodes 13 and 14 highlighted how Amuro was maturing as a person. In episode 13, Amuro visited his mother and his village. With his luck, he runs into a drunk, disrespectful soldier in his home. After Amuro explores for a while, he finds his mother. It was a little convenient but, maybe it was better than Amuro having another mental breakdown. Amuro was unlucky again enemy: soldiers were looking for him. He hid under a hospital bed. The soldiers did not budge and, Amuro had to fight back in front of his mother. Amuro's mom was dumb and called him a name. Amuro then destroys a base and was praised. This scene was surprising and, it shocked me how quickly he decimated the base. In Episode 14 the, Earth Federation tried to infiltrate the enemy's lines. One issue though was the Gundam had bombs planted. It was a little creepy how the bombs were planted. For the rest of the episode, Amuro and the crew took bombs off of the Gundam. The episode got heated but, the crew managed to solve the problem. The scene after was very comfy pic-related.


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You know at first i agreed with you because it was a bitch move to pull, but then i realised char was right because GARMA IS A MASSIVE FAGGOT FOR HAVING A GIANT PICTURE OF HIMSELF in his room. Not his gf, nor family BUT HIMSELF
Good riddance lol


pissed me off when his mother said
>you have no right to point guns at people, they have kids too
yeah right, if he didnt he would have gotten killed or worse! also it was interesting to see the bombers just drive up to the gundam just to see who the pilot was.
cats when


Garma is royalty and, that is what Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses do. It just turns out that most royal families are massive faggots.


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Episodes 25 and 26 of Mobile Suit Gundam were brutal. Episode 25 was the lead-up to the battle of Odessa. The Earth Federation is very unorganized. Sayla had to pilot a Gundam and, it felt like Amuro had to do the heavy lifting. Amuro tried to save Matilda but, that failed. Episode 26 was even more brutal. It turns out there was a spy and, it was a commander. Amuro was almost killed. Amuro was a bit self-righteous and idealistic after the traitor was captured. I guess he was called a kid for a reason. The battle was also brutal Amuro; killed a lot of enemies. What did you think about today's episode?


I thought whoever subbed this show would have stopped making the same area, but here we are 26 episodes in and, "r0ger" is still used like it is the correct word.


This was episode 23 and 24, not episode 25 and 26.


At first i was annoyed after chars sister wrecked the gundam (terrible damage was done, honestly i'm suprised they even managed to repair it) and getting 3 days in jail is like a slap on the wrist but i think she knows when she screwed up, and the crew knows it too. Vs amuro who was a total narcissist after getting locked up and didn't learn his lesson afterwards.
I'm wondering if matilda's death might help mature amuro to become the person he needs to be
It is


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I'm unsure why i find this scene funny


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Episode 6 of Mobile Suit Gundam showed the side effects of war. Amuro was shown to be tired and, even Mr. Bright stood up for Amuro to the lieutenant. Despite Bright's pleas to the lieutenant, Amuro had to go into battle. The Gundam did well in the military operation. Amuro, for many units, only had to point and shoot the mobile suit. There wasn't much struggle on Amuro's end. At the end of the episode, Amuro was shown to be moody from fatigue and, Garma was taking note of the Gundam's abilities in battle.


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Lolwut, what are the kids' expressions? It is pretty funny to me for some reason.


Kai left (albeit temporarily) in episode 26 even though in the last episode it was said that if you leave, you die or get arrested for a very long time because of the military secrets they know, yet they let him leave...


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Episode 7 was more interesting than most episodes. The episode starts with a typical hospital scene. The scene was full of old people. They were missing the earth and wanted to land. The scene cuts to the crew doing their daily procedures while Lt. Reed sipped tea angrily pic related. Kai was trollish toward Amuro which, was funny. The old people became uppity about being on a ship so, they kidnapped the kids and Fraw Bow. It was the lamest kidnapping since they had no weapons and, they gave up easily when confronted with guns. The battle then began with Amuro sleeping in his Gundam. Amuro was a bit sloppy but, Char didn't know the Earth Federation's technology. Amuro ended up doing pretty well despite his start. The old people also decided to sit on the ship in protest of being on the ship. Episode 8 was more of a continuation of episode 7. If episode 7 did not exist, I would likely call this filler. The crew decided to evacuate while fighting Zeon. Pretty uncomfy if you ask me. Kai was great in this episode. Kai is immature and, that was a good contrast from how most of the crew acts. There was also a new Gundam in this episode. The fight was pretty easy in this episode because Amuro had help. Rewatching this episode, I just realized Char did not like Garma. That might have been pretty obvious to most watchers but, I somehow did not catch it.


Hey you guys, I heard they're making a movie out of Doan's Island. This is an interesting surprise considering how little it has been acknowledged previously. I think it could be good.


Oh shit that was a fun episode, i'm actually looking forward to this

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